Rookie of the Year Award

The scoring system to determine the Sunoco Rookie of the Year varies from NASCAR’S point system for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship. The following is a breakdown of the Sunoco Rookie of the Year scoring system:

• A 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 point system is used for scoring finishing positions by the rookies. The highest-finishing rookie in each race earns 10 points, the second-highest, nine points, etc.

• Of the 36 races, only the top 17 are counted in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series rookie race.

• In order to be eligible for the Sunoco Rookie of the Year award, a driver must attempt to qualify in at least eight events out of the first 20 events.

• Attempting to qualify for a race earns the rookies one bonus point, which is a bonus that is available for all 36 events.

• Bonus points are awarded for a finish in the top 10. A rookie who wins a race is awarded 10 points, second place gets nine and so on down the line with a 10th-place effort earning one point.

• Following the final race of the season, the highest-ranking rookie in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship receives 10 bonus points. The second-highest rookie earns nine points, third receives eight, etc.

• During the final weekend of the season, a Sunoco Rookie of the Year panel meets and rewards favorable conduct in the following categories: Conduct with NASCAR officials in the garage and pit areas; conduct and awareness on track; personal appearance and relationship with the media. The panel rates each driver, with scoring ranging from a maximum of 10 to a minimum of 1. Total points will be averaged from each panel member’s ballot. The points derived from the panel will be added to the entry, competition, and bonus points after the final race of the season to determine the overall Sunoco Rookie of the Year winner.

The Sunoco Rookie of the Race will be awarded $1,500 each week. The Sunoco Rookie of the Year will be awarded a $50,000 year-end bonus.

Presented by Sunoco

Since 2004, Sunoco has been the “Official Fuel of NASCAR”. This distinction has allowed them to demonstrate the performance of their gasoline in the most competitive racing series in the United States.


NASCAR's top series depend on Sunoco to fuel every driver, in every race on their quest for the Sunoco checkered flag.

Driver Car # Points
Chase Elliott 24 297
Ryan Blaney 21 232
Chris Buescher 34 199
Brian Scott 44 187
Jeffrey Earnhardt 32 137