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Thank you for joining us for today's New Hampshire race. Join us next weekend at Dover; which will see many of the Chase field in a must-win situation.

Top five

Harvick, Kenseth, Kyle Busch, Keselowski and Kurt Busch.

Lap 200

Kevin Harvick wins at New Hampshire, secures his spot in the Round of 12.

Lap 299

One lap to go with Harvick leading.

Lap 298

Busch around the No. 2 for third.

Lap 297

Harvick hasn't won at Loudon since 2006, as reported by NBCSN.

Lap 296

Keselowski sits in third and Kyle Busch in fourth.

Lap 295

Kenseth is unwilling to let him go as he races on his back bumper.

Lap 294

Harvick takes the lead.

Lap 294

Harvick and Kenseth battling for first.

Lap 294

Kenseth holds onto his lead. Harvick is second.

Lap 294

Green flag! Kenseth leads.

Lap 292

Bowyer is the lucky dog.

Lap 292

McMurray amongst some to pit.

Lap 290

Caution: Stenhouse, Sorenson make contact to bring out the yellow.

Lap 290

Truex now fifth.

Lap 289

Truex dropping. Kenseth holds onto first.

Lap 289

Kenseth and Truex restart 1-2.

Lap 287

The top nine stayed off pit road.

Lap 287

Now Stewart will restart in the lucky dog spot. He is 22nd.

Lap 286

Johnson, Patrick, more on pit road.

Lap 286

The firs half of the race saw just one caution, while the second half has already seen four (as reported by NBCSN).

Lap 285

Bayne's No. 6 limps to pit road.

Lap 284

Dillon is the free pass.

Lap 284

Caution: In Turn 3, Bayne hits the wall hard.

Lap 282

Busch was able to go around Harvick four third.

Lap 281

Edwards, currently, sits below the cutoff. That penalty didn't help.

Lap 281

Busch and Harvick battling for position.

Lap 280

After getting put back on the lead lap, Logano now 17th.

Lap 278

Three Chasers sit a lap down: Dillon, Stewart and Buescher.

Lap 275

Busch around Elliott for fourth.

Lap 274

Top five as they run: Kenseth, Truex, Harvick, Elliott and Kyle Busch.

Lap 273

McMurray looks to take eighth from Keselowski.

Lap 272

Edwards now P20 after his penalty while Hamlin is just ahead of him in 19th.

Lap 271

NASCAR looking at smoke in Turn 2.

Lap 270

Truex continues to take the lead from Kenseth but Kenseth is unwilling to relinquish his lead.

Lap 270

NASCAR reports that the No. 41 is clear.

Lap 269


Lap 269

Green flag! Kenseth maintains his lead.

Lap 268

There are reports of oil coming from the No. 41.

Lap 266

Tony Gibson telling Busch: "The grille is cracked in the center."

Lap 266

Edwards penalized for commitment line violation.

Lap 266

Hamlin penalized for an uncontrolled tire.

Lap 265

Edwards, Kurt Busch and Patrick are some on pit road.

Lap 264

Busch leads some to pit road.

Lap 264

Logano is the free pass.

Lap 263

Caution: McDowell spins and is smoking.

Lap 262

NASCAR looking into McDowell's No. 95, it might have a tire rub.

Lap 262

NASCAR looking into McDowell's No. 95, it might have a tire rub.

Lap 261

Truex already is clinched to the Round of 12 but he's racing Kenseth like he's in a 'must-win' situation.

Lap 260

Harvick took third from Elliott on Lap 257.

Lap 259

Truex is only .10 seconds behind the leader.

Lap 257

Elliott, Kahne, McMurray and Kyle Busch all race in a pack.

Lap 256

Top five as they run: Kenseth, Truex, Elliott, Harvick and Kahne.

Lap 255

Busch and Patrick make some contact.

Lap 254

Harvick looks to take third from Elliott.

Lap 253

Larson brushes the outside wall. No caution.

Lap 252

Truex unwilling to let Kenseth go and the pair race closely.

Lap 251

Elliott and Harvick race third and fourth respectively.

Lap 250

Some tough racing between Kenseth and Truex, but the No. 20 remains P1.

Lap 249

Truex right on Kenseth's back bumper.

Lap 248

Kenseth holds onto his lead.

Lap 248

Kenseth and Truex restart 1-2, bringing the field back to green.

Lap 244

Patrick will now restart eighth.

Lap 243

Kurt Busch: "Season is on the line right here. No biggie."

Lap 242

Johnson also on pit road.

Lap 242

Patrick now on pit road.

