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Car Care Tip: Servicing throttle body important for efficiency

February 28, 2012, Official Release,

High performance throttle bodies play an important part in Sprint Cup Series racing as the series transitions to electronic fuel injection in 2012.

The throttle body is a critical component not only in NASCAR race engines, but in your vehicle as well. The throttle body is part of a vehicle's air intake system. Keeping it in good operating condition will keep your car running without costly occurrences.

During a throttle body service, an automotive technician cleans out or wipes the bore and throttle blade. During this process, carbon and sludge deposits are cleaned out. This service keeps the idle valve, which is computer controlled, clean. If it is left dirty and covered with carbon, it will have to be replaced and such a replacement can be costly.

Careful and regular throttle body service will keep the emissions from the engine's exhaust system in check and makes the automobile more environmentally friendly. A complete throttle body service is recommended every 15,000, 40,000, and 75,000 miles to be sure that the automobile is functioning properly.

It is most important to have the throttle body serviced regularly to avoid the high cost of replacement. It'll also keep your automobile running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Visit to learn more.