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Thank you for joining us for this week's lap-by-lap (and the final NCWTS one for 2015). We will be back at Homestead-Miami Speedway tomorrow for the NXS finale.

Lap 134

This is the first drivers title for the KBM team.

Lap 134

Crafton led for a total of 93 laps.

Lap 134

And finishing P6, Erik Jones is the youngest 2015 NCWTS champion in the history of the series.

Lap 134

Matt Crafton is the Ford EcoBoost 200 winner.

Lap 131

The No. 54 Bell might be out of fuel as he gets off the track.

Lap 130

Jones is four laps from the championship.

Lap 127

7 laps to go in the 2015 Camping World Truck Series season.

Lap 126

Gilliland, P17, is the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 123

Jones being told he has plenty of fuel to make it until the end.

Lap 122

Crafton will walk away from today's race with the most laps led (81 laps and counting).

Lap 121

Reddick, P3, trails Crafton by more than nine seconds.

Lap 120

Despite sitting the worst out of the top three in standings, Jones came into today's race with a nice lead over his competition (19 points).

Lap 119

A lot of drivers are racing very high on the track, closely to the wall.

Lap 118

Rico Abreu is sitting in 14th.

Lap 117

There are 19 cars now on the lead lap.

Lap 115

Gallagher (11th) makes slight contact with the wall, but recovers nicely.

Lap 114

20 laps to go until the champion is crowned and the NCWTS season is over.

Lap 112

Gallagher, Hayley and Theriault are all battling for 11th.

Lap 110

Nemechek takes second from Reddick.

Lap 109

Townley is being told that Erik Jones is behind him and he's the championship leader.

Lap 108

Jones is racing in seventh.

Lap 105

Crafton continues to accelerate his truck, putting more distance between himself and Reddick.

Lap 103

Crafton has four seconds on Reddick.

Lap 102

Crafton has led for a total of 61 laps.

Lap 101

Kennedy has successfully taken fourth from Townley.

Lap 100

Kennedy racing closely behind Nemechek in a battle for fourth.

Lap 99

Tyler Young, in P21, is the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 98

Top five: Crafton, Reddick, Nemechek, Townley and Kennedy.

Lap 97

Suarez is officially out of tonight's race after back-to-back accidents.

Lap 96

38 laps remaining until the season's close.

Lap 95

Nemechek takes third from Townley, who falls to fourth.

Lap 95

Points as they run: Jones, Reddick and Crafton (as reported by FS1).

Lap 93

Jones now up to P10.

Lap 93

Erik Jones is in 12th and needs a finish of at least 15th to secure the 2015 title.

Lap 92

Reddick takes third.

Lap 91

After an aggressive restart, NASCAR has reviewed it and declared it good.

Lap 90

Townley sits in second and Christopher Bell is P3.

Lap 90

Crafton has reclaimed the lead.

Lap 89

Ray Black Jr.'s truck is smoking. Still green.

Lap 89

Trucks are three-wide at the restart.

Lap 89

The No. 97 of Jesse Little leads the field to green here at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Suarez has wheeled his No. 51 to the garage.

Lap 85

Race off pit road: 97, 29, 07, 88, 8, 19, 11 23, 17.

Lap 84

The leaders are on pit road under this yellow flag.

Lap 84

Suarez is apologizing to his team via the radio and is being told to stay focused.

Lap 83

Daniel Suarez makes contact with the wall, causing his No. 51 to spin and bring out another caution.

Lap 83

Caution: Debris in Turn 2.

Lap 83

Tyler Reddick is sitting in fifth.

Lap 82

Kennedy is now racing in third.

Lap 82

Rico Abreu is P10 in his Homestead debut.

Lap 81

After the restart some of the trucks were racing four-wide.

Lap 80

Now it's Crafton's turn lead the leaderboard, again.

Lap 79

Nemechek takes the lead from Crafton.

Lap 79

56 laps to go here at Homestead-Miami.

Lap 79

The No. 88 of Crafton takes the field back to the green flag after the third caution with Nemechek joining him on the front row.