Lap 241

Danica, who had yet to pit, was the leader at the time.

Lap 240

Caution: No. 46 of Annett smoking on the track. Blaney is the free pass.

Lap 239

Patrick has yet to pit and is leading some circuits.

Lap 237

Truex close behind Kenseth.

Lap 235

Now Patrick the new leader.

Lap 234

Keselowski is the new leader.

Lap 232

Green flag pit stops are underway.

Lap 231

Next week's Dover race will be the final race in the Round of 16.

Lap 227

After pitting, Logano and Dillon are now two laps down.

Lap 226

Green flag pit stops are expected to happen in about 15 laps or so.

Lap 225

75 laps to go.

Lap 224

A frustrated Stewart: "I'm trying every trick in the book I know." He sits in 18th.

Lap 223

NASCAR looking into reports of debris.

Lap 221

Kahne continues to be the only non-Chaser in the top 10.

Lap 219

Logano now on pit road.

Lap 219

Logano sitting in the lucky dog spot.

Lap 218

Dillon on pit road for tires and fuel.

Lap 217

Kenseth is looking for his third consecutive Loudon win.

Lap 213

Kenseth has 1.1 seconds over Truex.

Lap 210

And Logano and Dillon are now back to being a lap down.

Lap 209

Dillon is reporting debris.

Lap 208

Buescher is the lowest ranked Chaser in 28th and two laps down.

Lap 207

After racing inside the top three for a while, Johnson has now fallen to ninth.

Lap 205

Kenseth hitting some lapped traffic.

Lap 205

Kenseth hitting some lapped traffic.

Lap 203

Chasers Logano, P20, and Dillon, P21, will have to pit soon.

Lap 202

Truex will officially finish the day as the lap leader.

Lap 200

While teammate McMurray is up to 10th, Larson appears to be struggling in 13th.

Lap 200

100 laps to go at Loudon.

Lap 198

Harvick, in third, is running on four fresh tires while Truex, second, only has two.

Lap 197

Top five as they run: Kenseth, Truex, Harvick, Elliott and Busch.

Lap 192

Kahne, P8, the only non-Chase in the top 13.

Lap 192

Harvick took third on Lap 189.

Lap 189

Chip Ganassi teammates Larson and McMurray racing together.

Lap 187

Kahne looks to take seventh from Johnson.

Lap 182

Johnson and Edwards battling for sixth.

Lap 180

Elliott right on Truex's back bumper.

Lap 179

New leader: Kenseth.

Lap 177

Kenseth right on Truex's back bumper. Kenseth has four fresh tires while Truex has only two.

Lap 176

Elliott around Busch for third.

Lap 175

Slight contact between Kahne and McMurray.

Lap 174

Harvick around Edwards for sixth.

Lap 173

Busch and Elliott fighting for third.

Lap 172

Kenseth takes second;

Lap 172

Truex maintains first.

Lap 170

Restart! Both Logano and Dillon didn't pit under caution and took the wave-around.

Lap 168

Truex and Busch first off pit road. Both only took two tires while the rest took four.

Lap 166

Patrick is the free pass.

Lap 165

Caution: Debris on the back straightaway.

Lap 163

Elliott back to fourth as Busch drops to fifth.

Lap 161

Busch up to fourth. Elliott now fifth.

Lap 160

Edwards eyes sixth from Harvick.

Lap 159

Busch takes fifth from Harvick.

Lap 158

Elliott, Harvick and Busch all battling for position.

Lap 157

Chad Knaus tells Johnson that Kenseth has the best car on the track.

Lap 155

Kenseth around Johnson for second.

Lap 153

Josh Wise is back in the race.

Lap 153

We are now three laps past the halfway point.

Lap 152

Polesitter Edwards is currently seventh.

Lap 147

Johnson sits about 1.5 seconds behind Truex.

Lap 145

Kahne, who started at the rear, now sits 12th.

Lap 144

Kenseth around Elliott for third.

Lap 141

Kenseth around Hamlin for fourth.

Lap 140

Logano, P19, sits in the free pass position.

Lap 139

Johnson and Elliott are batting on the track for position.

Lap 136

Joe Gibbs Racing -- with FRR, affiliate -- and Hendrick Motorsports complete the top five.

Lap 135

Busch and Harvick battling for sixth.

Lap 134

Logano battling Blaney for the lucky dog spot.

Lap 133

Kenseth now fifth after Hamlin takes fourth.

Lap 132

Now Elliott around Kenseth for third.

Lap 132

Johnson takes second from Kenseth.

Lap 131

Truex maintains his lead following the restart.

