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Lap-by-Lap: Phoenix

February 28, 2011, ,

Lap 312 -- CHECKERED FLAG: Jeff Gordon holds off Kyle Busch and wins the Subway Fresh Fit 500, ending a 66-race winless streak.

Lap 311 -- WHITE FLAG: Jeff Gordon leads with Kyle Busch closing.

Lap 309 -- Kyle Busch holds steady in second and doesn't seem to be closing the gap on Jeff Gordon.

Lap 308 -- Denny Hamlin holds off Dale Jr. for 10th.

Lap 306 -- Jeff Gordon increases his lead ahead of Kyle Busch. Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson do battle for third.

Lap 303 -- Jeff Gordon beats Kyle Busch from the inside and takes back the lead.

Lap 302 -- Jimmie Johnson is in third but 2.8 seconds behind Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch.

Lap 300 -- Jeff Gordon is driving the car into the turns faster than Kyle Busch but the No. 18 maintains the lead.

Lap 299 -- Jeff Gordon appears to have the faster car as he closes in on the No. 18.

Lap 296 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves up to 11th. Jeff Gordon inches toward Kyle Busch.

Lap 295 -- Kyle Busch leads another lap and is in good position for a weekend sweep.

Lap 294 -- Jimmie Johnson passes Tony Stewart for third. The No. 14 may pay the price for taking just two tires.

Lap 292 -- Jeff Gordon gets past Tony Stewart for second.

Lap 291 -- Kyle Busch gets a good jump on the restart and takes the lead.

Lap 290 -- GREEN FLAG: Tony Stewart leads the field to green, followed by Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 286 -- Tony Stewart moves to the front. JEff Gordon settles into third.

Lap 285 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 8: Andy Lally is in the wall. Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets the free pass.

Lap 284 -- Jimmie Johnson pits for tires, fuel. Jeff Gordon struggles on pit road.

Lap 283 -- Jeff Gordon takes tires and an air adjustment plus fuel. Tony Stewart hits his mark and takes right-side tires only. Kevin Harvick pits for two tires and fuel. Jimmie Johnson picks up the lead.

Lap 282 -- Kyle Busch heads to pit road for tires and fuel.

Lap 281 -- Carl Edwards has gained seven positions since returning from the garage.

Lap 278 -- Brad Keselowski -- in 17th -- remain the last car on the lead lap. Dale Jr. is in 18th.

Lap 277 -- Kyle Busch is now 1.8 seconds off the pace of Jeff Gordon.

Lap 273 -- Jeff Gordon does a good job of holding the lead through lapped traffic.

Lap 272 -- Jeff Burton goes another lap down.

Lap 270 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves into the free pass position should a caution occur. Jeff Gordon will get the bonus point for leading the most laps at Phoenix.

Lap 268 -- Jeff Gordon puts Juan Montoya another lap down.

Lap 265 -- Jeff Gordon continues to inch away from Kyle Busch. Kevin Harvick gives up third to Tony Stewart.

Lap 264 -- Mark Martin gets past Paul Menard for 11th.

Lap 262 -- Mark Martin gets into Paul Menard and loses the front of he No. 5 but saves the car and holds position.

Lap 261 -- Jeff Gordon puts Robby Gordon another lap down as the No. 24 makes its way through lapped traffic.

Lap 257 -- Matt Kenseth drops to 13th and he reports the car is too loose.

Lap 254 -- Jeff Gordon increases his lead ahead of Kyle Busch. Mark Martin does battle with A.J. Allmendinger for 11th.

Lap 249 -- Kyle Busch remains in second but can't close on the No. 24.

Lap 247 -- Dale Earnhardt. Jr. reports their fuel window looks good, and at one lap down, the No. 88 can't afford to make a mistake.

Lap 246 -- Mark Martin is grinding it out and passes Matt Kenseth for 11th.

