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Richard Childress Racing

February 04, 2016,

Richard Childress Racing
The history of Richard Childress Racing and full crews for Ryan Newman, Paul Menard and Austin Dillon

Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Engine builder: ECR Engines
Debut season: 1969
Owner standings

Richard Childress made dreams of becoming a race car driver while selling concessions at a local track into a reality, adding team owner to that reality in 1969 when Richard Childress Racing drove his No. 3 entry in the Sprint Cup Series.

That entry would later be made famous by Dale Earnhardt, who took his first laps in the No. 3 in 1981. Earnhardt would become the sole driver for the team in 1985, remaining in the driver's seat until his death in the 2001 Daytona 500. By 2005, the team would employ three full-time drivers, adding a fourth in 2011. The historic No. 3 made its return in the 2014 season as Austin Dillon moved up to the Cup Series, and even won the Coors Light Pole Award at the season-opening Daytona 500.

Dillon, despite finishing a respectable 20th in the final standings, wasn't the big story for RCR last year. That would be Ryan Newman, who didn't win a race but was consistent enough to continue advancing in the new postseason format. He was one of the Championship 4 drivers at Homestead for the season finale and wound up finishing second in the race to champion Kevin Harvick.

Paul Menard notched a career-best five top-fives, but finished 21st in the final standings.

Richard Childress Racing is headquartered in Welcome, North Carolina, with more than 500 employees filling the 600,000 square feet of shop space. Visit the team's website here.

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Austin Dillon

Welcome, N.C.

Primary team members:
Crew Chief: Slugger Labbe
Car Chief: Chad Haney
Engineer: Seth Chavka
Second Engineer: Ryan Sparks
Spotter: Andy Houston

Over-the-wall crew members:
Front Tire Changer: Jason Pulver
Front Tire Carrier: Austin Craven
Jackman: Jason Hunt
Rear Tire Changer: Brian Bottlemy
Rear Tire Carrier: Josh Shipplett
Gasman: Tyler Rader

Road crew members:
Shock Specialist: Clay Alexander
Engine Tuner: Joe Bullard
Mechanic: Josh Sisco
Mechanic: Clint Almquist
Mechanic: Chris Tidwell
Tire Specialist: Andy Flynn
Truck Driver: Dennis Gammons
Second Truck Driver: Mark Williams

Paul Menard

Eau Claire, Wis.

Primary team members:
Crew Chief: Justin Alexander
Car Chief: Scott Brewer
Engineer: James Small
Second Engineer: Joel Keller
Spotter: Stevie Reeves

Over-the-wall crew members:
Front Tire Changer: Jeff Cordero
Front Tire Carrier: Matt Donley
Jackman: Sam Abney
Rear Tire Changer: Aaron Smith
Rear Tire Carrier: Ray Wright
Gasman: Matt Kreuter

Road crew members:
Shock Specialist: Kris McCabe
Engine Tuner: Matt Beaver
Mechanic: Cam Strader
Mechanic: Chad Tigert
Mechanic: Matt Beaver
Tire Specialist: Mason Jennings
Truck Driver: Jeff Icenhour
Second Truck Driver: Andy Taylor

Ryan Newman

South Bend, Ind.

Primary team members:
Crew Chief: Luke Lambert
Car Chief: Darin Nestlerode
Engineer: Phil Surgen
Second Engineer: Grant Hutchens
Spotter: Jason Jarrett

Over-the-wall crew members:
Front Tire Changer: Tim Sheets
Front Tire Carrier: J.D. Holcomb
Jackman: Adam Lewis
Rear Tire Changer: Jake Lind
Rear Tire Carrier: Brad Robison
Gasman: Cruz Gonzalez

Road crew members:
Shock Specialist: Wayne Smith
Engine Tuner: Matt Lombardi
Mechanic: Kyle Kelley
Mechanic: Andy Kruep
Mechanic: Travis Owens
Tire Specialist: James Bender
Truck Driver: Jeff Craven