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Lap 260

Top 10: Blaney, Smith, Scott, Dillon, Gaughan, Suarez, Jones Sadler, Elliott and Chastain

Lap 260

Blaney wins the U.S. Cellular 250 presented by New Holland with smoke coming out of the back of his No. 22 Ford

Lap 259

Dillon battles Scott for third

Lap 259

Ryan Blaney, yet again, takes the field the green after tonight's eighth caution

Lap 256

Buescher on pit road; Poole also involved in this caution-causing wreck

Lap 254

Caution flag: Chris Buescher and more make contact and spin

Lap 254

Ryan Blaney takes the field to a green-white checkered flag after the caution

Lap 250

Chris Buescher was also involved in wreck, no apparent damage to his No. 60 Ford

Lap 248

This caution brings out the green-white checkered

Lap 247

Caution: Darrell Wallace Jr., Kenny Wallace make contact and spin

Lap 247

Suarez and Ty Dillon are battling for seventh

Lap 246

Blaney holds off Gaughan

Lap 245

Gaughan and Blaney are fighting for first

Lap 245

Blaney leads the field back to green after the restart

Lap 240

Elliott Sadler got into Ben Rhodes, causing him to spin

Lap 240

Caution: Ben Rhodes spins

Lap 239

Gaughan and Jones are battling for second

Lap 238

Suarez is fighting back from his caution earlier, currently in tenth

Lap 238

Top three: Blaney, Gaughan and Erik Jones

Lap 236

Blaney keeps his lead with a strong restart

Lap 236

Ryan Blaney, again, takes the field to the green flag after tonight's fifth caution

Lap 233

Both Elliott and Jones are both now on pit road

Lap 232

Elliott: "I'm pretty upset right now. That's all I'm going to say"

Lap 231

There is rear damage on Brandon Jones car after a battle with Elliott

Lap 228

Caution flag: Elliott and Brandon Jones make contact and spin

Lap 227

Buescher and Elliott battle side-by-side for 7th

Lap 224

Scott and Erik Jones are having a tough battle for fourth

Lap 224

Poole is riding closely behind Sadler, fighting for eighth

Lap 220

Elliott, Scott and Jones are all racing hard in a pack

Lap 219

Chase Elliott and Brian Scott are battling in fourth and fifth

Lap 218

Suarez is fighting hard in the 14th spot

Lap 215

Brendan Gaughan is chasing Blaney, eyes first

Lap 214

Top three: Blaney, Elliott, Smith


Ryan Blaney leads the field back to green

Lap 213

Rhodes is the beneficiary of the free pass

Lap 212

Wallace made contact with Conley before spinning on the turn

Lap 210

Caution flag: Kenny Wallace spins coming off Turn 2

Lap 209

Chase Elliott lead's the field back to green after tonight's third caution

Lap 208

Race off pit road: 9 22 7 62 60 2 3 54 42 1

Lap 206

Lupton is now on pit road after his spin

Lap 205

Leaders head to pit road for tires and fuel

Lap 203

Caution flag: Dylan Lupton spins

Lap 202

Elliott and Gaughan are racing side-by-side

Lap 200

Brendan Gaughan is now chasing second, rides closely behind Chase Elliott

Lap 199

Gaughan takes third

Lap 197

Chase Elliott and Brendan Gaughan are fighting for third, battling side-by-side

Lap 195

Blaney has a 1.4 second lead, sits comfortably in the first position

Lap 193

Erik Jones, Darrell Wallace Jr., Elliott Sadler are fighting for 11th in a tight pack

Lap 186

Current top five: Blaney, Smith, Elliott, Gaughan and Buescher

Lap 180

Gaughan got a bit loose on the turn

Lap 178

There are 15 cars on the lead lap

Lap 176

Chase Elliott is able to hold off Gaughan

Lap 175

Elliott and Gaughan are fighting for third

Lap 167

Kenny Wallace, who was in 12th for a while, is now sitting in the ninth position

Lap 163

Brendan Gaughan, Buescher and Elliott are in a three-way battle

Lap 161

Chase Elliott started 12th and is now sitting in third

Lap 160

Chris Buescher and Chase Elliott are battling for third

Lap 155

Smith, Slliott, Buescher racing in a pack in the third, fourth and fifth positions

Lap 154

Elliott riding closely behind Smith

Lap 152

Top three: Smith, Blaney, Elliott

Lap 151

Regan Smith leads the field back to green after winning the battle off pit road

Lap 149

Clements gets penalty for speeding on pit road

Lap 149

Bubba Wallace has some damage after wreck with Erik Jones

Lap 147

Race off pit road: 7 22 60 9 2 62 3 33 20 1

Lap 147

Jones was hit by Wallace Jr., causing him to spin at the entrance of pit road

Lap 146

Erik Jones crashed by the entrance of pit road

Lap 145

Self is getting his tires checked out on pit road

Lap 145

Caution flag

Lap 144

Michael Self is having car troubles and heads to pit road

Lap 140

Erik Jones takes fourth, Wallace Jr. drops to fifth

Lap 139

Brandon Jones and Brennan Poole are battling for tenth

Lap 133

Erik Jones cracks into the top five after starting the race in the last position

Lap 132

There are 16 cars currently on the lead lap

Lap 129

Brendan Gaughan has slipped to the sixth spot

Lap 122

Regan Smith and Chris Buescher are fighting for third

Lap 121

Suarez went past Lupton to get into beneficiary position, 18th place and the first car one lap down.

Lap 119

Kenny Wallace sits in the 12th spot just behind Brennan Poole

Lap 117

Suarez is one lap down after tire issues

Lap 117

Gaughan eyes the fourth spot from Wallace Jr.

