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Thank you for joining us today at Charlotte Motor Speedway. We return to the track tomorrow for the Sprint Cup marathon event -- the Coca-Cola 600.

Lap 205

Top 10: Hamlin, Austin Dillon, Logano, Custer, Allgaier, Larson, Brandon Jones, Ty Dillon, Poole, Gaughan.

Lap 205

Hamlin wins at Charlotte.

Lap 205

Larson in the wall, smoking.

Lap 205

Hamlin takes the lead.

Lap 204

Hamlin moves up to second.

Lap 204

Logano takes first.

Lap 204


Lap 204

Larson and Logano lead the field to overtime.

Lap 200

Hamlin, Dillon amongst some pitting. Larson and Logano stay out.

Lap 199

We will go into overtime now.

Lap 198

Caution: Erik Jones with a blown tire after contact with the wall.

Lap 197

Larson has about .7 seconds on Logano.

Lap 196

No caution yet for Blaney.

Lap 196

Blaney is having some issues with a tire down.

Lap 195

Hamlin has moved up to third.

Lap 194

Larson and Logano are battling it out amongst lapped traffic.

Lap 193

Larson takes the lead.

Lap 192

Larson has caught Logano.

Lap 190

Larson continues to ride the high line as he chases after the Team Penske wheelman.

Lap 188

Hamlin has Blaney in his sights.

Lap 187

Hamlin moves up to fourth while Dillon is now fifth.

Lap 183

As Logano hits traffic, Larson closes the gap -- riding the high line.

Lap 182

Logano is hitting some lapped traffic.

Lap 182

Hamlin continues to propel his entry around the track at a blistering pace as he looks ahead to Dillon in fourth.

Lap 180

The No. 25 of Timmy Hill heads to the garage.

Lap 179

Hamlin around Custer for fifth.

Lap 176

Hamlin takes sixth.

Lap 175

Hamlin on the back bumper of Custer.

Lap 173

Logano has more than a second over his competition.

Lap 172

Dillon around Custer for fourth.

Lap 171

Dillon eyes fourth from Custer.

Lap 170

Defending race winner Dillon sitting in fifth.

Lap 169

Larson now sits almost one second behind Logano who continues to set a blistering pace around the 1.5-mile track.

Lap 168

Erik Jones continues to race in the lucky dog spot.

Lap 167

Hamlin up to eighth.

Lap 166

Blaney racing strong in third.

Lap 165

Hamlin is racing hard to get back into the top 10.

Lap 165

Logano up to first.

Lap 164

Custer up to fourth.

Lap 163

Logano racing closely behind Larson.

Lap 163

Larson holds onto his lead.

Lap 163

Larson and Logano restart on the front row, taking the field to what could be the final green flag of today's race.

Lap 162

Penalty: The No. 90 of Martin Roy over the wall too soon.

Lap 161

Hamlin has led the most laps today.

Lap 161

Blake Koch penalized for crew over the wall too soon.

Lap 160

Hamlin penalized for an uncontrolled tire. He will restart to the rear.

Lap 160

Race off pit road: 42 22 18 12 88 48 2 7 43 19.

Lap 160

Leaders head to pit road for tires and fuel.

Lap 159

Garrett Smithley is the beneficiary

Lap 157

Ty Dillon was on pit road so he will lose some spots.

Lap 156

Caution: Debris in Turn 4.

Lap 155

Green flag pit stops are underway.

Lap 154

Derrike Cope back in the race.

Lap 151

Larson retakes the lead.

Lap 147

Larson has caught up to Logano.

Lap 141

Jones continues to race in the beneficiary spot.

Lap 140

Larson sits about half a second behind Logano.

Lap 139

Top three: Logano, Larson, Blaney.

Lap 136

Derrike Cope has a flat tire. We remain green at CMS.

Lap 132

Jones is sitting in the lucky dog spot.

Lap 131

This is only Cole Custer's second XFINITY Series start. He sits amongst many veterans in sixth.

Lap 127

After restarting first, Hamlin now sits in fourth.

Lap 125

Blaney has moved up to third.

Lap 124

Blaney is behind them in fourth.

Lap 123

Hamlin and Larson are having an intense battle for second.

Lap 121

Larson up to second as Hamlin loses two spots.

Lap 120

Logano takes the lead.

Lap 120

It's Hamlin and Logano fighting for the lead.

Lap 120

Hamlin restarts, again, in the lead position -- with Larson beside him in second.

