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Lap-by-Lap: Dover

May 15, 2011, ,

Lap 400 -- CHECKERED FLAG: Matt Kenseth and team make great use of a two-tire call on the final pit stop and hold off Mark Martin for the win at Dover. Kenseth makes his second trip to Victory Lane this season. Jimmie Johnson led the most laps (207) of any driver but finished ninth after electing to take four tires during his final pit stop.

Lap 399 -- WHITE FLAG: Matt Kenseth has room out front; Mark Martin can't catch him.

Lap 397 -- Matt Kenseth has a 1.6-second lead over Mark Martin.

Lap 395 -- Mark Martin holds onto second; Marcos Ambrose can't close on the No. 5.

Lap 393 -- Kevin Harvick claims 10th as Dale Jr. drops to 12th.

Lap 391 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. does battle with Kevin Harvick for 10th.

Lap 388 -- Carl Edwards is close to passing Clint Bowyer for sixth as leaders make their way through lapped traffic.

Lap 386 -- Jimmie Johnson moves up to ninth.

Lap 383 -- Matt Kenseth is doing just fine on two tires and showing no signs of giving up the lead.

Lap 379 -- Marcos Ambrose passes Kyle Busch and makes a move on Mark Martin for second but can't make the pass and remains in third.

Lap 378 -- Matt Kenseth now has a 1.4-second lead on the field.

Lap 376 -- Matt Kenseth is putting some space between his car and Mark Martin in the No. 5.

Lap 375 -- Jimmie Johnson rounds out the top 10.

Lap 373 -- Kyle Busch and Marcos Ambrose continue to do battle for third as Matt Kenseth runs out front.

Lap 372 -- Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards run in 10th and 11th and are stuck in traffic.

Lap 370 -- Kyle Busch charges ahead, up to fourth with Marcos Ambrose on his bumper.

Lap 368 -- Matt Kenseth passes Mark Martin on fresh tires.

Lap 367 -- Mark Martin pulls away and leads the lap.

Lap 366 -- GREEN FLAG: Mark Martin leads the field back to green, followed by Matt Kenseth, Dale Jr. and Brian Vickers.

Lap 365 -- Mark Martin leads with no new tires.

Lap 364 -- Carl Edwards is loose, takes four tires, wedge adjustment. Jimmie Johnson is free, takes another chassis adjustment and four tires. Clint Bowyer takes four tires. Matt Kenseth and Dale Jr. take two tires, wins race off pit road. Mark Martin stays out.

Lap 363 -- Two tires or four? Pit road is open.

Lap 361 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 6: Juan Montoya hits the wall just in front of the leaders in Turn 4. Regan Smith drops to the apron.

Lap 359 -- Jimmie Johnson appears to be slowing but holding onto third.

Lap 357 -- Brad Keselowski to12th.

Lap 355 -- Regan Smith is back on the track, 18 laps down.

Lap 353 -- The top 10 are bunched up as final laps approach.

Lap 350 -- Carl Edwards takes away second from the No. 48; Clint Bowyer remains the race leader.

Lap 349 -- Matt Kenseth is the fastest car on the track and running in fourth. Kasey Kahne is out of the race.

Lap 345 -- Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards aren't holding back off the corners and continue to race each other aggressively.

Lap 344 -- Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards swap positions, then Johnson takes back second.

Lap 343 -- Clint Bowyer leads, but the No. 48 and 99 are closing.

Lap 342 -- Kyle Busch has moved into sixth after starting at the rear of the field.

Lap 341 -- Carl Edwards has been told to save fuel as teams think about a green-white-checkered finish.

Lap 340 -- Paul Menard gets into Juan Montoya and hits the wall.

Lap 339 -- Clint Bowyer took the outside and jumped ahead of the field with ease.

Lap 338 -- GREEN FLAG: Clint Bowyer leads the field back to green, followed by Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Jeff Burton and Kevin Harvick.

Lap 335 -- Clint Bowyer will lead the field back to green. Regan Smith is in the garage with a broken track bar. .

Lap 333 -- Pit road is open: Clint Bowyer asks for a drink of water. Kevin Harvick wants more grip and tape off the grill. Jimmie Johnson takes an air pressure adjustment. Clint Bowyer smokes the field and wins the race off pit road as Jimmie Johnson spins the tires trying to exit his pit stall.

Lap 331 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Kasey Kahne is into the wall. Kurt Busch gets the free pass.

Lap 329 -- Kurt Busch goes high and a lap down as Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards race by the no. 22

Lap 326 -- Jeff Burton finished second at Dover in both races last year and is putting together a strong run today as the No. 31 finds the top five.

Lap 323 -- Jimmie Johnson puts some space between the No. 28 and Carl Edwards, in second.

Lap 319 -- Carl Edwards had a run on the bottom and traded paint with Clint Bowyer. Bower surged toward the wall but saved the car.

Lap 318 -- Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards and Clint Bowyer run 1-2-3 and separate themselves from he rest of the field.

Lap 315 -- Clint Bowyer moves to third, followed by Kevin Harvick, who takes fourth from Jeff Burton.

Lap 313 -- Carl Edwards catches the No. 48, takes the lead, then gives it back to Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 311 -- Kyle Busch moves to ninth.

