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NASCAR Illustrated-Question and Quotes: Race of Champions

July 17, 2014, NASCAR Illustrated,

Do you like the idea of staging an International Race of Champions-type series?

Photo: Elmer Kappell/NASCAR Illustrated

Kyle Larson
Sprint Cup driver

"Heck, yeah. I remember watching those races when I was really young, and I always dreamed of running in it. It would be fun for a guy like me because I have driven so many different types of cars."

Marcos Ambrose
Sprint Cup driver

"I do, but I've never been part of one. I miss the old IROC Series. There was also a worldwide event held each year, the Race of Champions. There also used to be a formula car race each year for the top drivers at Brands Hatch (England). I'm a big fan, but it’s hard to get everything to mesh together -- all the championships are off-sequence to each other. And if you get a dirt champion to run Daytona, he's not going to do as well as the drivers accustomed to racing on superspeedways."

Michael Annett
Sprint Cup driver

"Definitely. Those were some of my favorite races to watch. I love that format -- putting drivers from various disciplines in cars that are pretty much identical."

Kasey Kahne
Sprint Cup driver
"It's pretty neat. The tough part is determining what type of race car you run. Everybody is so used to different cars. If you race a type of car you're used to driving, it's going to be easier for you to adapt than it would be for someone accustomed to driving a different style car."

What would be a good mixture of races?

"A mile-and-a-half track, a dirt oval, an off-road race and a road course."

Ambrose: "It should include a sprint car race, an off-road race, some kind of rally, an asphalt oval and some kind of road race."

Annett: "Daytona, it's iconic. They could also run the Daytona road course and do it all in the same day."

Kahne: "A dirt track, road course, superspeedway and it would be neat to do motocross."

Would it be something you'd like to take part in?

"If I ever got the opportunity to do that, I would jump on it."

Ambrose: "I'd love to take part in that type of series."

Annett: "I'd love to. I just like the fact that it's a race for champions. I'd love to do well enough to be invited to run that type of series and run against the best drivers in racing."

Kahne: "If it's a race for champions, I'd have to be a champion first before I could participate, but I'd love to do it. I enjoy racing as much as I can in any type of car. That would be fun."