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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

How NASCAR driver points are awarded per race

Under the charter system that was established in 2016, NASCAR's premier series events have 40 cars in the field. Each finishing spot in the field earns a driver points, from a maximum of 40 points to the driver who finishes first, down to one point for the driver who finishes 40th.

These points accrue over a season and determine the driver standings, as well as the owner standings.

Points are accumulated over each of the 36 races. There is a reset for the 16 drivers in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup after the regular-season finale at Richmond, the series' 26th race of the season. There are additional points resets in the postseason after the completion of the three-race Round of 16, Round of 12 and Round of 8.

Below is a look at how a driver earns points based on finishing position. Additionally, a driver can earn bonus points for the following:

-- Three bonus points to the race-winning driver
-- One bonus point to any driver who leads a lap in a race
-- One bonus point to the driver who leads the most laps in a race


Other key items to know:

The driver who starts the race receives the points; a relief driver does not earn points.

If two or more drivers tie for most laps led, each gets a bonus point.

Bonus points are not awarded in the final race of the season to the Championship 4 drivers.

Finish in race Finish points
1st 40
2nd 39
3rd 38
4th 37
5th 36
6th 35
7th 34
8th 33
9th 32
10th 31
11th 30
12th 29
13th 28
14th 27
15th 26
16th 25
17th 24
18th 23
19th 22
20th 21
21st 20
22nd 19
23rd 18
24th 17
25th 16
26th 15
27th 14
28th 13
29th 12
30th 11
31st 10
32nd 9
33rd 8
34th 7
35th 6
36th 5
37th 4
38th 3
39th 2
40th 1

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