Lap 114

Blaney has a one second lead over Regan Smith

Lap 112

Top 10: Blaney, Smith, Buescher, Wallace Jr., Gaughan, Erik Jones, Elliott, Scott, Dillon and Brandon Jones

Lap 108

Brendan Gaughan has now fallen to fifth

Lap 107

Chris Buescher now sits in the third spot

Lap 106

There is no damage for Suarez's car after a shredded tire

Lap 105

Smith is now in second and Brendan Gaughan rounds out the top three

Lap 102

Suarez says he believes it is tire issues, on pit road for four new tires

Lap 102

Suarez on pit road after car troubles

Lap 100

Suarez and Smith are closing the gap between themselves and first place, Blaney

Lap 99

Suarez takes second from Smith, who now sits in third

Lap 98

Suarez and Smith are battling for second

Lap 97

Ben Rhodes heads to pit road with a loose wheel

Lap 95

Top five: Blaney, Smith, Gaughan, Suarez, Wallace Jr.

Lap 93

Darrell Wallace Jr., Suarez and Buescher are all battling for fourth

Lap 92

Chris Buescher takes fifth from Suarez

Lap 86

Bubba Wallace is riding really closely to the back of Brendan Gaughan's No. 62 Chevrolet

Lap 85

Jones and Chase Elliott battle side-by-side for seventh

Lap 85

Suarez sits in the fifth spot

Lap 83

Darrell Wallace Jr. takes third from Gaughan

Lap 83

Top three: Ryan Blaney, Regan Smith and Brendan Gaughan

Lap 82

Blaney leads the field to green after tonight's first caution

Lap 82

Michael Self is the beneficiary of the green flag

Lap 77

Race off pit road: 22 7 18 62 60 6 3 9 33 88

Lap 77

Drivers head to pit road for fuel and tires

Lap 76

Caution flag: Debris between Turns 1 and 2

Lap 72

Suarez says his No. 18 is "tight in the center and loose off"

Lap 69

XFINITY Series points leader sits comfortably in the third spot

Lap 67

Darrell Wallace Jr. says he has no grip and is battling issues with his car being too tight

Lap 66

Brandon Jones closing the gap between himself and Darrell Wallace Jr. for sixth

Lap 62

Daniel Suarez is battling traffic as he chases Blaney for first

Lap 61

At 61 laps, this is the second longest green flag at Iowa

Lap 55

Erik Jones heard saying, "The steering is so heavy on this thing. I can't feel the limit on the front tires"

Lap 53

Chris Buescher now sits in third while Brendan Gaughan falls to fourth

Lap 52

10th place, Brian Scott says, "Need more front end grip. My adjustment needs to be for front turn"

Lap 50

Suarez is closing the gap between him and Blaney

Lap 49

Darrell Wallace Jr. and Regan Smith are racing for fifth

Lap 47

There are 23 cars on the lead lap

Lap 44

Ryan Blaney has a 1.7 second lead over Suarez

Lap 43

Sadler is P14 right now after 43 laps at Iowa

Lap 40

Top three: Blaney, Suarez, Gaughan

Lap 35

Wallace and Rhodes are battling for 12th

Lap 34

Jones takes 15th from Sieg

Lap 32

Erik Jones rides close to Ryan Sieg, chases the 15th spot

Lap 31

Elliott Sadler, currently in 14th, says his car is too tight on turns 1 and 2

Lap 29

Brendan Gaughan tells crew chief that is front tire "feels like crap"

Lap 19

Suarez is gaining on Blaney

Lap 18

Bubba Wallace sits comfortably in the fifth spot

Lap 16

Teammates Jones and Ty Dillon are battling for eighth

Lap 15

Blaney has now led for a total of 14 laps

Lap 13

Chase Elliott, Brian Scott and Kenny Wallace are racing in a tight pack with Elliott leading in tenth

Lap 12

Smith takes sixth from Jones

Lap 11

Smith and Brandon Jones are battling side-by-side for sixth

Lap 9

Erik Jones currently sits in 26th after racing today in the Truck Series at Pocono

Lap 8

Kenny Wallace, Chase Elliott, Brennan Poole and Brian Scott are all racing in a tight pack

Lap 6

Chase Elliott and Poole are battling side-by-side

Lap 5

Kenny Wallace takes ninth from Chase Elliott

Lap 1

Blaney takes second from Suarez

Lap 1

Daniel Suarez and Ryan Blaney are battling for first

8:15 p.m.

Start of U.S. Cellular 250 presented by New Holland (250 laps, 218.75 miles)

8:07:30 p.m.

"Drivers, Start Your Engines" by: Grant Leech, U.S. Cellular Vice President -- Brand Management

8:02:30 p.m.

Flyover TOT: RC-135, 55th Wing, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska (Turn 4 to Turn 1)

8:01 p.m.

National Anthem: Maddie Walker, Ankeny, Iowa

8:01 p.m.

National Anthem: Maddie Walker, Ankeny, Iowa

8:00:20 p.m.

Invocation by: Aaron Loree, Iowa Speedway Ministries

8 p.m.

Presentation of Colors: Iowa National Guard

Kenny Wallace

And in a field-filled with rookies, veteran Kenny Wallace is searching for his 10th career win at Iowa Speedway. After tonight’s race Wallace will be hanging up his racing gloves and stepping into retirement as he pursues a career in broadcasting

Top five

Rounding out the top five is: Brendan Gaughan, Brandon Jones and Erik Jones


Joining Suarez on the front row is Ryan Blaney, who finished second during qualifying


Pole winner, Daniel Suarez will lead the field to green tonight after securing the qualifying win in just the final 30 seconds of the session

7:35 p.m.

Driver Introductions with NASCAR Special Awards

7:30 p.m.

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Thank you for joining us for this week’s lap-by-lap for the U.S. Cellular 250 presented by New Holland at Iowa Speedway.