Minute-by-Minute blog: Relive Kentucky race day

June 29, 2013, Staff report, NASCAR.com

Kenseth wins the Quaker State 400

3:53 p.m. ET: The pony goes to Matt Kenseth! Thanks for joining us.

3:45 p.m. ET: Press Pass will be live soon with race-winner Matt Kenseth.

3:43 p.m. ET: Our standings are now updated. Top five remains the same; Earnhardt, Kyle Busch move up one spot to claim sixth and seventh. Biffle takes a tumble to ninth. Joey Logano makes the biggest jump of the week to sneak into the top 10.

3:38 p.m. ET: Full results from the race are now live here.

3:33 p.m. ET: It's been a good season for Matt Kenseth. This marks his fourth win of the year; his first at Kentucky.

3:28 p.m. ET: Matt Kenseth has won the Quaker State 400. Unofficial top ten: Kenseth-McMurray-Bowyer-Logano-Kyle Busch-Kurt Busch-Truex-Gordon-Johnson-Harvick.

3:26 p.m. ET: Five laps left. Kenseth still leads.

3:25 p.m. ET: In case you missed it, here's the restart that sent Johnson spinning.

3:23 p.m. ET: With ten laps to go, top ten is Kenseth, Bowyer, McMurray, Logano, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Truex, Gordon, Harvick, Johnson.

3:22 p.m. ET: Johnson is fighting his way up the leaderboard. Restarted P22, already up to p13.

3:19 p.m. ET: Green flag. On restart, Matt Kenseth leads Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer and Carl Edwards in the top five.

3:16 p.m. ET: Johnson heads down pit road for new tires while the caution flag still flies.

3:14 p.m. ET: Caution flag comes back out on the restart as Jimmie Johnson spins out, but saves it before going into the wall.

3:10 p.m. ET: The big question: How many tires?

3:06 p.m. ET: Brian Vickers hits the wall, bringing out caution 10. Green flag pit stops had not yet started.

3:04 p.m. ET: Reports that the track is heating up and becoming more slick. Gordon up to seventh.

2:59 p.m. ET: Biffle and Keselowski are trying to minimze points damage from wreck as much as possible.

2:54 p.m. ET: With 50 laps to go, top ten is Johnson, Logano, Bowyer, Kenseth, Vickers, Kyle Busch, McMurray, Edwards, Kahne and Gordon.

2:51 p.m. ET: With weather looking like less of a threat, teams are focusing on fuel strategy.

2:46 p.m. ET: Back under green, Johnson, Vickers, Logano, Kenseth, Bowyer hold the top of the leaderboard.

2:45 p.m. ET: Hamlin update: Driver released from the infield care center, says he is feeling better now.

2:42 p.m. ET: Lots of cars pitting under caution.

2:39 p.m. ET: Caution is out for debris on lap 195.

2:35 p.m. ET: Keselowski will serve a penalty for speeding down pit road.

2:33 p.m. ET: Rumors on Twitter that Hamlin appeared in pain when traveling to the care center. Will keep an eye out for updates.

2:26 p.m. ET: Greg Biffle is heading back out onto the track. Keselowski team also back on track.

2:24 p.m. ET: Current top 10: Johnson, Edwards, Kenseth, Bowyer, Logano, Truex, McMurray, Newman, Kyle Busch, Allmendinger. Pole-sitter Dale Earnhardt Jr. in 16th.

2:19 p.m. ET: See Denny Hamlin bring out his second caution of the race in the video below.

2:17 p.m. ET: Back to green, we're seeing Edwards, Johnson, Logano, Bowyer and Kenseth in the top five.

2:14 p.m. ET: Jeff Gordon gets the free pass on this caution. Looks like Bowyer took a hard bump from Kenseth on pit road.

2:10 p.m. ET: Cars heading down pit road under yellow. Hamlin heads to the garage.

2:08 p.m. ET: Denny Hamlin brings out the caution as his makes contact with the wall. He's able to drive to pit road.

2:05 p.m. ET: Here's how some cars are handling at this point.

2:03 p.m. ET: Halfway through the race, Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano, Clint Bowyer, Denny Hamlin and Matt Kenseth make up the top five.

1:59 p.m. ET: Stewart still having problems. Currently the last car on the lead lap.

1:54 p.m. ET: And still falling.

1:50 p.m. ET: On restart, Johnson, Busch, Logano, Bowyer, Stewart.

1:46 p.m. ET: Several cars getting tires and adjustments under yellow.

1:43 p.m. ET: Caution out again for Debris in Turn 1. Leaders coming down pit road; Johnson, Busch stay out.

