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Stewart-Newman 'partnership' pays off in 'Newlywed Game' parody

December 01, 2011, Joe Menzer,

Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart shared zingers and the most right answers during Champion Week's kickoff event, Dumb and Dumber."

Hamlin got back at Busch and the pair earned another correct answer when Hamlin was asked by Eubanks, "If you want a really good laugh, just watch my partner do what?"

"Attempt to play any other sport," Hamlin said.

Busch later admitted that would indeed draw laughter after correctly guessing that's how Hamlin responded to the question.

To get to the finals, Stewart-Newman had to defeat the teams of Jeff Gordon-Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth-Carl Edwards, while Hamlin-Kyle Busch had to knock off Brad Keselowski-Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick-Dale Earnhardt Jr.

At one point, Eubanks asked Kenseth which driver he would forbid his daughter to date. "Danica," Kenseth deadpanned in return, meaning Danica Patrick. Eubanks doubled over in laughter and the crowd roared.

Johnson chided Gordon for being a whiner and for wearing a "cheesy mustache" at one time; Gordon reminded everyone that Johnson once shaved his legs to compete as a swimmer in high school; and Newman declared Stewart "the hairiest man alive. All was in good fun.

But in the end, the bottom line was that no one could beat Stewart. This obviously is his year. And along the way, Stewart the owner/driver even offered some advice to his teammate (both in racing and Champion Week's "Newlywed Game").

Asked what Newman could do to become a better driver, he smiled and said: "He's got an engineering degree. I think he would be a better driver if he didn't think all the time."

Eubanks arched his eyebrows and then asked, "NASCAR drivers don't think?"

Stewart grinned wider than ever and added, "Hey, it's worked for me."

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