Lap By Lap Comments


Lap 153:

David Ragan back in the race.


Welcome to Lap by Lap for the Aaron's 499 at Talladega Superspeedway.

6:33 p.m.

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6:31 p.m.

Pole-sitter Mark Martin finished 21st.

6:29 p.m.

Edwards heads to Victory Lane.

6:27 p.m.

Carl Edwards led 122 laps.

6:25 p.m.

Unofficial final: Edwards, Johnson, Hamlin, Keselowski, Earnhardt, Bowyer, Kenseth, Stewart, Gordon, Burton.

6:24 p.m.

Carl Edwards does signature backflip off the No. 99 Ford.

Lap 316

Checkered flag: Edwards finishes first, Johnson takes second.

Lap 313

Green flag: On green-white restart, 99-48-2-11-88-15-20-14-31-24. No. 33 pushed off the track.

Lap 311

No. 88 moves to fifth for not maintaining speed.

Lap 311

18 getting a free pass on caution.

Lap 311

Pit road is open; leaders stay on track.

Lap 309

Caution flag: Flag comes out with 3 laps to go.

Lap 308

Joey Logano moves to the apron with four laps to go.

Lap 307

Kyle Busch gives room for Carl Edwards to pass.

Lap 303

Carl Edwards stretches gap to .907 seconds.

Lap 302

With 10 to go, top 10: 99-48-2-88-11-15-20-14-24-31.

Lap 299

Dale Jr. trying to save fuel, more than 6 seconds behind the leader.

Lap 294

Keselowski crew chief Paul Wolfe says No. 2 is good on fuel.

Lap 293

Top five: 99-48-2-88-11.

Lap 289

Mark Martin currently in 13th.

Lap 287

Johnson hoping fuel concerns will slow Edwards.

Lap 285

Every other driver in the top 10 has been to Victory Lane since Carl Edwards' last trip.

Lap 282

Top 10 with 30 laps to go: 99-48-2-88-11-15-20-14-24-29.

Lap 278

Past top 10, drivers more than 10 seconds behind leader.

Lap 275

Johnson making up gap, now .976 seconds behind Edwards. Keselowski 3.341 behind.

Lap 273

Keselowski passes Earnhardt to take third.

Lap 271

Top five: 99-48-88-2-11.

Lap 265

Tony Stewart moves past Kevin Harvick to get into 8th; Jeff Gordon passes Joey Logano to reclaim 10th.

Lap 262

With 50 laps to go, top ten lineup is: Edwards, Johnson, Earnhardt, Hamlin, Keselowski, Bowyer, Harvick, Kenseth, Stewart, Logano.

Lap 259

Brad Keselowski moves into the top-5; Clint Bowyer moves down to sixth.

Lap 258

Carl Edwards over a second ahead of Johnson, 2.195 ahead of Earnhardt.

Lap 254

Kyle Busch moving up after getting to the lead lap; now in 24 just behind Kurt Busch.

Lap 252

Top three: Edwards, Johnson, Earnhardt.

Lap 247

Kurt and Kyle Busch both slide on turn 4; Kurt in 21, Kyle in 26.

Lap 245

Gordon loses top 10 position to Joey Logano.

Lap 244

Bowyer makes it to top 5, behind 99-48-88-11.

Lap 243

Edwards jumps out ahead at green flag, .384 seconds ahead of Johnson.

Lap 242:

Green flag: 99-88-48-11-15-2-20-29-24-14

Lap 240

No. 38 heads to the garage.

Lap 240

Mark Martin one spot away from getting into the top 10; Tony Stewart in 10th.

Lap 239

Kyle Busch gets back on the lead lap.

Lap 238

Off pit road: 99-88-48.

Lap 235

Caution flag: No. 38 throwing sparks on on turn two.

Lap 234

Jimmie Johnson now .958 seconds behind Earnhardt.

Lap 230

Dale Jr. has two back-to-back wins at Phoenix, 2003 and 2004.

Lap 223

Dale Jr. ahead of Jimmie Johnson by .775 seconds.

Lap 220

Edwards fighting to keep fourth from Keselowski.

Lap 215

Clint Bowyer in 7th.

Lap 214

Card Edwards, now in 4th, 2.27 second off the lead.

Lap 211

Kyle Busch in 31st, a lap off the lead lap. 30 cars remain on lead lap.

Lap 204

Mark Martin moves up to 13 over Jeff Burton.

Lap 200

On lap 200, 88-48-20-99-11-2-29-15-78-24.

Lap 199

No. 10 officially out of the race.

Lap 197

At garage, Danica says she had no warning before crash. Video Hightlights

Lap 194

Jimmie Johnson takes second on the inside.