Lap 127

Logano down four spots after that pit stop and still a lap down.

Lap 126

Race off pit road: 78 20 18 48 4 24 19 11 42 1. All took four. Edwards down two spots; Harvick and Elliott up a spot.

Lap 125

Leaders head to pit road.

Lap 125

Allmendinger is the lucky dog.

Lap 124

Caution: Debris going into Turn 1.

Lap 122

Lapped traffic appears to be slowing down Truex a bit -- giving Kenseth some time to catch up.

Lap 119

Kenseth has dramatically decreased the gap between himself and Truex. The pair sit less than a second apart.

Lap 118

Buescher goes two laps down.

Lap 117

This is Logano's home track.

Lap 116

Keselowski could be the next Chase driver to go a lap down. He is the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 114

Logano is the third Chase driver to go a lap down.

Lap 110

Kurt Busch, Stewart, Dillon and Buescher currently sit outside the top-12 on the Grid.

Lap 106

This is the longest green-flag run at Loudon since the Chase has started (previous record was 87 laps), as reported by NBCSN.

Lap 104

There's about a five-second gap between Kenseth, P2, and Busch, P3.

Lap 103

Kahne around Logano for 16th.

Lap 102

The top 10 is only Chase drivers now that Newman has dropped to 11th.

Lap 100

200 laps to go! Truex continues to set the pace here at New Hampshire.

Lap 96

Team Penske sit in 15th (Keselowski) and 16th (Logano).

Lap 93

After starting today 19th, Harvick is already up to sixth.

Lap 92

McMurray around Newman for ninth.

Lap 90

Truex has now led for 55 circuits.

Lap 88

The cycle of green flag pit stops is now complete with Biffle heading to pit road.

Lap 85

Paul Menard, P21, is the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 83

Top five: Truex, Kenesth, Johnson, Busch and Edwards.

Lap 82

Biffle is the only driver in the field who has yet to pit.

Lap 81

Keselowski pits now. Truex back atop the leaderboard.

Lap 79

Keselowski is the new leader. He has yet to pit.

Lap 77

Many Chasers are pitting.

Lap 76

Truex gives up the lead to pit.

Lap 75

Newman gives up eighth and heads to pit road.

Lap 75

Hamlin pits now.

Lap 74

Logano begins the green flag pit stops. He pits for fuel, tires and adjustments.

Lap 73

McDowell, P23, is the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 71

Kenseth has slightly shortened the gap but Truex still leads by 1.6 seconds.

Lap 70

Now both a lap down, Dillon and Buescher will need to bounce back strongly in order to remain in contention for the championship.

Lap 69

Green flag pit stops expected to happen shortly.

Lap 68

Hamlin, P12, is the sole JGR driver outside the top five.

Lap 66

Dillon goes a lap down.

Lap 63

Elliott looks to take fifth from teammate Johnson.

Lap 61

Kenseth took second from teammate Edwards on Lap 59.

Lap 61

But Truex is slowed a bit as he battles his way through lapped traffic.

Lap 60

Truex leads by almost three seconds.

Lap 59

Dillon is close to being put a lap down as well.

Lap 59

Truex puts fellow Chase driver Buescher a lap down.

Lap 56

Kahne continues to make up ground after starting from the rear. He's currently P19 and looking to take more positions.

Lap 53

Newman is the sole non-Chase driver sitting inside the top 10 in eighth.

Lap 50

Truex puts Biffle a lap down.

Lap 48

Both Chip Ganassi entries racing well with Larson in seventh and McMurray in 10th.

Lap 47

Hendrick teammate Johnson and Elliott race together in fifth and sixth, respectively.

Lap 45

In the live Chase update, Harvick now sits above the cutoff position. Kurt Busch drops to P13 on the Grid.

Lap 44

Stewart around Logano for 15th.

Lap 43

Both Team Penske Fords sit outside the top 10 with Keselowski in 13th and Logano, 15th.

Lap 42

Hamlin now P11.

Lap 41

Harvick enters the top 10 for the first time today.

Lap 40

Harvick now up to 11th, inching towards the top 10.

Lap 39

Johnson not willing to let him go as he races closely behind Busch's Toyota.

Lap 38

Busch around Johnson for fourth.

Lap 36

Truex won 123 laps during the July event at the New Hampshire track. His day ended in the 16th position.

Lap 33

Truex now has one second over his competition.

Lap 32

Harvick making up some ground from his 19th-place starting position. He now battles in 12th.

Lap 31

Truex secures his lead with a .5 second gap between his Toyota and Edwards' No. 19.

