Dale Jr. explains touching father-son Bristol tweet

March 11, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Earnhardt sheds light on background of photo featuring him and his dad

When the Sprint Cup Series rolls around to the historic Bristol Motor Speedway each year, it has a special tendency to evoke a certain nostalgic feeling out of drivers and fans alike.

As a guy who collects junked cars in his backyard and prides himself on the historical nature of NASCAR -- not to mention someone who talked just last week about how many classic racing photos he keeps on his phone -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is hardly an exception.

Now that he's the biggest thing to hit Twitter since… actually, on second thought, he might just be the biggest thing to ever hit Twitter (sorry, Ellen's Oscar selfie), Junior might be inspired to open up his archive after seeing the handle @NASCARMemories tweet out a photo last week of him and his dad at Bristol in 1981.

Earnhardt replied to the tweet, giving the background story of that night and bringing a tear to the collective eye of Junior Nation.

Check out the tweet below and keep an eye on @DaleJr to see if he gets in the swing of participating regularly in #ThrowbackThursday.


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