Lap 193

Green flag: 88-99-48 after caution.

Lap 190

No. 88 first off pit road, followed by Edwards, Johnson, Kenseth.

Lap 190

Danica Patrick has been released from the infield care center.

Lap 189

Cars passing through put road while officials clean up the track.

Lap 189

At time of the wreck, top 10: 99-48-88-29-20-11-78-2-43-22.

No. 188

Left side of No. 10 stripped by contact with No. 34.

Lap 187

No. 34 heads to the garage.

Lap 186

Officials are inspecting the SAFER barrier.

Lap 186

No. 36 JJ Yeley is the beneficiary; No. 34 David Ragan collected in the incident.

Lap 185

Caution flag: Danica Patrick wrecks.

Lap 184

Top 10: 99-48-88-29-20-11-78-2-43-22

Lap 180

Denny Hamlin has climbed 36 spots to 6th.

Lap 178

Kurt Busch pulls ahead of Kahne for 7th.

Lap 177

Johnson 1.222 seconds back; Earnhardt 2.676 seconds back from Edwards.

Lap 174

It has been 70 races since Carl Edwards has won a Sprint Cup race.

Lap 172

There have been six leaders so far in the race.

Lap 167

Bowyer moves to 15th, Martin in 19th, Stenhouse in 22th, Patrick in 26th.

Lap 164

The car of Carl Edwards has a plastic bag stuck on the nose.

Lap 161

Joey Logano, who started 32nd, is up to 11th.

Lap 160

Edwards has 1.23 seconds on Johnson.

Lap 158

Halfway through the race, Edwards, Johnson, Earnhardt lead.

Lap 158

No. 39 (Newman) is out of the race.

Lap 157

Bowyer takes 17th.

Lap 155

Gordon, Bowyer battling for 17th.

Lap 152

Top 10: 99-48-88-29-11-43-20-5-78-16

Lap 151

No. 17 Ricky Stenhouse in 17th.

Lap 150

Carl Edwards leading for the first time since Bristol.

Lap 149

Almirola tries to take the inside from Denny Hamlin, unsuccessfully.

Lap 144

Green flag: Edwards, Johnson, Earnhardt, Harvick, Hamlin in top five after caution.

Lap 144

No. 35 of Josh Wise back in the race.

Lap 143

Keselowski gets four tires; Carl Edwards leads off pit road, followed by Johnson and Jr.

Lap 141

Keselowski leads pack onto pit road during yellow.

Lap 140

Caution flag: Newman hits the wall on turn 1. Video Hightlights

Lap 133

Martin running .692 seconds behind Keselowski.

Lap 130

After 130 laps: Keselowski, Martin, Stewart, Edwards, Johnson.

Lap 129

No. 95 out of the race due to brake failure.

Lap 128

No. 35 heads to the garage.

Lap 127

No. 2 takes the lead.

Lap 126

Martin fell down to 38 before regaining the lead.

Lap 122

Top 10: Martin, Keselowski, Stewart, Edwards, Johnson, Bowyer, Kurt Busch, Earnhardt, Harvick, Almirola.

Lap 116

Tony Stewart up to third behind Martin, Keselowski.

Lap 115

Dale Earnhardt Jr. up to 8th; Kurt Busch in 7th; Bowyer in 6th.

Lap 113

Top five: Martin, Keselowski, Stewart, Edwards, Johnson

Lap 112

Jeff Gordon now in 21st

Lap 106

Bowyer up to 7th; Hamlin 11th, Kenseth 13th.

Lap 104

Keselowski moves up to second.

Lap 103

Green flag: New leaders 55-99-2-14-48

Lap 101

Mark Martin doesn't pit; retakes the lead followed by Edwards, Keselowski.

Lap 99

Pit in is 16-43-29-5-42; Pit out running order: 99-2-14-48-78-15-88-29.

Lap 98

Caution flag: 87 is the beneficiary from the last yellow after Ryan Newman left debris in the fourth turn.

Lap 97

Biffle's margin over second-place Almirola stands at .249 seconds that last time by.

Lap 94

Top three: Biffle, Almirola, Harvick.

Lap 92

Dale Jr. in 20th; Danica Patrick in 28th; Kyle Busch in 37th.

Lap 85

Jeff Burton heads into the top 10.

Lap 84

Martin Truex Jr. returns to the race.

Lap 81

After 80 laps, top five: 16-43-29-5-42.

Lap 79

Kahne passes Montoya on the outside for 3rd.

Lap 78

Stenhouse falls to 8th; Carl Edwards takes 7th.

Lap 76

Almirola in second.

Lap 73

Mark Martin was the beneficiary of the last caution. Currently in 30th.

