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9:52 p.m. ET:

Thank you for following along with's Lap-by-Lap coverage of the Camping World Truck Series NextEra Energy Resources 250 at Daytona International Speedway. Join us next week for the Hyundai Construction Equipment 200 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Saturday, Feb. 28 at 5:30 p.m. ET.

Lap 100:

This is Reddick's first-career Truck Series win in his 18th start.

Lap 100:

Jones, Lagasse Jr., Theriault and Black Jr. round out the finishing top five, respectively.

Lap 100:

Tyler Reddick wins the NextEra Energy Resources 250 at Daytona International Speedway after leading for a race-high 46 laps.

Lap 99:

Final lap. Some trucks still trying to get to the front of the pack.

Lap 97:

Sauter gets in between Dillon and Crafton in 10th. Dillon drops to 11th.

Lap 95:

Just 14 trucks on the lead lap.

Lap 95:

Dillon gets out of the pack, looking to make a move up to the front.

Lap 94:

Crafton running back in 11th, Dillon in 10th.

Lap 94:

Brad Keselowski Racing trucks running 1-2 right now with Reddick in the lead and Theriault running second.

Lap 94:

Green flag: Reddick leads off the restart with six laps to go.

Lap 90:

Caution: Ryan Ellis slow on the track. No. 99 is the beneficiary.

Lap 90:

Dillon falls to the back, currently running 10th.

Lap 89:

Crafton currently running eighth and pushing David Gilliland in front of him.

Lap 88:

Top five consists of: Reddick, Theriault, Jones, Lagasse Jr. and Black Jr.

Lap 88:

Green flag: Reddick leads off the restart.

Lap 83:

Caution: Debris on the backstretch. Gallagher coming to pit road. Silas is the beneficiary.

Lap 80:

Crafton takes eighth from Dillon.

Lap 79:

Dillon running in eighth pulls up to the front pack of drivers.

Lap 78:

Bryan Silas' hood flies up to block his view.

Lap 73:

Korbin Forrister breaks into the top five.

Lap 70:

Sparks flying from the No. 28 truck.

Lap 69:

Green flag: Reddick leads off the restart.

Lap 64:

Caution: Matt Tift spins out in Turn 2. Sauter is the beneficiary.

Lap 64:

Johnny Sauter looks to have issues with his hood. His team had to tape it down earlier and now it looks like it's about to fly up again.

Lap 62:

Top five consists of: Theriault, Jones, Reddick, Lagasse Jr. and Ray Black Jr., respectively.

Lap 60:

Crafton now up to eighth place.

Lap 60:

Dillon uses the back of the No. 02 truck to get the debris off his grille.

Lap 59:

Looks like tape is stuck on the front of Dillon's truck. He's currently running 11th.

Lap 58:

Green flag: Theriault leads off the restart.

Lap 57:

More work being done on Cobb's truck on pit road.

Lap 53:

A total of 12 trucks involved in the last wreck. Just 17 will restart on the lead lap.

Lap 52:

Race of pit road: 33-28-29-4-19-20-99.

Lap 51:

Halfway point. Cars on pit road.

Lap 49:

Caution: Major wreck involving John Wes Townley, James Buescher, Ray Black Jr., Ryan Ellis, Ben Kennedy, Cameron Hayley, Timothy Peters, Chris Fontaine and Gallagher. Cobb is the beneficiary.

Lap 48:

Jennifer Jo Cobb's truck is on fire.

Lap 47:

Jennifer Jo Cobb to pit road.

Lap 44:

Reddick running .099 seconds behind Dillon.

Lap 41:

Kennedy is back on track after spending 25 laps in the garage.

Lap 40:

Dillon back in the lead.

Lap 36:

Reddick and Dillon side-by-side for the lead.

Lap 35:

Kvapil running back in 26th.

Lap 34:

Boston is out of the race.

Lap 33:

Peters is up to 14th. Crafton still back in 25th.

Lap 31:

Top five consists of: Reddick, Dillon, Jones, Gallagher and Theriault.

Lap 30:

Kyle Busch Motorsports rookie Erik Jones currently running fourth. Jones has never raced at Daytona before.

Lap 30:

Green flag: Reddick leads off the restart.

Lap 24:

Caution: Justin Boston gets into the wall on the backstretch. Kvapil is the beneficiary.

Lap 24:

Neuenberger, Marks and Hill are out of the race.

Lap 23:

Dillon back in the lead.

Lap 23:

Sparks flying from Justin Boston's No. 54.

Lap 22:

Reddick takes the lead from Dillon.

Lap 21:

Kvapil was running second, but dropped out of the pack and is now heading to pit road.

Lap 20:

Kvapil and Reddick back at battling Dillon for the lead.

Lap 20:

Green flag: Dillon leads off the restart.

Lap 17:

Kennedy is headed to the garage.

Lap 16:

Race off pit road: 33-19-94-29-4-20-23-31-98.

Lap 15:

Pit road is open.

Lap 13:

Caution: Austin Hill spins out, collecting Joe Nemechek, Ben Kennedy, Donnie Neuenberger, Justin Boston and Justin Marks.

Lap 12:

Rookie Spencer Gallagher gets a little loose coming out of Turn 4, but saves it.

Lap 10:

Kvapil has dropped to 10th after battling with Dillon for first in the opening lap.

Lap 7:

Last year Ben Kennedy led the first 52 laps of the season-opener at Daytona. Kennedy is currently in 11th place.

Lap 6:

Top five consists of: Dillon, Reddick, Buescher, Erik Jones and Scott Lagasse Jr., respectively.

Lap 3:

Timothy Peters wrecked during qualifying and had to go to his back-up truck and start in the rear. Peters is now up to 29th.

Lap 1:

Kvapil drops to third. Reddick now in second with Dillon in the lead.

Lap 1:

Dillon and Kvapil switching lead positions back and forth.

Lap 1:

Kvapil takes the lead from Dillon.

Green flag:

Dillon leads the field to green to kick off the NextEra Energy Resources 250.

7:45 p.m. ET:

Trucks are exiting pit road.

To the rear:

No. 6 and No. 51 for unapproved adjustments during impound. No. 17 for a back-up truck.

"Drivers start your engines" by:

Sr. Vice President Commercial Operations and Transmission, Golden Spread Electric Coop, Mike Wise.

National Anthem by:

Melissa Trumble from Palm Coast, Florida.


Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church Daytona Beach: Dr. Mark Howell.

Presentation of Colors:

Mainland Air Force Junior ROTC Color Guard.

7:29 p.m. ET:

Tyler Reddick, Austin Theriault and James Buescher complete the starting top five.

7:29 p.m. ET:

Lining up next to Dillon on the front row is Travis Kvapil.

7:28 p.m. ET:

Richard Childress Racing driver Ty Dillon will start the race from the pole.

7:20 p.m. ET:

Tonight's season-opening race will be 100 laps, 250 miles.

7:17 p.m. ET:

Welcome and thank you for following along with the Lap-by-Lap coverage for the Camping World Truck Series NextEra Energy Resources 250 at Daytona International Speedway.