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RaceView 4.0's new features enhance experience

February 14, 2011, ,

If the current version of RaceView is like watching a race unfold on a wide-screen monitor, RaceView 4.0's eye-catching graphics and presentation will be like upgrading to high definition.

In addition to amazing clarity and detail of the all-new virtual video window -- which includes the gradual darkening of the sky during night races -- the newest version of RaceView will give subscribers new data modules, skin choices and a reorganization of the information to make the viewing experience unique.

The new version of RaceView for 2011 is a wholesale update designed to make the application better, faster, stronger and to empower subscribers to watch their drivers and the entire race the way they want.

The product includes enhanced virtual video, different layouts, custom skins and new live data features.

RaceView 4.0 has been designed to support all current editions of Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. In addition, the application will now run in Adobe Flash Player.

One of the key changes is a timeline feature, allowing the subscriber to quickly find key moments in the race. In addition, subscribers will be able to customize their viewing experience by picking a skin template based on team color combinations, such as those of Tony Stewart or Jimmie Johnson.

And best of all, the application should launch more quickly.

By the end of the year, the product should be more compatible with older operating systems.

With the new RaceView 4.0, NASCAR.COM has incorporated the best features into one powerful, state-of-the-art application that's bound to wow even the most discriminating race fan. And its ease of use has never been more simple.

The landing pages have also changed. When subscribers are logged in, they'll get a page geared towards helping them use the application. They'll get the current race schedule with the easy links to launch, they'll get some relevant news from around the site related to drivers, fantasy and community. And then they'll have their replay calendar for RaceView subscribers down below.

And what they'll see when they launch RaceView 4.0 is something to behold. An all-new advanced virtual video window that makes you feel like you're sitting inches from the track; easier to read graphics and news and information right at your fingertips; and best of all, it's customizable.

Fans will have a choice of three different layouts: The default view, a head-to-head feature allowing them to compare telemetry with up to three other drivers, and the full-screen view.

In addition, RaceView 4.0 will make it easier to follow the action, with "at a glance" features like the number of cars on the lead lap, biggest mover of the day, and the top speed of the race.

At the same time, all the features you've come to expect from RaceView will still be easily accessible, like selectable in-car audio, so you can follow your favorite driver, the entire field, NASCAR's official communications or even the race broadcast while you watch the action unfold.