Lap 75

This was the caution that Daniel Suarez needed to catch back up to the leaders.

Lap 75

Garrett Smithley was on pit road with a mechanical issue.

Lap 74

Jones has damage on the rear end of his No. 33 as he wheels it to the garage.

Lap 74

David Gilliland is the beneficiary of the free pass.

Lap 73

Caution: Wreck on Turn 2 involving Brandon Jones.

Lap 73

Crafton now has comfortable lead with 1.2 seconds on Nemechek.

Lap 72

Theriault's No. 29 was smoking a little after an aggressive restart that saw some contact amongst the trucks.

Lap 71

Jones has been racing aggressively since that restart and is racing in the ninth spot.

Lap 70

And the fight for first is between the veteran (Crafton) and the rookie (Nemechek).

Lap 69

Crafton now takes the lead.

Lap 68

Nemechek is successful and is the new leader.

Lap 68

Nemechek is racing closely behind Crafton has he looks to reclaim his lead.

Lap 67

Three-wide racing here at Homestead-Miami after that restart.

Lap 67

Crafton has a strong restart and retakes the lead.

Lap 67

The No. 8 of Nemechek propels his truck to the green flag as he brings the field back to racing. Tyler Young also took the wave around so he could start back on the lead lap.

Lap 65

The No. 1 of Stacey will start at the rear after being penalized for pitting over the wall too soon

Lap 65

Ray Black Jr. takes the wave around under this caution to put him back on the lead lap.

Lap 64

Race off pit road: 8 88 19 05 11 98 23 4 14 17 (all took four tires except Townley who only took two).

Lap 64

The leaders head to pit road for tires and fuel under tonight's second caution.

Lap 63

Suarez was briefly on pit road, but remains on the lead lap.

Lap 63

Rico Abreu is the beneficiary of the free pass. John Hunter Nemechek is back to P1.

Lap 61

Suarez's No. 51 got loose as he was racing high on the track and got into the No. 1 of Dexter Stacey, which caused his Toyota to go spinning.

Lap 61

Caution: Suarez, who was leading, spins.

Lap 60

It is a show for first with Nemechek right on the back bumper of Suarez.

Lap 59

Rico Abreu goes a lap down with only 15 trucks on the lead lap now.

Lap 58

Ben Kennedy, who qualified third, is racing in the sixth spot.

Lap 57

Nemechek continues to pursue first-place from Suarez and now .4 seconds sits between the two.

Lap 56

Crafton, in third, sits 2.3 seconds behind the leader.

Lap 55

The No. 58 of Kyle Weatherman penalized for driving through too many pit boxes.

Lap 53

Suarez is hitting lapped traffic now, slowed.

Lap 52

With these green flag pit stops almost complete, the new top three are Suarez, Nemechek and Crafton.

Lap 50

Suarez is the new leader with Townley on pit road now.

Lap 49

Townley is the new leader as Reddick heads to pit road for fuel and tires.

Lap 49

Peters and Suarez on pit road.

Lap 48

Gallagher and Crafton are on pit road under this green flag pit stop cycle.

Lap 48

Suarez has propelled his Toyota around the 1.5-mile track, reducing the distance between his truck and the No. 8 of Nemechek.

Lap 46

The leaders are hitting lapped traffic now.

Lap 45

Expect green flag pit stops to happen soon.

Lap 44

Nemechek has been leading for 14 laps thus far, with Suarez right behind him in second.

Lap 43

Tyler Young, P23, "Tight center off."

Lap 41

Current top five: Nemechek, Crafton, Suarez, Reddick and Sauter.

Lap 39

Points leader, Erik Jones has moved up to seventh.

Lap 38

Crafton sits .5 seconds behind Nemechek.

Lap 37

Suarez takes third from Reddick.

Lap 36

23 cars are on the lead lap.

Lap 35

Crafton races closely behind Nemechek as he looks to reclaim the lead.

Lap 33

Nemechek is the new leader here at Homestead.

Lap 32

Austin Theriault, in his return to the NCWTS, is now sitting in 15th with Abreu now in 16th.

