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NASCAR RaceView Mobile '13


Download for iPhone & iPad

       Compatible with iPad, iPad Mini, & iPhone. Requires iOS 5 or later

Download for Android Phone & Tablet

       Compatible with most Android Phones & Tablets. Requires Android 2.3, 4.x or later

Live Premium Features:

- Real-time GPS based 3D car virtualization

- Real-time GPS based track virtualization 

- Real-time advanced leaderboard

- Live Driver Audio

- Live NASCAR Officials Audio

- Live Broadcast Badio (MRN/PRN)

- Comprehensive Driver Telemetry Data

Ride Along

NASCAR RACEVIEW MOBILE '13 is truly the ultimate race day companion and is intended for use only on NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race day.

Dynamic & Interactive

Follow your favorite driver through a fully interactive 3D virtualization of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races in real-time from the track. You can pan, zoom and spin to focus on a specific driver, or pull back to view the entire field, all with the touch of your finger.

Listen Live

Live to any one of the 43 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers, the NASCAR Officials or your favorite radio broadcast of the race.

New Every Week

Every week the app updates to the next 3D virtualized track based on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule. Each week we customize your favorite drivers car to look exactly as it does on the track! Screengrab a keep sake!

It's free-to-download and demo from Apple iTunes or Google Play.

Subscription Required. NASCAR RACEVIEW MOBILE ’13 premium content is offered FREE to Sprint customers devices with an Unlimited data plan.

Airtime, message, & data rates may apply for app download & use. Download is available for iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones. Optional subscription required for Premium Features. Premium Features available are Free for Sprint Customers on a Unlimited Data Plan.