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4 p.m. ET

Thanks again for joining's coverage of the Camping World Truck Series at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

3:53 p.m. ET

Unofficial P6-10: Sauter, Hayley, Gallagher, Nemechek, Custer.

3:50 p.m. ET

Unofficial top five: Jones, Crafton, Kennedy, Hemric, Tagliani.

3:49 p.m. ET

Checkered Flag: Erik Jones wins the Chevrolet Silverado 250 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Lap 64

Tagliani loses steam in his No. 29 and it's all but Jones' race to lose.

Lap 63

White Flag: Jones is leading as we come to the final lap.

Lap 62

Green Flag: Jones and Tagliani set to battle to end of this race.

Lap 61

Reddick gets out of truck, then gets back in and drives it back to pits. Needs the points.

Lap 59

Caution Flag: Reddick into the tires. Very tough break for him.

Lap 58

All Jones sees out his rearview mirror is Tagliani. Tagliani sees nothing behind himself.

Lap 57

Tagliani gaining on Jones. Under half a second behind.

Lap 56

Nemechek to pit road with an issue. Was enjoying nice run.

Lap 55

Kennedy, in P3, isn't an immediate threat to Tagliani. 3.6 seconds behind leader.

Lap 54

Jones continues to lead with Tagliani coming for the lead. Has time to grab it.

Lap 53

Custer spins fighting Tagliani for position, while Reddick goes way off the track. Still green. Video Hightlights

Lap 52

Jones takes the lead from Custer on the restart after the 00 gets a little loose.

Lap 51

Green Flag: Custer and Jones will lead us out yet again -- for what is guaranteed to be a thrilling final 13 laps.

Lap 48

Caution Flag: Matt Tifft into the wall.

Lap 47

Custer holds lead through restart, followed by Jones, Tagliani and a close field.

Lap 46

Green Flag: Custer and Jones -- two of NASCAR's brightest young talents -- will restart us here.

Lap 45

Hayley and Reddick both pit.

Lap 43

Caution Flag: Brandon Jones into the wall. Heavy right front damage.

Lap 42

Jones is hot on Custer's tail. Kennedy, in P3, is a few seconds behind.

Lap 40

After green flag stops, Custer still leading. Jones looking solid in P2.

Lap 39

Clean pit stop for Jones, who hands the lead to Crafton.

Lap 38

Tagliani and Custer each pit, giving Jones the lead -- for now.

Lap 36

Kennedy comes to pit road for a scheduled stop. Good run for him thus far.

Lap 35

Big contact between Townley and Wong. Heavy damage for Townley.

Lap 34

Tagliani expected to pit in three laps for tires.

Lap 33

Keep an eye on Hayley, making his way back up through the field after pit stop. P19.

Lap 32

Four different drivers have led laps thus far in just 32 laps. Incredible racing.

Lap 29

Tagliani sticking with Custer, with Jones right behind them.

Lap 28

Custer takes over the lead from Talgiani. Hayley pits.

Lap 27

Tagliani gets the best of Custer to get out front of the 00 for the lead.

Lap 26

Tagliani and Hayley bump sideframes, allowing the 29 and 00 to get out front and battle for the lead.

Lap 25

Daniel Brown has been evaluated and released from the infield care center.

Lap 24

Custer gets a little loose through the corner and gives way to Tagliani.

Lap 23

And then Tagliani passes Jones for third. Great racing right now.

Lap 22

Jones, Hayley battling hard for the lead gives Custer a chance to move up to second.

Lap 21

Green Flag: Hayley leads the field back out again and we're back underway!

Lap 19

Brian Wong is the beneficiary of this caution.

Lap 18

Caution Flag: Daniel Brown into the tires.

Lap 18

Possible left front damage for Jones after battling Hayley through the corner. Gives Custer a chance to pass Tagliani, as well.

Lap 17

After poor restart, Tagliani back up to third, but Hayley holding the lead.

Lap 16

Green Flag: Hayley and Tagliani -- a pair of Canadians -- lead us back out.

Lap 15

Caution Flag: A truck is stalled on the track.

Lap 14

Jones comes to pit road right as a truck is stopped on track. Crafton also comes in.

Lap 12

Jones' lead over Crafton is about 3 seconds. 88 truck may stay out an extra lap after 4 pits to get bonus point for leading.

Lap 11

Crafton, in P2, just put down the fastest lap.

Lap 10

Tagliani is the only Ford in the top 10. Currently P9.

Lap 9

Jones is looking quite strong out front as well. Large lead over Cameron Hayley, but will likely be coming in soon.

Lap 8

Tagliani pits under green to hand the lead to Jones.

Lap 7

Ryan Ellis is officially out. Green flag stops underway for some drivers.

Lap 5

Tagliani is expanding on his lead over Erik Jones, and appears determined to continue that trend.

Lap 3

Cole Custer moves past series champ Matt Crafton for third.

Lap 2

Tagliani has been fast all weekend and may be the most experienced driver in the field. Going to be difficult to usurp lead from him.

Lap 1

Tagliani holds the lead through the race's first lap.

1:56 p.m. ET

Green Flag: The Chevrolet Silverado 250 is underway as pole-winner Alex Tagliani leads them out.

1:47 p.m. ET

Today's pit window is expected to be 25-30 laps.

1:43 p.m. ET

Drivers, start your engines!

1:35 p.m. ET

Scotty Newlands performs the American and Canadian National Anthems.

1:34 p.m. ET

Kyle Froman from Motor Racing Outreach offers today's invocation.

1:33 p.m. ET

Today's colors are presented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A moment of silence for racer Justin Wilson follows.

1:10 p.m. ET

Good afternoon, race fans! Thanks for joining's Lap-by-Lap coverage of Camping World Truck Series racing north of the border at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Stay tuned for pre-race festivities.