Lap 72

Kevin Harvick moves up to third.

Lap 70

Biffle retakes the lead on outside.

Lap 69

Green flag: 42-16-17-43-5 on restart.

Lap 68

Martin's unscheduled pit stop due to a loose tire.

Lap 67

No. 19 (brakes) and No. 44 (accident) are out of the race. Truex has also headed back to the garage.

Lap 66

Montoya took the lead just before caution flag went out; new top three: Nos. 42-16-17.

Lap 65

Caution flag: No. 7 hits the wall hard in turn 1.

Lap 64

Mark Martin making an unscheduled pit stop, gets both right tires replaced.

Lap 59

Martin, Gordon in 9th, 10th, respectively.

Lap 57

Top 5: Biffle, Montoya, Stenhouse, Almirola, Gilliland

Lap 56

Biffle takes the lead.

Lap 54

Green flag: Montoya leads after restart, followed by Biffle, Stenhouse.

Lap 53

One lap under caution before green.

Lap 52

Martin Truex having rear axle problems on his No. 56.

Lap 51

Juan Pablo Montoya takes the lead after leaders pit.

Lap 50

Bowyer hits No. 93 leaving pit road.

Lap 50

Martin, Kahne, Johnson, Gordon pit. No. 87 gets free pass.

Lap 48

Caution flag: Kyle Busch spins out at turn 2.

Lap 47

This is the 17th race at Phoenix during which Mark Martin has led a lap.

Lap 44

Dale Jr. in 24th; Danica Patrick in 35th.

Lap 38

Top 10: 55-48-5-29-24-20-14-27-2-78

Lap 37

Kurt Busch makes it to the top-10, but having car troubles -- tells crew chief all gauges are red.

Lap 34

Martin has 1.286 seconds on Johnson.

Lap 31

Keselowski and Newman battling for ninth.

Lap 30

Harvick gets into Gordon, then makes the pass.

Lap 30

Harvick looking to take fourth from Gordon.

Lap 28

Johnson moves up to second.

Lap 27

Green flag: 55-5-48-24-14 after restart. First 13 drivers remained on track during caution.

Lap 26

One more lap until restart.

Lap 23

18, 16, 88, 43 pit during yellow.

Lap 23

Free pass to the No. 33 car, Landon Cassill, who gets back onto the lead lap.

Lap 22

Caution: No. 44 blows a tire on turn 3.

Lap 20

No. 32 Ken Schrader and No. 19 Mike Bliss down a lap.

Lap 17

Kurt Busch has made up 16 positions since the green flag.

Lap 13

After Martin's No. 55 Toyota, five Chevrolets on the leaderboard.

Lap 10

Top five after 10 laps: Martin, Kahne, Johnson, Gordon, Stewart

Lap 9

Pole-sitter Mark Martin has records for most races at Phoenix (33), most top-fives (12), top-10s (21), laps and lead lap finishes.

Lap 7

No. 48 driving a tight; track has little grip today.

Lap 5

Kyle Busch moves up to 32.

Lap 4

Mark Martin holds on to first; Kahne .842 seconds behind.

Lap 2

Stenhouse swipes the wall.

Lap 1

Ricky Stenhouse takes 10th, Tony Stewart 5th.

Lap 1

Green flag: No. 55 Mark Martin, No. 5 Kasey Kahne, No. 48 Jimmie Johnson lead the pack.

3:17 p.m.

There will be three parade laps before the green flag comes out.

3:12 p.m.

Drivers have been given the command to start their engines.

3:05 p.m.

Six minutes until engines are fired. Thanks for joining us!

3:04 p.m.

Phoenix is one of the few tracks to measure in kilometers. The Subway Fresh Fit 500 is 500 kilometers, 312 laps, 312 miles. Fuel window is approximately 80 laps; pit road speed limit is 45 mph; pace car speed is 50 mph.

3:01 p.m.

Brian Baumgartner, Kevin from The Office, will give today's command.

3:00 p.m.

Two minutes until pre-race ceremonies begin.

2:55 p.m.

Lots of fives at the start of the lineup: No. 55, No. 5 and Five-Time top it off.

2:50 p.m.

Pole-sitter Mark Martin is a two-time Phoenix winner.

2:44 p.m.

Four cars to the rear: No. 11 Denny Hamlin (engine); No. 18 Kyle Busch (engine); No. 30 David Stremme (transmission); No. 78 Kurt Busch (backup). Kyle Busch and Hamlin were both to start top 10.

2:35 p.m.

Driver introductions are now taking place before the start of the Subway Fresh Fit 500.

Engine change

No. 18 car joins No. 11 Joe Gibbs Racing teammate at the back of the field after changing engines