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Car Care Tip: Fuel-system cleaners help maintain older vehicles

April 24, 2012, Official Release,

Americans are keeping their cars longer than ever.

The average age of the 240.5 million cars and light trucks being driven in the United States rose to 10.8 years in 2011, a record high.

During the past 15 years, life expectancy of vehicles on U.S. roads has increased steadily.

Vehicles sold in the U.S. during the early 1990s had a life expectancy of approximately 12 years. Today, vehicles can be expected to last one-third longer, an average of 16 years.

Not only are motorists keeping their vehicles longer, they also are driving them farther than before.

Older vehicles mean significantly higher odometer readings. As the mileage creeps up, so do the problems.

One of the most common problems with vehicles that have logged thousands of miles is lack of performance, specifically hesitation, surging or stalling.

The culprit? Carbon build-up and varnish in the upper engine and air-intake systems.

Today, auto pros have turned to fuel-system cleaners to solve poor performance on vehicles that have logged many miles. Fuel-system cleaners create a cold-chemical steam to penetrate all areas of the upper engine and intake systems, vaporizing carbon deposits and varnish.

Professional fuel-system cleaners help restore power and performance, improve fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions.

Properly maintaining the fluids in a vehicle has never been more important, especially if you want to get more years and miles out of your current ride.

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