Full 'Smoke is the Bandit' series

March 25, 2014, Pat DeCola, NASCAR.com

Tony Stewart's take on a movie classic is entertaining, to say the least

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Episode 5 -- The Big Finish

In the final episode of Smoke IS the Bandit with Mobil 1, Bandit and "The Snowman" return from Texarkana with plenty of Mobil 1 and are again welcomed by Big and Lil' Enos, who offer a new challenge to Bandit. Can a sequel be far behind? Fans can also watch a blooper reel with outtakes from the entire cast.

Episode 4 -- The Sheriff

In episode four of Smoke IS the Bandit with Mobil 1, NASCAR commentator Jeff Hammond joins the fun as he reprises the role of “Sheriff Buford T. Justice.”

Maybe Sheriff Justice was chasing Smoke at Bristol on Sunday! The No. 14 car came roaring back!

Episode 3 -- The Interview

In the third installment of the Smoke IS the Bandit with Mobil 1 video series, our own Bandit gets ready for his close-up with a reluctant interviewer in ESPN's Nicole Briscoe, who flinches at being called "Frog." It has all the levity of a typical Tony Stewart interview session, but without the media in wedding garb.

But is the tire-smoking Trans Am fun about to come to an end? The appearance of Sheriff Buford T. Justice (FOX analyst Jeff Hammond) forecasts a potential showdown with the long arm of the law.

Episode 2 -- The Pickup

In the second episode of the Smoke is the Bandit with Mobil 1 video series, three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Darrell Waltrip returns as “The Snowman.”

In his role as Bandit, Tony “Smoke” Stewart commissions sidekicks Snowman and Fred to make a trip down to Texarkana for “The Pickup.”

900 miles in 28 hours. Good thing they had some help.

Episode 1 -- The Challenge
Check out episode one which features Ricky Craven and Hermie Sadler (appearing as Big and Lil’ Enos) issuing Bandit "The Challenge." Bandit then teams up with "The Snowman" -- played by the legendary Darrell Waltrip.

Future episodes will also include NASCAR personalities Jeff Hammond (as Sheriff Buford T. Justice) and Nicole Briscoe (as Frog).


"Do not attempt. Closed course. Professional driver."

A cautionary warning we've all seen in auto commercials that see cars jumping from building to building, zooming around empty parking garages, flying over volcanoes, etc.

Still, nothing could've prepared us for this.

Primed and ready for a rebound 2014 campaign, Tony "Smoke" Stewart appeared in a new Mobil 1 ad that came to light on Tuesday, showing the Stewart-Haas Racing driver take on the role of Bo Darville ("Bandit") from the 1977 hit movie "Smokey and the Bandit." Naturally, it's called "Smoke is the Bandit."

We see Stewart wheeling that classic Pontiac Trans Am -- T-tops removed and everything -- around the back roads of North Carolina straight through to Charlotte Motor Speedway, where he heads down the tunnel, into the infield and into a garage stall before panning to the camera to offer up perhaps the biggest smile we've ever seen him sport. Stewart even filters through a box of old cassette tapes and settles on one named "More Police Sirens" to add to the ambience during his "getaway."