Lap 244 -- Seventeen cars remain on the lead lap. Jeff Gordon opens up a 1.1-second lead ahead of Kyle Busch.

Lap 242 -- Jeff Gordon is still out front. Jimmie Johnson is in fifth and Matt Kenseth rounds out the top 10.

Lap 240 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is on pit road with what he thinks is a loose wheel.

Lap 239 -- Kurt Busch reports the car is too much to handle at this point. He's having issues steering and the problem is forcing him to lay off the throttle.

Lap 236 -- Jimmie Johnson isn't wasting time and after starting ninth at the last green flag, the No. 48 has moved into fifth.

Lap 235 -- Kyle Busch drops off the base just a bit as Jeff Gordon holds the lead.

Lap 234 -- Mark Martin is trying to move into the top 10 by trying to pass Kasey Kahne.

Lap 229 -- Paul Menard moves up to ninth and is doing battle with Ryan Newman for eighth.

Lap 227 -- Kyle Busch is on the bumper of the No. 24 but is unable to make the pass.

Lap 226 -- Jeff Gordon gets a great jump and holds on to the lead.

Lap 225 -- GREEN FLAG: Jeff Gordon leads the field to green, followed by Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart. Jimmie Johnson restarts ninth.

Lap 221 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. will restart 15th. Kevin Harvick moves up to third.

Lap 220 -- Kyle Busch finds the No. 18 in second.

Lap 219 -- Tony Stewart takes four tires and get a small chassis adjustment. Jimmie Johnson is in the pit stall for more than 18 seconds and loses seven spots.

Lap 218 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 7: Joey Logano blows an engine.

Lap 213 -- Jeff Gordon is fighting off a challenge from Jimmie Johnson as the No. 48 nuzzles up to the bumper of the No. 24.

Lap 208 -- Tony Stewart is very upset on his radio. He says he is looser now than before his pitstop.

Lap 205 -- Jeff Gordon gets around his teammate Jimmie Johnson to lead.

Lap 201 -- Tony Stewart has fallen to fourth with Jeff Gordon up to second and Kyle Busch third.

Lap 200 -- With just 112 laps to go, 18 cars are on the lead lap. Greg Biffle is the final driver on the lead lap with Juan Montoya the first driver one lap down.

Lap 196 -- Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick the top five after green-flag stops.

Lap 192 -- Matt Kenseth pits for four tires and a minor adjustment. Jimmie Johnson is back out front.

Lap 190 -- Jimie Johnson his pit road for an air pressure adjustment and four tires. Jeff Gordon, Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch and Denny Hamlin also pit. Matt Kenseth inherits the lead.

Lap 189 -- Kasey Kahne and Marcos Ambrose on pit road.

Lap 186 -- Martin Truex Jr., Greg Biffle, Kevin Harvick and Dale Earnhardt Jr. on pit road.

Lap 185 -- Paul Menard and Brad Keselowski on pit road.

Lap 184 -- Tony Stewart on pit road to begin green-flag stops. Jimmie Johnson the leader.

Lap 179 -- Chad Knaus is concerned with debris on the grill of the No. 48.

Lap 178 -- Jimmie Johnson is the biggest mover of the race. He started 28th.

Lap 176 -- Jimmie Johnson moves into second as Jeff Gordon falls off the pace.

Lap 174 -- Tony Stewart does battle with Jeff Gordon for the lead and gets past the No. 24 in Turn 4.

Lap 172 -- Kyle Busch gets past his brother Kurt for fourth.

Lap 171 -- Jimmie Johnson is getting faster with each lap and coming for Tony Stewart.

Lap 168 -- Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson run 1-2-3 and are putting distance between them and the rest of the field. Kurt Busch -- in fourth -- is more than 6 seconds off the pace.

Lap 166 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is happy that the car appears to be tightening up and finding grip.

Lap 163 -- Jimmie Johnson continues to close on Tony Stewart. David Reutimann has been told to pick up the speed or face being black-flagged.

