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Larry the Cable Guy takes look at NASCAR history

January 06, 2011, ,

NEW YORK -- Story of sport's birth part of 'Only in America,' a new series on History

Larry the Cable Guy, in a new series, crisscrosses the nation and goes totally off the beaten path to find the people, places and things that define this nation's unique history. From panning for gold in the hills of California to leading a cavalry charge in a Civil War reenactment in Virginia, Larry gives history a fun, down-home twist in the new one-hour series Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy, debuting at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Feb. 8 on History.

Each episode uncovers surprising information about America's history from the story of how moonshine-making during Prohibition gave rise to one of America's most celebrated pastimes -- NASCAR racing -- to the history of etiquette from Emily Post's heirs in Vermont, complete with a lesson in good manners.

Coast to coast, Larry visits cities of all sizes and gets an education, including Monowi, Neb., a town with a population of one, and the bustling cities of San Francisco and New York.

Throughout this informative and quirky approach to history, Larry prompts one memorable adventure after the next. He finds himself competing in a Mark Twain-style frog race in Calaveras County, Calif.; crawfishing in Louisiana; logging deep in the Oregon woods; discovering dog sledding in the icy lakes of Minnesota and getting a kick out of Mule Day in Tennessee.

After years of working the comedy circuit, Larry the Cable Guy was propelled to superstardom as a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (along with Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall). Ticket sales, merchandising, books, comedy records, and movies earned him a spot on Forbes' top 100 celebrity moneymakers list in 2007.