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Six Pack of Pop: Harvick quite the prankster and no one is safe

April 05, 2011, Joe Menzer,

Kevin Harvick, winner of the past two races in the Sprint Cup Series, answers this week's six questions.

1. What is the best prank you've ever played on someone?

"We crushed DeLana's Aunt's car with a Monster Truck one day while they were at lunch. That was pretty fun. We made her cry, but that's all right."


Harvick: I don't know, there are a lot of things that we've done. ... We've crushed people's cars, we've filled their cars up with bouncy balls, we've put crap in their office, we've done all kinds of things. You just never know what's coming.

We crushed [wife] DeLana's Aunt's car with a Monster Truck one day while they were at lunch. When she came back around the corner we had a monster truck in the field and we crushed her car. That was pretty fun.

2. But she probably loved that car, right?

Harvick: Oh, yeah. This was like six or seven years ago, and it was like a 1988 Bonneville. She would have never gotten rid of it. We cleaned it out for her first. We made her cry, but that's all right.

3. Did you give her a new one afterward?

Harvick: We did give her a new car. We didn't tell her that for a while, though. I didn't have any mercy; that was the whole point of it. But I didn't really think she was going to cry.

We bought her a new [Chevrolet] Impala. I think she still drives it to this day.

4. How much have you changed since earlier in your career when you were known more for having a lack of patience and a sometimes violent temper?

Harvick: Well, if you could have seen me drive [the other] night [in a go-kart race] at my house you would have seen that lack of patience. I looked like a bull in a china closet. I think as you go through time you learn how things work and you learn how to do things right. I still lose my mind every once in a while. I lost my mind in the fall Truck race [at Martinsville last year] and started running over everybody in sight. When you get in a situation like you are [in a Sprint Cup race] on Sunday and you know that it's a week-after-week thing and it's the big prize that you're after, you have a tendency to be able to keep your head on your shoulders a little bit longer. When there's nothing at stake, I seem to lose my mind a little bit easier.

5. Is that what happened in the go-kart race at your house last week?

Harvick: It was rainy and we had too many go-karts on the track and it turned into all but a destruction derby. But it was fun. It was a little wet, so everybody was going slow so you couldn't really hurt anybody. A few minor bruises here and there. ... [Kevin Harvick Inc. team manager] Rick Carelli's son won.

6. But you obviously won the race that counted by capturing the Goody's Fast Relief 500 on Sunday at Martinsville, right?

Harvick: I'm just glad we led more than one lap this week.