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TrackPass puts the fans in the middle of the action

February 14, 2011, ,

Who uses TrackPass?

During the summer of 2007, crew chief Tony Eury Jr. was banished from the race track serving a six-race suspension for improper brackets used to attach the rear wing on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s race car.

Did it keep him outside the track? Yes, but the better question is did it keep him out of the loop or the decision-making process? No, because he had NASCAR.COM's TrackPass.

What about Brian Vickers? The Red Bull Racing driver recovering from blood clots and out for half of the 2010 season subscribed to TrackPass so he could stay apprised of the action while on medical leave.

And with so many NASCAR babies on the horizon, the racing fathers and crews will be looking to plug into -- yes, you guessed it -- TrackPass.

Fortunate for former crew chief Michael "Fatback" McSwain, today's hospital nurseries have wireless Internet, so the family man was allowed to stay informed via TrackPass and be present for the birth of his son, Wyatt, in 2007.

For years, TrackPass and its features have served as a valuable tool for teams who can't be at the track for any number of reasons. The service allows drivers, crews, owners etc., as well as NASCAR fans, to follow a driver's live radio communications, lap times and position on the race track.

It also allows its users to watch lap-by-lap coverage and listen to the live radio broadcast, making it a must-have feature for virtually any and all followers of NASCAR.

What is TrackPass?

There's no worse feeling than not having the proper credentials to access your favorite event. Denied at the gate, no entry, sorry you don't have a ticket.

Not to worry, all you need is the right pass -- TrackPass.

A subscription-based content service, TrackPass is NASCAR.COM's way of inviting NASCAR fans to the party and then giving them exclusive, V.I.P. seats.

Launched in 2000, TrackPass started with in-car audio, a live radio broadcast, leaderboard and online video. In 2004, PitCommand Qualifying was introduced, as was RaceDay Scanner, which featured up to 15 drivers' audio plus the Scan All feature was added to the TrackPass product portfolio. Today, additional enhanced features via TrackPass Scanner, PitCommand and RaceView -- an advanced virtual video application that features animation similar to sports video games -- offers fans a whole new level of interactive capabilities.

Through a personal log-in system, fans experience live track coverage of NASCAR's Cup and Nationwide Series races from the comfort of their computer. They can follow the action through the cockpits of their favorite driver and are privy to communications between the crew chief and the rest of the team.