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NASCAR Illustrated: Bubba Wallace takes on Twitter 

July 24, 2014, Kris Johnson, NASCAR Illustrated,

Bubba shares his personal list of 'must-follow' drivers on Twitter

NASCAR ILLUSTRATED: On an average day, how much time do you spend on Twitter?
BUBBA WALLACE: "24-hour day, I'm probably on it -- I gotta get at least 10 hours of sleep (laughs)."

NI: So you've got 14 hours left, right?
WALLACE: "Yeah, exactly. I'm on there a lot and I think what's unique about mine -- and there's a lot of others like Keselowski too -- is it's all me. There's no one else that has access to my account. So I like to give the fans my own viewpoint of what I'm doing not only at the racetrack but outside of that. Offseason, give them a taste of that and not be so straight-edged, you know? I've stepped over the line a few times but you don't know until you try."

NI: Is there a must-follow driver if you had to pick one besides yourself?
WALLACE: "That's tough, man. I tweeted that out, I think, two years ago. The success of Jimmie, the personality of Brad, the attitude of Kyle Busch and also the fan base of Junior. There's a lot of guys that you can look up to in different ways. I'll pick those four."

NI: Do you have to walk a fine line sometimes with what you share?
WALLACE: "It's tough because I get we have to­ hope this doesn't get me in trouble or anything but we have to watch what we say and stuff; ­we gotta have fun with it. Some of these guys are out there tweeting just stuff about racing all the time. I'm tweeting about anything I see funny, that catches my eye, I'm gonna share that with you guys. I might see it in a totally different way. But I'm still gonna crack up and share it with you guys even if it's different. I'd say a not holding back mentality but keeping it classy and on the line, not staying inside the line but on the line."

NI: Any downsides to Twitter, maybe a lack of civility or criticism, have you had those experiences at all?
WALLACE: "I've had it a few times to where it'd just be one tweet and you wouldn't see it again until later down the road or whenever as far as that. But I'd say the thing that gets to me is the same people following me over and over and over again. Or (they) make new accounts and re-follow you but under the same name but a little bit different, I guess. I'm like, 'Really? How many accounts do you need?' I mean you're helping my followers, appreciate it but every time I log on, it's that person, and then tomorrow, it's that person (laughs)."