1:38 p.m. ET: Matt Kenseth takes the lead, Kyle Busch takes second on the outside. Johnson in third, Bowyer fourth and Stewart fifth.

1:35 p.m. ET: Going back to green, we've got Johnson, Kenseth, Bowyer, Kyle Busch, and Newman.

1:29 p.m. ET: Caution comes out for debris off David Gilliland's car as green flag pit stops begin. Here are a few pit road updates.

1:26 p.m. ET: Would be impressive if this car could make it back onto the track.

1:22 p.m. ET: Teams anticipating green flag pit stops.

1:15 p.m. ET: More video: Hamlin's lost tire hits Earnhardt, Johnson.

1:13 p.m. ET: Back under green, Johnson, Kenseth, Edwards, Gordon, Harvick make up the top five.

1:07 p.m. ET: Here's video of the big wreck that took out Biffle and Keselowski.

1:05 p.m. ET: Pit road is open. Kyle Busch, Joey Logano also heading down for changes.

1:03 p.m. ET: Race goes back to yellow. Top five is Johnson, Edwards, Gordon, Kenseth, Earnhardt Jr.

12:58 p.m. ET: Not what they wanted to cancel Sunday plans for.

12:55 p.m. ET: Always sarcastic commentary from Stewart-Haas Racing.

12:53 p.m. ET: Kurt Busch takes the blame for that wreck. Still under red.

12:47 p.m. ET: A great strategy move.

12:44 p.m. ET: Big wreck as Brad Keselowski gets tapped by Kurt Busch, takes a direct hit from Dave Blaney. Greg Biffle's car up in flames. Red flag comes out.

12:42 p.m. ET: Jeff Gordon took a small tap from Busch as he spun out.

12:38 p.m. ET: Kyle Busch gets turned around on the restart. Doesn't hit the wall, but caution flag comes out. Amazingly, everyone is able to pass him by.

12:37 p.m. ET: The No. 88 team decides not to pit despite taking a tire to the grille.

12:34 p.m. ET: Hamlin was also the beneficiary of that caution. Burton gets another speeding penalty on pit road.

12:30 p.m. ET: Hamlin loses a tire, and it rolls directly into the path of the leaders Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson. Both ran over it. We'll see if there is any impact from damage. Caution flag out.

12:30 p.m. ET: Back to green, Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes the lead once again, followed by Johnson, Montoya, Edwards and Hamlin. Burton serving a penalty for being too fast on pit road.

12:28 p.m. ET: And some more changes on pit road.

12:25 p.m. ET: Here's what we've got going on during the competition caution.

12:20 p.m. ET: With the competition cation coming up, lots of drivers loose due to the clean track.

12:14 p.m. ET: Driver feedback coming over the radio.

12:10 p.m. ET: Carl Edwards nabs the lead, with Junior in second, Denny Hamlin in third.

12:08 p.m. ET: For constant updates on what's happening on the track, follow us on Lap by Lap here.

12:06 p.m. ET: Green flag as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Carl Edwards lead the field.

12:01 p.m. ET: Cars are rolling on the track. Sky looks clear.

11:59 p.m. ET: Green flag in just over five minutes.

11:55 p.m. ET: Some race details: Green flag will drop at 12:05 p.m. ET for the 267-lap Quaker State 400. Fuel window is 50 laps, pit road speed is 45 mph. The competition caution remains in place at Lap 30.

11:49 p.m. ET: After a long delay, pre-race ceremonies are beginning.

11:38 p.m. ET: Things are looking up at Kentucky Speedway.

11:25 a.m. ET: You've got 30 minutes to change your fantasy line up. Do it here, and get some fantasy advice here beforehand.

11:19 a.m. ET: We couldn't agree more!

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10:58 a.m. ET: One hour until engines are started

10:38 a.m. ET: Click here to see where all 43 cars are pitting with our Sprint Cup pit stall assignments.

10:22 a.m. ET: Tough to make a call with 43 of the best drivers in the world.

10:19 a.m. ET: Ready to take the green flag at 12:05 p.m. ET.

10:11 a.m. ET: At least they should be dry today.

10:07 a.m. ET: Sunny Sunday in Sparta

10:05 a.m. ET: Two hours until green flag

9:51 a.m. ET: Beautiful sound

9:50 a.m. ET: Two hours until the National Anthem by Marlana Vanhoose.

9:47 a.m. ET: Thanks, Mr. Red. Same to you.

9:35 a.m. ET: Thanks for joining us today for the Quaker State 400. "Drivers, start your engines" scheduled for 11:57 a.m. ET. TNT on the air at noon, and green flag at 12:05 p.m.

9:25 a.m. ET: Sweet view

9:16 a.m. ET: Sleep in tomorrow in the campground.