Generation-6 car: Toyota Camry

January 03, 2013,

Nearly two years in the making, the 2013 Generation-6 Sprint Cup cars more closely resemble those found on the showroom floor, with eye-catching bodylines and stylish features giving each model its distinctive appearance.

With safety in mind, additions of forward roof bar and center roof support bar to the roll cage reinforce integrity and increase the crush structure of the roof. Larger roof flaps improve liftoff numbers and decrease the likelihood of the car becoming airborne.

Other models: Chevrolet SS | Ford Fusion

The car’s weight has been reduced by 160 pounds (100 less on right side; 60 pounds on left), and minimum weight of driver has also decreased from 200 to 180 pounds.

In a personal touch of sorts, driver names will be featured on the upper portion of the windshield; sponsor decals and car numbers have been removed from headlight and taillight areas and now appear on front and rear bumpers. Also, a single sponsor logo will be permitted on the roof of the cars.

Manufacturers were given enough leeway so that the Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and Chevrolet SS stand apart from each other.

The Toyota Camry’s most recognizable update is a new front-grill area that perfectly matches the production model, and distinct character lines down the side of the vehicle.

An updated rear bumper completes the classic Toyota look.