Go The Extra Mile Award

$5,800 will be awarded to the crew chief that improves the most from the first half of the race to the second half of the race, utilizing the 40 best lap times (10-lap segment on road courses). The year-end MOOG Steering & Suspension Problem Solver Award-winning crew chief will be awarded a check for $100,000.

Presented by MOOG

MOOG’s reputation as “The Problem Solver” can be traced all the way back to 1937. That was the year the company first produced a front-end replacement part recognized by mechanics as outperforming the factory original. As years passed and MOOG continued to innovate, the company became known for its ability to consistently develop “problem solving solutions.”


Today, hundreds of innovations later, MOOG is recognized and respected throughout the automotive industry as The Problem Solver. It continues to earn that reputation by providing not only problem-solving parts, but award-winning technical support and training materials also. MOOG Problem Solver bulletins are one of the helpful tools technicians have come to count on.


Crew Chief Car # Points
Tony Gibson 41 3
Paul Wolfe 2 2
Michael Wheeler 11 2