Lap 160 -- Denny Hamlin falls to 11th as A.J. Allmendinger claims 10th.

Lap 158 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves up two spots into 14th.

Lap 156 -- Jimmie Johnson -- in third -- is closing on Tony Stewart.

Lap 155 -- Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart separate themselves from their competition and the two approach lapped traffic.

Lap 153 -- Carl Edwards is 57 laps off the lead pace after an earlier wreck.

Lap 152 -- Kurt Busch and brother Kyle find each other and are running 4-5. Jeff Gordon holds off Tony Stewart for the lead.

Lap 150 -- Kurt Busch is back into fourth as he works to keep pace with those in front of the No. 22.

Lap 148 -- A.J. Allmendinger races into ninth.

Lap 145 -- Jeff Gordon continues to lead as some of the earlier wrecked cars struggle to keep pace with the field.

Lap 144 -- Hats off to Clint Bowyer's crew. Bowyer is back in the race and its tough to tell that he was involved in an earlier wreck. The No. 33 settles into 30th.

Lap 143 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. remains in 16th.

Lap 141 -- Jeff Gordon closes on Tony Stewart and the No. 14 moves out of the way and allows Gordon to pass.

Lap 140 -- Tony Stewart continues to lead, followed by Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 139 -- Brian Vickers is back in the race.

Lap 137 -- Kasey Kahne moves back to 10th, then gets past Marcos Ambrose for ninth.

Lap 136 -- Jimmie Johnson is on the bumper of his teammate Jeff Gordon as the two run 2-3.

Lap 135 -- Kevin Harvick moves up to fifth.

Lap 134 --Juan Montoya is the last car on the lead lap as Tony Stewart leads.

Lap 133 -- GREEN FLAG: Tony Stewart leads the field to green, followed by Jeff Gordon.

Lap 129 -- Jimmie Johnson moves up to third, followed by Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick. Tony Stewart should lead the field to green.

Lap 128 -- Most of the field pits. Jeff Gordon gets an air adjustment. Tony Stewart gets a small air adjustment and four tires. Stewart edges Gordon off pit road.

Lap 127 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 6.:David Ragan blows a tire and is in the wall.

Lap 126 -- Juan Montoya goes a lap down.

Lap 125 -- Jeff Gordon drives past Tony Stewart for the lead. Stewart struggled through lapped traffic.

Lap 123 -- There are 23 cars on the lead lap. Tony Stewart is out front with Jeff Gordon on his bumper.

Lap 119 -- Paul Menard holds off Dale Earnhardt Jr. for 16th.

Lap 118 -- Martin Truex Jr. -- in third -- is 4.3 seconds off the lead pace.

Lap 117 -- Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon appear to be separating themselves from the field.

Lap 116 -- David Reutimann and Carl Edwards are back from the garage.

Lap 112 -- A.J. Allmendinger moves into 10th. Clint Bowyer and Robby Gordon are back in the race.

Lap 109 -- Jimmie Johnson moves to sixth.

Lap 108 -- Kasey Kahne is looking for fifth and mounting a challenge for Kurt Busch.

Lap 107 -- Joey Logano is down a lap (and a cylinder).

Lap 106 -- The garage remains a busy place as Carl Edwards climbs back into the No. 99.

Lap 105 -- Kyle Busch is making his way toward the front and is doing battle with Jimmie Johnson for seventh.

Lap 104 -- Jeff Gordon gets past Ryan Newman for second.

Lap 103 -- Marcos Ambrose holds onto 10th.

Lap 100 -- Tony Stewart opens up a 1.8-second lead ahead of his competition.

Lap 98 -- Tony Stewart is strong out front and has Ryan Newman chasing from second. Jeff Gordon holds onto third with Martin Truex Jr. in fourth.

Lap 97 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves into 19th. Joey Logano is the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 96 -- Kevin Harvick moves to 12th.

Lap 95 -- Martin Truex Jr. settles into third.