Lap 119

Wallace penalized for too many crew members over the wall. Sadler penalized as well.

Lap 117

Suarez amongst some drivers on pit road.

Lap 116

Poole receives another penalty for removing equipment.

Lap 116

Sadler penalty prior to this caution for driving thru too many pit boxes.

Lap 115

Caution: For debris on pit road (Poole's fuel can).

Lap 115

Brennan Poole penalized for leaving pit road with the fuel can.

Lap 113

Blaney gives up the lead as he heads to pit road now.

Lap 113

Blaney is the new leader.

Lap 113

Larson follows Hamlin and wheels his No. 42 to pit road.

Lap 112

Hamlin on pit road for fresh tires.

Lap 111

Elliott Sadler having some issues with his No. 1. He wheels his entry to pit road.

Lap 109

Hamlin closing the gap.

Lap 108

Larson now leads by more than a second.

Lap 104

Larson continues to lead with Hamlin trailing behind him.

Lap 102

20 cars on the lead lap with Dakoda Armstrong sitting in the lucky dog spot.

Lap 100

We are halfway.

Lap 100

The No. 74 is back in the garage.

Lap 99

Hamlin still close behind Larson.

Lap 98

Larson takes the lead for the first time today.

Lap 97

The leaders are hitting lapped traffic now.

Lap 96

Larson around Blaney for second.

Lap 95

The top three are all racing in a pack.

Lap 93

Blaney riding on the back bumper of Hamlin's No. 18.

Lap 92

NASCAR orders the No. 74 of Mike Harmon to pick up speed.

Lap 88

Larson around Logano for third.

Lap 87

Top five as they run: Hamlin, Blaney, Logano, Larson and Dillon.

Lap 86

The No. 14 of Jeff Green is in the garage.

Lap 85

The No. 6 of Wallace penalized for speeding on pit road.

Lap 82

30 cars are on the lead lap.

Lap 81

Wallace now sits a lap down.

Lap 80

Dillon looks to take fifth from Larson.

Lap 80

Blaney continues to chase after Hamlin.

Lap 79

Wallace wheels his No. 6 to pit road. We are still green.

Lap 78

Wallace caught the wall while running seventh.

Lap 77

Dillon swept last year's Charlotte races. He is currently fourth.

Lap 76

Larson around Allgaier for fifth.

Lap 75

Larson started ninth and now racing in sixth.

Lap 74

NASCAR declares restart good.

Lap 73

Wallace has lost some spots and sits in sixth.

Lap 73

Top three: Hamlin, Blaney, Logano.

Lap 72

Restart under review.

Lap 72

We are three-wide at the restart.

Lap 72

Hamlin and Logano restart on the front row.

Lap 63

Reed's No. 16 on pit road. Gallagher is the beneficiary.

Lap 62

Caution: Reed smoking in Turn 4.

Lap 62

Logano around Chastain for second.

Lap 61

Hamlin back atop the leaderboard.

Lap 60

Chastain is leading, but with Hamlin right on his rear.

Lap 60

Ryan Reed is smoking on the track. We are still green.

Lap 59

Both Hamlin and Logano, who have four fresh tires, are inching towards the leaders.

Lap 59

Chastain fighting Bubba for the lead.

Lap 59

Wallace and Ross Chastain, who both stayed out, lead the field to the green.

Lap 57

Larson lost some spot due to lug nut issues.

Lap 57

No. 21 penalized for pitting too soon.

Lap 56

Dillon was the only one to take two tires. Bubba Wallace stayed out so he will lead.

Lap 56

Race off pit road: 2 18 7 12 22 44 62 3.

Lap 56

The field is on pit road for tires and fuel.

Lap 53

Caution: The No. 21 of Spencer Gallagher into the wall.

Lap 53

Cole Custer is losing some spots.

Lap 52

Brandon Jones has entered the top five.

Lap 51

Logano takes third.

Lap 50

Blaney has moved up to second as Hamlin dropped two spots to third.

Lap 50

Larson takes the lead.

Lap 50

Hamlin leads the field back to the green.

Lap 48

The No. 90 penalized on pit road. Jones was also penalized.

Lap 44

That was the third spin of the day in Turn 4.

Lap 44

The lucky dog Suarez now back on the lead lap.

Lap 43

Caution: The No. 90 of Martin Roy spins.

Lap 43

Blaney fighting Allgaier for third.

Lap 42

Larson gets back to second.