Lap 31

Leaders are, again, hitting some lapped traffic.

Lap 30

New leader: Truex.

Lap 30

Seven Chasers currently outside the top 10.

Lap 29

Top five as they run: Edwards, Truex, Kenseth, Johnson and Kyle Busch.

Lap 28

We can't carry any speed to the center and rotate," Blaney tells his team. He sits 19th.

Lap 25

Johnson and Larson battling for fourth.

Lap 23

After starting third, Newman down to eighth.

Lap 22

JGR owns the current top three. Edwards is first, Truex sits second and Kenseth up to third. Truex races for the organization's affiliate, Furniture Row Racing.

Lap 20

Edwards hitting some lapped traffic.

Lap 20

Truex has closed the gap between himself and Edwards.

Lap 19

After starting from the rear, Kahne has already moved up to 25th.

Lap 18

Drivers complaining of debris on the track. Could be due to the wind. We are still green.

Lap 16

It seems that the No. 3 team of Dillon is having audio issues on their radio.

Lap 15

Alex Bowman, who is subbing for Dale Earnhardt Jr., sits 12th in the No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports Chevy.

Lap 14

Edwards has roughly .5 seconds over Truex.

Lap 12

Harvick (P15), Stewart (P17), Buescher (P25) and Dillon (P30) are the lowest ranked Chase drivers currently on the leaderboard.

Lap 11

Keselowski eyes 11th from Kurt Busch.

Lap 10

After starting 29th, Dillon has dropped to 30th.

Lap 9

And it's Kenseth who takes fourth. Larson now P5.

Lap 9

Larson and Kenseth battle for fourth.

Lap 8

Kyle Busch takes seventh from Elliott.

Lap 7

Hamlin: "Tell the No. 20 to check his left rear, I ran into it."

Lap 7

Newman, Elliott and Kyle Busch all battling for sixth.

Lap 6

SHR teammates -- and Chase contenders -- Harvick and Stewart race together in 17th and 18th, respectively.

Lap 5

After starting seventh, McMurray now sits in 10th.

Lap 4

Now Elliott looks to pass Newman for sixth.

Lap 3

Defending race winner Kenseth around Newman for fifth.

Lap 3

Larson racing on Johnson's back bumper in a battle for third.

Lap 3

Larson trails Johnson in fourth.

Lap 2

Johnson moves up to third, Newman has dropped a few spots.

Lap 1

Carl Edwards maintains his lead following the start. Truex still P2.

2:16:00 p.m.

Start of the Bad Boy off Road 300 (300 laps, 317.4 miles).

2:07:30 p.m.

"Drivers, Start Your Engines" by: Kevin Holleran, President & CEO of Textron Specialized Vehicles.

2:02:30 p.m.

Fly-By TOT: 2 F-15C Eagles from the 104 Fighter Wing out of Barnes Air National Guard Base -Westfield, MA.

2:01:00 p.m.

National Anthem: Daniel M. Clark, US Marine Corps Veteran and retired Massachusetts State Trooper.

2:00:20 p.m.

Invocation by: Dustin Pari, Actor on show "Ghost Hunters."

2:00:00 p.m.

Presentation of Colors by: New Hampshire State Police Honor Guard & Combined Services Military Color Guard.

1:58:15 p.m.

Canadian National Anthem by: Kirk Young.

To the rear

The No. 5 of Kasey Kahne to the rear for unapproved adjustments.

Chase Grid update

Truex, Keselowski, Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin take up the top-four spots on the Grid.

Chase Grid update

Here are the four Chasers that enter today's race below the cutoff: Dillon, Harvick, Larson and Buescher.

Where the Chasers are starting

Here's where the rest of the Chase field will lineup: Kyle Larson (P6), Jamie McMurray (P7), Chase Elliott (P10), Brad Keselowski (P11), Kyle Busch (P12), Kurt Busch (P13), Joey Logano (P15), Kevin Harvick (P19), Tony Stewart (P22), Chris Buescher (P28) and Austin Dillon (P29).

Defending race winner

JGR's Matt Kenseth, who is starting eighth today, has won the last two New Hampshire races.

Top five

Ryan Newman, Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin complete the starting top five.

On the pole

Pole winner Carl Edwards lines up alongside Truex in the No. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota. This marks Edwards sixth start on the pole this season.

Chase update

Last weekend's playoff opener at Chicagoland Speedway saw Martin Truex Jr. wheel his No. 78 Toyota to Victory Lane, securing a spot in the Round of 12. Today, he will start on the front row, but in second.


Welcome to today's Sprint Cup Series event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Today marks the second race in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.