NASCAR Inside the Cockpit

January 05, 2015,

Check out the various components that make up a NASCAR race car's cockpit

The cockpit of a race car has dozens of components, ranging from the steering wheel to a fire extinguisher. There are a few features that are more important than others.

1. Main Switch Panel

Contains switches for starter, ignition and cooling fans.

2. Tachometer

Monitors revolutions per minute (RPMs) of engine, assisting driver in selecting gears and monitoring engine power.

3. Engine Gauge Cluster

Monitors engine oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, voltage and fuel pressure.

4. Auxiliary Switches

Can serve a number of purposes, including turning on the backup ignition system, ventilating fans or helmet cooling system.

5. Master Switch

Shuts down electrical system in emergency situations.

6. Ignition Kill Switch

Shuts off engine in emergency situations.

7. Radio Button

Controls communication to pits and race spotter.

8. Gearshift

Controls four-speed manual transmission.

9. Safety Seat

Provides extra support and protection for head, shoulders, ribs and lower extremities.

10. Head and Neck Restraint

NASCAR mandates the use of a head-and-neck restraint system, the approved HANS device.

11. Window Net

Keeps driver's left arm inside the car during accidents.

12. Rear View Mirror

13. Fresh Air Vent

Directs outside air into the driving compartment.

14. Main Rear View Mirror

15. Fire Extinguisher

16. Six-Point Seat Belt Harness

17. Fire Extinguisher Switch

Discharges fire-suppressing chemicals into the driving component.

18. Fire Extinguisher Discharge Nozzle

19. Helmet Hook

Source: NASCAR