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Lap 192

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Lap 192

Round of 8 drivers include: Jimmie Johnson, Kurt Busch, Joey Logano, Matt Kenseth, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Carl Edwards and Denny Hamlin.

Lap 192

Drivers eliminated from Chase: Austin Dillon, Martin Truex Jr., Chase Elliott and Brad Keselowski.

Lap 192

Hamlin and Dillon tie for points in the Chase grid, but Hamlin wins tiebreaker to advance.

Lap 192

Joey Logano wins, Brian Scott second, Denny Hamlin third.

Lap 190

Hamlin third, currently three points ahead of Dillon for final Chase spot.

Lap 190

Green flag in NASCAR Overtime. Three laps to go.

Lap 187

Hamlin and Dillon currently tied in Chase standings for final spot. Hamlin running 4th, Dillon running 11th.

Lap 186

Caution. No. 88 spins.

Lap 185

Harvick and Logano battling for the lead, with Harvick on the low side.

Lap 185

Green flag.

Lap 184

Penalty to No. 1 Jamie McMurray for too many crew members.

Lap 183

Cars coming to pit road.

Lap 181

Caution. No. 5 Kasey Kahne involved in wreck.

Lap 179

Logano not able to dislodge debris, but temperatures not yet concerning.

Lap 178

Dillon has fallen back to 22nd, again.

Lap 176

Dillon working his way up, now to 15th, and just three points below Hamlin in Chase standings.

Lap 174

Joey Logano now has debris on grille, monitoring temperatures.

Lap 173

Dillon has dropped to 21st, now nine points behind Hamlin (6th) for Round of 8 Chase spot.

Lap 170

Hamlin (6th) now in final Round of 8 spot, with Dillon (19th) below cut-off line.

Lap 168

Landon Cassill scoots from high line to low line, but manages to save car before it tumbles out of control.

Lap 165

Hamlin (8th) and Dillon (13th) continue to battle for final Chase spot in Round of 8. Dillon holds the tie-breaker should they tie.

Lap 163

JGR drivers still running 33rd-35th, but all still safely in Round of 8.

Lap 160

Bottom four Chase drivers currently: Denny Hamlin (8th), Martin Truex Jr. (out), Chase Elliott (12th) and Brad Keselowski (out).

Lap 158

Logano leads a pack of five cars single-file on the low line.

Lap 155

Austin Dillon (23rd) last driver to advance to Round of 8 in Chase right now, four points ahead of Truex (out).

Lap 153

Green flag.

Lap 149

Caution. Debris on the backstretch.

Lap 149

Green flag.

Lap 146

Race off pit road: 22, 4, 11, 21, 88, 95, 6, 42, 44, 24.

Lap 145

Cars come to pit road.

Lap 145

With Keselowski now in the garage, bottom three Chase drivers are: Truex Jr., Elliott and Keselowski.

Lap 144

Caution. No. 2 Keselowski starts smoking, appears to have engine expired.

Lap 143

Blaney goes ahead of Keselowski as he attempts to aid in getting debris off grille of No. 2.

Lap 142

Denny Hamlin in sixth, currently is first Chase driver below the cut-off line (10th).

Lap 138

Keselowski reports he has picked up more debris on his grille.

Lap 135

Chase drivers in the top 10: Keselowski (1st), Logano (3rd), Harvick (4th) and Hamlin (6th).

Lap 130

Current bottom three Chase drivers: Hamlin (6th), Truex Jr. (out), Elliott (15th).

Lap 127

13 Casey Mears officially done for the day.

Lap 125

Non-Chase drivers in the top 10: Blaney (2nd), Brian Scott (4th), Jamie McMurray (8th), Alex Bowman (9th), Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (10th).

Lap 122

Keselowski zooms past 11 Hamlin and 21 Blaney.

Lap 120

Green flag.

Lap 117

Penalty for No. 34 Chris Buescher, over the wall too soon.

Lap 117

Mears has gone to the garage.

Lap 117

Cars coming to pit road.

Lap 114

Biffle dives down and knocks into Earnhardt, Mears to cause the crash.

Lap 114

Caution. 83 Jeffrey Earnhardt, 16 Greg Biffle and 13 Casey Mears involved in crash.

Lap 112

Keselowski says his car had gotten 20 degrees hotter than it was supposed to be until he got debris off.

Lap 111

Keselowski still attempting to get debris off grille, trying to get behind Ryan Blaney, but drops back significantly in pack.

Lap 109

Keselowski reports he's overheating from debris on grille.

Lap 105

Kyle Larson (fifth) and Paul Menard (eighth) have worked their way into top 10.

Lap 101

Chase drivers continue to be spread out, with Joey Logano in 11th, Kevin Harvick in 15th, Austin Dillon in 21st and three JGR drivers near bottom.

Lap 97

Denny Hamlin has worked his way up to fourth.

Lap 93

Bottom three Chase drivers now: Dillon (19th), Truex (out) and Elliott ( 7th).

Lap 89

JGR drivers have worked their way up to 31st, 32nd and 33th now, ahead of drivers such as AJ Allmendinger, Tony Stewart, David Ragan and Jeffrey Earnhardt.

