• NASCAR: What's in a name?

    January 08, 2013, , NASCAR.COM

    When representatives from the National Championship Stock Car Series -- the NCSSC, NASCAR's predecessor -- held their first major meeting in Daytona Beach, Fla., in December 1947, the 35 men in attendance decided a new name for the new organization w... Read More

  • Gentleman Ned Jarrett, king of big margins

    January 03, 2013, , NASCAR.COM

    When the question arises about the biggest runaway in the history of NASCAR’s premier series, it actually requires a two-part answer. Is the margin of victory measured in miles or laps? ... Read More

  • NASCAR's history on dirt

    January 03, 2013, , NASCAR.COM

    One of NASCAR’s three national series – in this case, the Camping World Truck Series – will host a dirt track race for the first time since 1970, making a nod to the sport's early history. ... Read More