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Car Care: Careers in auto service remain in demand

January 18, 2011, Official Release,

If you have a love of cars and like to work on them, a career in automotive may be the perfect occupation for you.

Those who work in the automotive industry must love a good challenge.

Technicians in this field must constantly learn about new technology as car manufacturers work to accommodate the needs of their customers. Repair techniques are continuously changing and improving, so working in this field is a constant learning process.

When you work as an automotive-service technician, you will be expected to inspect, maintain and repair a variety of vehicles.

Not only will basic maintenance tasks be required, such as oil changes and front-end alignments, but you must also know how to diagnose more serious issues. Once a problem has been located, you will be expected to determine the best method of fixing the issue and then carry out the repair, which makes the job both challenging and rewarding.

As the number of vehicles being used in America continues to grow, so will the increased demand for specialized service technicians.

As automobiles become more sophisticated, those who work on them must also be able to keep up. So if you wish to move into the auto-repair industry, formal training is recommended.

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