Trophy envy? NASCAR doesn't have it

July 10, 2014, George Winkler,

Check out some of the coolest trophies NASCAR has handed out over the years.

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The entire reason my kids play soccer is to get the trophy at the end.

And, you know, they might be on to something.

Some trophies truly are awesome.

Take the Stanley Cup, for instance.

It gets white-glove treatment before somebody wins it, then it gets passed around like a garden gnome, showing up in pictures as a cereal bowl, a baptismal font, or even as an impromptu horse feedbag.

Don't believe me? Google funniest Stanley Cup pictures and try not to laugh.

Not to be outdone, NASCAR has its own set of cool trophies. NASCAR knows how to honor a victory, with burnouts and Victory Lane celebrations where you can sip champagne, wear black hats and fire six-shooters in the air.

However, the celebration is not complete until the race winner hoists the trophy overhead. Just ask Jimmie Johnson, who has nine Miles the Monster trophies from Dover (one of the coolest; think Incredible Hulk meets abominable snowman).

When asked where he puts them all, Johnson said: "I have a great man cave. It's a big warehouse and I have a huge bar that I restored and it's got a big top shelf on it."

Jimmie, if you're reading this, please, please, invite me to your man cave.

But while we wait for Jimmie's invite, let's take a look at a slideshow of some of the best trophies in NASCAR.

Courtesy of NASCAR


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