Lap 89

Annett pits and Keselowski regains the lead.

Lap 86

The only other time Michael Annett has led laps this season was in the Daytona 500.

Lap 84

Leader is Michael Annett; he did not come to pit road.

Lap 80

Cars coming to pit road for green-flag stops.

Lap 78

Greg Biffle has cleared the debris from his grille, but he had to drop to 13th to do so.

Lap 74

Keselowski dives to the low line and tries to take the lead from Biffle.

Lap 73

Biffle still concerned about debris on grille, unable to dislodge it from his position in the front. Monitoring temperatures.

Lap 71

Among top 10 cars, Chase drivers include: Chase Elliott (2nd), Kurt Busch (3rd), Jimmie Johnson (5th), Brad Keselowski (7th).

Lap 68

Field has gone single-file on high side around the track.

Lap 67

Biffle continues to lead, but he has a large piece of debris on his grill.

Lap 64

Greg Biffle takes the lead after battling back and forth with Chase Eliott and Brad Keselowski for the position.

Lap 60

Bottom three drivers in Chase standings currently are Truex Jr., (out of race), Elliott (third), Hamlin (25th)

Lap 56

Joey Logano has worked his way back into the top 10.

Lap 52

Kevin Harvick has dropped al the way to 31st. Lowest among Chase drivers -- not including three JGR drivers in the rear.

Lap 50

Truex Jr. officially out of the race for engine problem.

Lap 49

Jimmie Johnson has worked his way up to ninth.

Lap 47

Green flag. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is the leader.

Lap 42

Amid all the chaos, NASCAR tried to tell Hamlin it was reviewing his penalty, but he already had come to pit road to serve the pass-through.

Lap 41

Caution. Truex smoking, appears to have lost an engine.

Lap 40

Martin Truex Jr. has smoke coming from left side of car.

Lap 39

Logano returnign to pit road to remove the jack from his car.

Lap 39

Penalty for Denny Hamlin too fast on pit road.

Lap 39

Logano has a jack stuck on his car after pulling off pit road.

Lap 38

47 AJ Allmendinger too fast on pit road, must serve pass-through.

Lap 38

Leaders now coming to pit road.

Lap 37

Austin Dillon blows a tire entering pit road. Takes four new tires.

Lap 37

Cars coming to pit road.

Lap 33

Green flag pit stops coming in next 10 laps or so.

Lap 32

Kevin Harvick has dropped back to 17th, Kurt Busch to 23rd, Truex to 25th and Austin Dillon to 28th.

Lap 29

Meanwhile, JGR drivers about six seconds behind other drivers, Tony Stewart being the next-closest competitor in 36th.

Lap 28

Greg Biffle getting in the action trying to take the lead, now has taken second over Keselowski.

Lap 27

Keselowski and Chase Elliott side-drafting, and Keselowski retakes the lead.

Lap 25

Chase Elliott working to take the lead from Keselowski, they're side-by-side.

Lap 23

Keselowski has some debris on his grill, and is monitoring temperatures in the car.

Lap 21

Truex (6th) and Hamlin (8th) are the only Toyota cars in the top 20.

Lap 19

Three Joe Gibbs Racing cars trying not to stay too far back from the lead group, but also give space in case the "Big One" occurs.

Lap 16

Middle-of-the-pack Chase drivers include Austin Dillon in 17th and Jimmie Johnson in 19th.

Lap 14

Keselowski regains the lead. Chase Elliott has moved up to second.

Lap 12

Truex takes the lead from Keselowski, but they continue to battle.

Lap 9

Cars are beginning to separate into distinct packs, with about 25 in the lead group.

Lap 8

Kenseth, Kyle Busch and Edwards remain last three drivers.

Lap 6

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is in third, Paul Menard is in sixth and Greg Biffle in 10th as non-Chase drivers in top 10.

Lap 2

Kyle Busch, Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards dropped to the back prior to the start in a team decision.

Lap 2

Brad Keselowski takes the lead, already.

Lap 1

Martin Truex Jr. leads the field to the green flag.

Drivers, Start Your Engines

The command for “Drivers, Start Your Engines,” is being delivered by Bobby Allison, four-time Talladega winner and leader of the Alabama Gang.

National Anthem

The national anthem is being performed by the 313th United States Army Brass Quintet from Birmingham, Ala.


The invocation is being delivered by Reverend Billy Dickey, Alabama Raceway Ministry.

Presentation of Colors

The presentation of colors is by the Alabama National Guard

Chase cut

The field for the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup will be cut from 12 to 8 drivers after today's race. The bottom three drivers in the standings entering the race are Denny Hamlin, Brad Keselowski and Chase Elliott.

Defending race winner

Joey Logano is the defending race winner. He starts 16th on the grid today.

Top Five

Rounding out the top five on the grid are Brad Keselowski, Matt Kenneth, Chase Elliott and Greg Biffle.

On the pole

Martin Truex Jr. starts on the pole for this afternoon’s race. It is his first pole at Talladega, and his fourth this season.


Welcome to today’s Lap-by-Lap coverage of the Hellmann’s 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. Today’s race is 188 laps, 500 miles.