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2015 All Pit Road Team as voted by peers

When we started the All Pit Road Team four years ago we wanted to make it as legitimate as possible. We wanted pit crew members to vote on who they thought were the best of the best. This year we changed it up and only members of the 16 Chase pit crews were eligible for the awards. We had the best turnout in voting since we started. We had over 1,730 total votes cast among all the positions. The position votes were as tight as they've ever been. Congratulations to everyone who won.

Front Tire Changer
First Team: No. 19 Clay Robinson (40)
Second Team: No. 11 Dustin Necaise (33)
Third Team: No. 48 Cam Waugh (26)
Honorable Mention: No. 41 Shane Pipala (21)

Front Tire Carrier
First Team: No. 22 Dylan Dowell (32)
Second Team: No. 19 Kevin Harris (30)
Third Team: No. 2 Jeremy Ogles (23)
Honorable Mention: No. 20 Joe Crossen (19)

First Team: No. 11 Nate Bolling (36)
Second Team: No. 22 Ray Gallahan (29)
Third Team: No. 2 Braxton Brannon (28)
Honorable Mention: No. 19 Trey Burklin (22)

Rear Changer
First Team: No. 11 Mike Hicks (48)
Second Team: No. 18 Jake Seminara (26)
Third Team: No. 4  Daniel Smith (25)
Honorable Mention: No. 22 Zach Price (23)

Rear Tire Carrier
First Team: No. 19 Matt Ver Meer (34)
Second Team: No. 11 Heath Cherry (30)
Third Team: No. 18 Kenny Barber (24)
Honorable Mention: No. 4  Mike Morneau (23)

First Team: No. 22 Kellen Mills (28)
Second Team: No. 4 Justin White (27)
Third Team: No. 11 Caleb Hurd (25)
Honorable Mention: No. 48 Brandon Harder (23)

Trent Cherry: Team Penske (30)
Mike Lepp: JGR (24)
Joe Piette: SHR (22)

Crew -- voted on by crewmen
Denny Hamlin, JGR No. 11

Crew -- voted on by crew chiefs (Mechanix Wear Award)
Kurt Busch, SHR No. 41

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