Dale Earnhardt Jr. meets, races Charles Barkley

May 16, 2014, Staff report,

Of Sir Charles, Junior says: "Very nice guy. Not a turrible driver, either."

After two weeks of tweeting about meeting NBA on TNT analyst Charles Barkley, Dale Earnhardt Jr. connected with the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer on Friday.

It all started the day Dale Jr.'s beloved Charlotte Bobcats were sent fishing by the NBA on TNT crew, following the 'Cats' playoff loss to the Miami Heat.

The 11-time Most Popular Driver was Photoshopped onto a boat with the rest of Charlotte's NBA team.

"I want to meet Dale Earnhardt Jr. one time," Barkley said.

In response to a tweet with the video from the NBA on TNT, Earnhardt Jr. replied, "Heck, I wanna meet Charles!"

Earnhardt Jr. tweeted about a potential meeting during the week, and finally, Friday was the day, rousing the late sleeper from his bed.

Check out Sir Charles in a driving suit.

In the Vine below, Barkley says, "Nice to meet you my brother. Thanks for taking the time.

"I'm a big fan. It's really cool to meet you. I've been trying to get (NASCAR Hall of Famer) Dale Jarrett to hook us up."

Earnhardt Jr. complimented his fellow athlete in the tweet below.

The race was filmed for NASCAR on TNT's Summer Series with the showdown airing before the race at Pocono Raceway on June 8.

"I was really surprised how nice a guy he was," Earnhardt Jr. said. "I really expected him to be a competitor. As a player, he was really fiery and aggressive getting into scuffles.

"He was super nice. Really has an appreciation for our sport. Just a real nice guy to be around."

When asked who won the match race, Earnhardt Jr. said, "We'll just have to save the results for later, but you can imagine how it went."


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