Lap 42

Larson struggles during that restart and falls to third. Allgaier moves up to second

Lap 42

This time Larson joins Hamlin on the front row as we return to racing after that lengthy caution.

Lap 38

Many teams coming down pit road to top off fuel.

Lap 37

Cole Custer amongst a few drivers on pit road.

Lap 35

NASCAR trying to sort the running order right now under the yellow.

Lap 34

NASCAR officials continue to clean up the track .

Lap 33

"We have huge problems," Jones telling his team.

Lap 30

The No. 07 team of Ray Black Jr. says a rear oil line broke on the car; which might have been the cause of this caution.

Lap 29

Sadler and Suarez currently top XFINITY standings -- With Sadler sitting up front and Suarez in the runner-up spot.

Lap 29

"The right rear feels like it's been shoved back six inches," Jones tells his team.

Lap 28

Ray Black Jr. is in the garage under the yellow.

Lap 28

Jones on pit road as well.

Lap 27

Prior to the caution, Hamlin was complaining of oil on the track. Suarez is currently on pit road with heavy damage to his Toyota.

Lap 26

Jones got loose and hit the wall. Suarez, right behind him, got loose and spun on the track. Sadler then got into the spinning Suarez.

Lap 25

Caution: Crash between Suarez, Jones and Sadler.

Lap 25

Jones goes around Larson for second.

Lap 25

Hamlin has about half a second on his competition.

Lap 24

The No. 25 of Timmy Hill wheels his entry to the garage.

Lap 23

Top five as they run: Hamlin, Larson, Jones, Logano and Suarez.

Lap 21

Suarez lost some spots again after the restart.

Lap 20

Larson has moved up to second while Jones lost a spot and sits in third.

Lap 20

We are three-wide!

Lap 19

JGR's Hamlin and Jones restart on the front row after today's first yellow.

Lap 18

The No. 28 of Dakoda Armstrong penalized for too many men over the wall too soon. Mike Harmon was the beneficiary.

Lap 17

Hamlin wins the race off pit road.

Lap 16

Pit road is open and that's where the leaders go.

Lap 13

Caution: The No. 15 of Cody Ware is smoking on the track.

Lap 13

Denny Hamlin takes the lead from Jones.

Lap 12

Cole Custer, sitting in 10th, is reporting that his entry is loose.

Lap 11

Ty Dillon has lost five spots after starting 10th.

Lap 10

Ryan Blaney has moved up three spots since starting 13th.

Lap 9

Brandon Jones got a bit loose on Turn 2, making slight contact with the No. 7 of Justin Allgaier. Allgaier brushed the wall after the contact.

Lap 7

The No. 10 of Matt DiBenedetto is in the garage.

Lap 5

"Don't know what's going on. Don't know if I have a flat or what's going on," reports Elliott Sadler in seventh.

Lap 4

Drivers are already reporting that they're loose.

Lap 3

After starting seventh, Joey Logano now sits competitively in fourth.

Lap 2

Suarez fighting for fifth with Austin Dillon.

Lap 1

Daniel Suarez dropped from second to sixth after the start. Denny Hamlin sits in second with Larson in third.

Lap 1

Jones has a strong start to maintain his lead.

2:46:00 p.m.

Start of the Hisense 4K TV 300 (200 laps, 300 miles).

2:37:30 p.m.

"Drivers, Start Your Engines" by: Boys & Girls Club of Cabarrus County.

2:31:00 p.m.

National Anthem by: Colby Bell.

2:30:15 p.m.

Invocation by: Billy Mauldin.

2:30:00 p.m.

Presentation of Colors by: UNCC Air Force ROTC Detachment Color Guard.

2:28:45 p.m.

God Bless America by: Danielle Johnson Speedway Superstar.

Top five

The No. 42 Chevrolet of Kyle Larson rounds out the starting top five.

P3, P4

Denny Hamlin and defending race winner Austin Dillon are starting on the second row in third and fourth, respectively. Hamlin earned the runner-up position during last year's race.


Lining up next to Jones is his JGR teammate Daniel Suarez in the No. 19 Toyota. Suarez came in second on the speed charts during qualifying.

On the pole

Erik Jones earned his fourth 21 Means 21 Pole Award of the 2016 XFINITY Series season. The Joe Gibbs Racing wheelman will lead the field to the green.

2:05 p.m.

NXS Drivers Introductions with NASCAR Special Awards.


Welcome to this week's Lap-by-Lap. Today we are at sunny Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Hisense 4K TV 300 (200 laps, 300 miles).