Lap 92 -- Jeff Gordon has debris on his grill and needs it removed. Tony Stewart is out front but Ryan Newman isn't wasting time mounting a charge.

Lap 91 -- Marcos Ambros rounds out the top 10 as Kurt Busch claims the fifth spot. Tony Stewart steals the lead from Ryan Newman.

Lap 89 -- Tony Stewart slips into second; Jeff Gordon drops another position.

Lap 88 -- Ryan Newman finds the front as Jeff Gordon allows his to pass.

Lap 84 -- Jeff Gordon started 20th and has opened a 1.5-second lead ahead of the competition.

Lap 83 -- Jimmie Johnson makes his way up to ninth after passing Greg Biffle. Ryan Newman settles into second but can't catch Jeff Gordon for the lead.

Lap 82 -- Kurt Busch joins the party with fresh ties and is doing battle with Martin Truex Jr. for fifth.

Lap 79 -- Jeff Gordon widens his lead. Tony Stewart moves into third on two fresh tires.

Lap 78 -- Denny Hamlin drops to third. Jimmie Johnson says no matter what they do on pit road, the No. 48 is too loose.

Lap 77 -- Jeff Gordon leads the lap. Jimmie Johnson passes Kyle Busch for 11th.

Lap 76 -- Jeff Gordon is back in action and races into second.

Lap 75 -- Ryan Newman gets past Denny Hamlin for the lead.

Lap 73 -- Ryan Newman is fast on the outside but can't make the pass.

Lap 72 -- GREEN FLAG: Denny Hamlin leads the field to green, followed by Ryan Newman and Paul Menard. Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be the last car on the lead lap after being penalized for speeding on pit road.

Lap 68 -- YELLOW FLAG: The remaining cars that escaped the wreck are making their way around the track.

Lap 67 -- RED FLAG: Thirteen cars are involved in the latest incident as officials work to get the track cleared of debris. All drivers involved appear to be OK. Clint Bowyer is disgusted and says he's embarrassed with the way the competition wrecked so early in the race. Trevor Bayne says this is a humbling sport.

Lap 67 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: A big wreck has taken place on the backstretch after Brian Vickers gets sideways. Jamie McMurray is involved. Clint Bowyer is headed to the garage.

Lap 66 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field to green. Kyle Busch is the last car on the lead lap but says he needs to bring the No. 18 down pit road for closer inspection after getting into the No. 99.

Lap 64 -- Carl Edwards is disappointed in the garage. He apologizes to Jeff Gordon for tearing up the No. 24.

Lap 63 -- Kurt Busch is out front with clean air and should lead the field to green followed by Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth and Marcos Ambrose.

Lap 59 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Carl Edwards is into the wall and headed to the garage. The No. 99 made contact with the No. 18 causing a chain reaction. Kevin Harvick has damage; Mark Martin has damage and Jeff Gordon has damage.

Lap 57 -- Marcos Ambrose cracks the top five and passes Kasey Kahne to claim the fourth spot.

Lap 56 -- Kurt Busch jumps out quick and leads the lap. Matt Kenseth joins the party in second. Tony Stewart slides into third.

Lap 55 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch stays off pit road and leads the field back to green. Carl Edwards is in 15th on the restart. Thirty-seven cars remain on the lead lap.

Lap 51 -- Pit road is open: Clint Bowyer takes four tires in a loose car. Carl Edwards is pleased with his race car and takes four tires. Jeff Gordon takes four tires and leaves with a smile. Martin Truex Jr. wins the race off pit road.

Lap 50 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: Daytona 500 champ Trevor Bayne is into the wall. The No. 21 car has a lot of damage to the rear.

Lap 49 -- Jeff Gordon gives Brad Keselowski and the Blue Deuce a little love tap as he makes the pass.

Lap 48 -- Jeff Gordon is up 15 spots since the start of the race, holding off Martin Truex Jr. for fourth.

