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NASCAR Illustrated: Gaining Traction with Tyler Reddick

July 10, 2014, NASCAR Illustrated,

Meet the Brad Keselowski Racing NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver

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Editor's note: Photo by Jeff Robinson

As California native Tyler Reddick is quick to tell you, he's pretty new to pavement racing. Still, in 2012, he managed to win his first start in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East at Rockingham Speedway. It was there that he caught the eye of Brad Keselowski, who signed him to his NASCAR Camping World Truck Series team.

Down and Dirty
"The hardest thing for me being a dirt racer is I'm kind of used to a different approach when you go around the track. Really, just learning and understanding what the truck needs when we're working on it in practice and just getting faster and faster [is challenging]. With these heavier vehicles, it's harder to really tell what it wants to do compared to a lighter dirt vehicle. You have to search and really find what you're looking for in a pavement vehicle more than in a dirt car."

Technically Speaking
"The technology side of things in pavement racing is completely new to me. In dirt racing, we didn't have all the data you look over and all these sensors on the car. Coming from the dirt side of things, you just went from the feel of the seat of your pants. With these pavement cars, it's a lot harder to have that feel. So having that technology is a big help if you know how to use it, and understanding that's been a lot of fun."

'Coach K'
"When we went to Charlotte, [Brad Keselowski] was practicing the first day and I wasn't in the truck. He took me for a lap around the race track and showed me what his line was, where the bumps were, what the characteristics of the race track were. A lot of these new places that I don't understand, he's been able to guide me through that and say, 'This is where you need to run. If you're not here, you're not going to have a good lap.' "

First Time
"The first time I got behind the wheel of a race car I was 4 1/2. My first memory, honestly, was the day we showed up to the track and there was a guy who was selling this go-kart, and I jumped in. It didn't have a motor in it, but my dad was pushing me around in it at the dirt track. The following weekend we got a motor and started to go racing."

Broken Bow
"My grandfather has been a part of the automotive industry for a long time as well as the music business and that's where Broken Bow Records came about and has been able to support me to this day. [Note: The Broken Bow lineup features Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch and Kristy Lee Cook.] When you're around the music business a little bit you get to understand and appreciate how much hard work goes into each and every song that gets put on the radio, so you have a lot more appreciation for what people do."