NASCAR.COM Fan Guidelines


Welcome to NASCAR.COM, the premier destination for NASCAR Fans! We’re glad you’re here! By joining in the conversation and opportunities on NASCAR.COM, you have the opportunity to express your thoughts and opinions to fans around the world. In order to enhance your experience, we ask that you follow these guidelines:


Who can participate?


In general, you must be at least 13 years old to participate on NASCAR.COM.


What kind of content can be posted?


You can post your content (such as words, photos, audio clips, videos, etc.) and/or content that you have the legal rights to use and post. No matter how cool or special it is, unless it is content you created and own and/or have permission to post, then do not post it. Please see our Terms of Use for more details.


Fan behavior and posting guidelines


  • Be nice. This is more fun for everyone if people feel comfortable expressing their opinions. Personal attacks, hate speech, racial or ethnic remarks, and use of profanity (masked or unmasked) will not be tolerated.

  • Contribute to a family-friendly environment. Lewd or obscene content is not family friendly, so don’t try to post it.

  • Be legal. If you didn’t create it, don’t post it. If the content contains lies, don’t be responsible for publishing it. Content advocating dangerous or predatory acts or containing threats is unacceptable.

  • Don't solicit. No advertising or spamming is allowed. If you want to solicit information or promote on NASCAR.COM, contact our advertising team.

  • Have fun. Follow the sporting spirit of NASCAR in your discussions and content posting. Share your passion for NASCAR.


Failure to follow the spirit of the guidelines and comply with our Terms of Use may result in disciplinary action being taken on your NASCAR.COM account and potential loss of posting privileges.


What if you see fan behavior that violates these guidelines or the Terms of Use?


Please click on the red flag icon or “report abuse” option associated with the content.


What happens after you red flag content or report abuse?


NASCAR.COM’s moderation team will review the content and determine the appropriate next step for the content and user. Please note, flagging or reporting content does not guarantee its removal.


What happens if you post something that is red flagged, reported as abuse, or caught as a violation through moderation?


The content may be deleted from the site or may not be approved to post to the site without notice. If you post multiple pieces of content that violate these guidelines and the Terms of Use , your account privileges may be limited, terminated, or otherwise modified, without warning or notification.


What happens if you don’t see your content and do not understand why it may have been moderated?


Please review the Terms of Use . Content violation standards are described here and it will provide you with clarifications.

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