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Laura Sorenson: Wife of Sprint Cup driver Reed Sorenson

May 07, 2014, NASCAR Illustrated,

NASCAR Illustrated sits down with Laura, wife of Sprint Cup driver Reed Sorenson

My hometown: “Morgantown, W.Va.” 

Pets: “Brutus, a chocolate Lab; Zoe, a pit bull mix; and Ralphie, the spoiled rotten shar-pei.”

Getting married: “Reed and I have been dating since 2007. We were both ready to get married, and the past four months have been the best four months of my life. We both have parents who have been married for over 30 years. They have set such an amazing example for the two of us, and we would be lucky to be half as happy as they are 30 years from now.” 

Must see TV: “ ‘The Bachelor.’ My friends and I get together every Monday night for a girls night watching Juan Pablo, drinking wine and eating way too much chocolate.” 

Music that moves me: “I love country music, but right now, Ke$ha’s ‘Timber’ is my jam.” 

Movies not to be missed: “ ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Bridesmaids.’ ”

Travel: “I love traveling, especially to the different race tracks. I don’t get to travel much until summer because I am a school teacher, but I love taking Ralphie to the race track and spending more time with Reed and cheering him on.”

Favorite websites: “ for work, for shopping.”

Best vacation getaway: “Our honeymoon in St. Lucia. Reed planned the entire thing and did such a good job. It was supposed to be a surprise but he ended up spilling the beans a month before the wedding.”

Staying in shape: “Four of my close girlfriends and I get up and go to Burn Boot Camp every morning at 5:30. Our trainer, Devan Kline, works us hard and makes it go by fast.”

First race: “My dad and Chip Ganassi grew up together and have remained close friends. Chip allowed me to do an internship with his race team, where Reed and I met. My first race was working with Kevin Hamlin for a Nationwide event at Kentucky in 2007. The first race I went to with Reed was Charlotte in 2007, where I met his parents for the first time and he met mine.”

Biggest influence in my life: “My mom is my absolute hero. Every day I strive to be as caring, thoughtful, loving and genuine as she is.”

Favorite app: “ ‘Candy Crush Saga.’ Isn’t it everyone’s favorite?” 

Favorite midnight snack: “Oreos and milk. Reed likes to tease me that I’ll take two bites of dinner and say I’m full but I’ll eat 10 Oreos afterward.”

Habit I’d like to kick:
“Salt. I put it on everything.”