Lap 46 -- A valve spring or rocker arm is bad on Joey Logano's car. ... Not much they can do for him.

Lap 45 -- Carl Edwards settles into the lead, followed by Kurt Busch and Jeff Burton. Brad Keselowski rounds out the top five.

Lap 43 -- Robby Gordon is a lap down.

Lap 41 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been quiet so far, running in 26th.

Lap 39 -- Clint Bowyer drops a spot to third as Carl Edwards leads another lap. Denny Hamlin makes contact with David Reutimann but all is well. Kyle Busch slides into the wall, saves the No. 18 but may have damage.

Lap 38 -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards leads the field to green, followed by Clint Bowyer and Kurt Busch.

Lap 35 -- Brian Vickers pits, takes four tires, Kurt Busch is loose, takes tires. Denny Hamlin takes four tires. Kyle Busch takes tires and has his fender pulled out and adjusted. Joey Logano comes back in for a second stop.

Lap 34 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Robby Gordon spins. NASCAR communicates to teams that this yellow will serve as the competition caution.

Lap 32 -- Denny Hamlin moves to the front, passing Kurt Busch for the lead.

Lap 31 -- Jimmie Johnson has joined the party and moves into sixth after starting 28th.

Lap 29 -- After starting 18th, Tony Stewart races into fourth.

Lap 28 -- Brian Vickers moves into third.

Lap 27 -- Denny Hamlin has raced his way all the way up to second and is doing battle with Kurt Busch for the lead.

Lap 26 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch brings the field to green. Joe Nemechek is in the garage and done for the day.

Lap 25 -- No free pass under this first caution.

Lap 22 -- Several drivers elect to stay off pit road until the competition caution on Lap 40.

Lap 21 -- Kasey Kahne says he'll play it safe early on and says the car is way loose.

Lap 20 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Debris.

Lap 19 -- Carl Edwards is out front, passing Kyle Busch on the low side.

Lap 15 -- Ryan Newman moves up two spots to 12th.

Lap 14 -- Carl Edwards is mounting a charge from second.

Lap 13 -- Kasey Kahne holds off Martin Truex Jr. for fifth.

Lap 12 -- Kyle Busch's strong weekend continues as he leads the field early.

Lap 11 -- Denny Hamlin cracks the top 10.

Lap 10 -- Brad Keselowski drops a spot back to 11th.

Lap 9 -- Jamie McMurray moves up two spots into sixth.

Lap 8 -- Kurt Busch gives Carl Edwards the inside and second place.

Lap 7 -- Carl Edwards won't go away and is doing battle for second with Kurt Busch.

Lap 6 -- Kurt Busch holds off Kyle Busch into Turn 1 but loses the lead out of Turn 4.

Lap 5 -- Joey Logano moves up two spots into fourth.

Lap 4 -- Brad Keselowski rounds out the top 10.

Lap 3 -- Carl Edwards drops to third. Kurt Busch holds the lead.

Lap 2 -- Kurt Busch is joined up front by brother Kyle.

Lap 1 -- Kurt Busch gets a great launch out of Turn 2 from the outside and leads the first lap.

3:17 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards brings the field to the green and the Subway Fresh Fit 500 is under way for 312 scheduled laps of racing.

3:08 p.m. -- There will be a competition caution on Lap 40.

3:07 p.m. -- Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno gives the command: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

3:02 p.m. -- Emmy Rossum performs the national anthem.

3:01 p.m. -- PIR Chaplain Ken Bowers gives the Invocation.

2:30 p.m. -- Pre-race coverage from Phoenix is under way on FOX.

2 p.m. ET -- It's a gorgeous day in Avondale, Ariz., for the Subway Fresh Fit 500 at Phoenix International Raceway. It's currently 54 degrees under sunny skies with temperatures expected to fall to the high-30s when the sun goes down. Carl Edwards will bring the field to the green at 3:15 p.m. ET.