Lap 31

Townley, P11, "It's edgy getting in at the top of the race track."

Lap 29

Spencer Gallagher drops to the 10th spot.

Lap 28

Crafton now puts Smithley a lap down.

Lap 27

Crafton has led the entire race thus far.

Lap 26

Brandon Brown is officially out of tonight's race.

Lap 25

In his Homestead-Miami debut, Rico Abreu is racing aggressively in 15th.

Lap 23

Korbin Forrister goes a lap down as Crafton continues to set a blistering pace.

Lap 22

Reddick is chasing down Nemechek for the runner-up position.

Lap 20

Johnny Sauter passes Suarez for fourth.

Lap 19

Crafton, currently first, is fighting for his sixth win of the 2015 season. The two-time series champion entered today's race third in standings.

Lap 17

Reddick, who entered the race second in standings, is racing in third with two seconds behind the leader, Crafton.

Lap 16

Jones has now moved to 10th. He needs a finish better than 15th to claim the series title.

Lap 15

After briefly holding the third spot, Gallagher now sits in fifth with Suarez ahead of him in fourth.

Lap 14

Crafton has a comfortable lead (1.4) over the No. 8 of Nemechek.

Lap 12

Brandon Brown wheels his No. 86 to the garage, after damage that helped bring out the first caution.

Lap 12

After starting fifth, Jones sits in ninth.

Lap 11

Reddick reclaims third from Gallagher.

Lap 10

Spencer Gallagher takes third from Reddick.

Lap 10

Nemechek continues to hustle and takes second from Reddick, now P3.

Lap 9

John Hunter Nemechek moves up to third as Suarez falls to fourth.

Lap 9

Crafton remains the leader.

Lap 9

Crafton wheels his No. 88 back to the green and continues to lead the field. Brandon Jones is two laps down and Brandon Brown is five down.

Lap 5

Brandon Jones was also involved after Mingus made contact with his truck. Now, under this caution, Mingus is being told that Jones is upset about the contact.

Lap 6

After closer examination, Brown's No. 86 team believes the problem to be a drive shaft issue.

Lap 5

Brandon Brown's team is reporting mechanical issue, a possible gear issue. The No. 86 is on pit road.

Lap 4

Mason Mingus made slight contact with Brown, bringing out the yellow flag.

Lap 4

Caution: The No. 86 of Brandon Brown is stopped on the backstretch.

Lap 3

Erik Jones, currently eighth, needs to finish 15th or better.

Lap 2

Tyler Reddick is closely behind the No. 88 of Crafton.

Lap 2

Some trucks are three-wide here on the 1.5-mile track.

Lap 1

Matt Crafton has a strong start and maintains his lead.

8:20 p.m.

Green Flag -- Ford EcoBoost 200 (134 laps, 201 miles).

8:10:30 p.m.

"Drivers, Start Your Engines" by: Eric Peterson, F150 Marketing Manager.

8:05:55 p.m.

Flyby TOT: (2) Helicopters, Miami-Dade PD, Miami-Dade Air Rescue (Turn 1 – Turn 4).

8:04 p.m.

National Anthem by: Isabelle Alaina Simpson.

8:03:20 p.m.

Invocation by: Pastor Sammy Flores, Christ Fellowship.

8:03 p.m.

Intro Presentation of Colors: Homestead Air Reserve Base Security Forces Color Guard.

2014 winner

Darrell Wallace Jr. is the defending race winner. Wallace is competing in tomorrow’s XFINITY Series race.

Top five

Ben Kennedy, Tyler Reddick and Erik Jones round out the top five.


Joining Crafton on the start front row will be the No. 8 of John Hunter Nemechek.


Crafton earned the 11th Keystone Light Pole Award of his career in qualifying earlier and will be bringing the field to the green flag.

Standings update

Thus far in points it's: Erik Jones (first), Tyler Reddick (second) and two-time champion Matt Crafton (third).

7:35 p.m.

NCWTS Driver Introductions w/ NASCAR Special Awards.


Welcome to this week's lap-by-lap for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Tonight is the final race for the 2015 season and the series champion will be crowned.