Lap 310 -- Carl Edwards back off, gives the No. 48 a little room.

Lap 309 -- Jimmie Johnson tells Chad Knaus he's out of control with the car. Knaus talks him off the ledge.

Lap 307 -- Carl Edwards has caught Jimmie Johnson as the two run 1-2 though lapped traffic.

Lap 306 -- Carl Edwards joins the rest of the field in pleading for more rear grip.

Lap 305 -- Regan Smith is in danger of going a lap down as the No. 48 approaches lapped traffic.

Lap 304 -- Greg biffle is the first car, one lap down.

Lap 301 -- Marcos Ambrose races into eighth and does battle with Kasey Kahne for seventh.

Lap 299 -- Jimmie Johnson continues to lead the most laps.

Lap 296 -- Jeff Gordon lands in 12th; Martin Truex Jr. finds 10th.

Lap 294 -- Kevin Harvick moves to fifth as Matt Kenseth finds his bumper.

Lap 291 -- Dale Jr. drops to 13th; Kyle Busch finds 10th.

Lap 289 -- Jimmie Johnson and team rebound on pit road, take the lead and open up space between the No. 48 and Carl Edwards as Juan Montoya drops to third.

Lap 288 -- Juan Montoya loses the lead to Jimmie Johnson off Turn 2.

Lap 287 -- Juan Montoya stays out to lead a lap.

Lap 286 -- Jimmie Johnson pits and says the No. 48 is a step better.

Lap 285 -- Carl Edwards pits and says he's having fun. The car is balanced well and just a tad free; the No. 99 takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 284 -- Matt Kenseth gives up fourth to pit with a loose car. Brad Keselowski says the car is better, takes four tires. Kevin Harvick wants more rear grip.

Lap 281 -- Tony Stewart pits for tires and fuel. Bobby Labonte pits.

Lap 279 -- David Reutimann pits, takes four tires. Regan Smith takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 278 -- Green flag pit stops are fast approaching.

Lap 276 -- Drivers search the high groove and climb up the track as they all do their best to avoid a growing amount of rubber building up on the track.

Lap 275 -- Jimmie Johnson makes up a half second on Carl Edwards.

Lap 272 -- Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch do battle for 11th; the two have traded paint more than once today.

Lap 270 -- Dale Earnhardt jr. picks up another spot and slides into eighth. Steve Letarte asks him to remain patient and cautious as he enters the turns.

Lap 268 -- Tony Stewart slides into Turn 2 but saves the car. The No. 14 is now five laps down.

Lap 264 -- Denny Hamlin moves to 17th and challenges Bobby Labonte for another spot.

Lap 262 -- Juan Montoya -- in 20th -- is the first car, one lap down.

Lap 261 -- No change in running order to the top 10.

Lap 257 -- Martin Truex Jr. came off the corner sideways and Kevin Harvick is licking his chops as he closes in on the No. 56 and the sixth spot.

Lap 255 -- Carl Edwards has plenty of clean air and is 2.6 seconds ahead of the No. 48 and the rest of the field.

Lap 254 -- Kyle Busch gets out of the way, lets Dale Earnhardt Jr. make the pass for ninth.

Lap 253 -- Clint Bowyer is "snappy loose."

Lap 250 -- Carl Edwards works lapped traffic and opens up a 1.7-second lead ahead of Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 248 -- Regan Smith -- in 19th -- remains the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 246 -- Kyle Busch holds off a charge from the No. 88 for ninth.

Lap 244 -- Dale Jr. remains on the move and passes Jeff Burton to crack the top 10.

Lap 243 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. passes Brad Keselowski for 11th.

Lap 238 -- Jeff Burton moves to 10th.

Lap 237 -- Jimmie Johnson is posting faster lap times than Carl Edwards and is closing the gap on the No. 99.

Lap 235 -- Kasey Kahne races into third, followed by Clint Bowyer on his bumper.

Lap 232 -- Kevin Harvick moves up to eighth.

Lap 231 -- Regan Smith reports he thinks he may have an electrical fire and says the gauges have gone dark.

Lap 230 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves to 12th, passing teammate Jeff Gordon.

Lap 227 -- Brad Keselowski drops to 10th, giving ninth back to Kyle Busch.

Lap 225 -- Clint Bowyer was in danger of going a lap down earlier in the race and now finds third behind Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards.

Lap 224 -- Kasey Kahne moves up to fourth.

Lap 223 -- Jimmie Johnson lost two spots on pit road after being 2 seconds slower than Marcos Ambrose and Carl Edwards.

Lap 222 -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards leads the field back to green followed by Marcos Ambrose, Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson and Martin Truex Jr.

Lap 221 -- One until green.

Lap 220 -- Carl Edwards remains the race leader.

Lap 218 -- Pit road is open: Marcos Ambrose has wedge taken out of the car. Matt Kenseth takes tires, fuel. Carl Edwards wants grip but doesn't want the balance of the No. 99 messed with. Jimmie Johnson takes tires, fuel. Carl Edwards beats Marcos Ambrose off pit road.

Lap 217 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Debris in Turn 3. Kurt Busch will get the free pass.

Lap 213 -- Brian Vickers moves to 11th and doesn't seem to be struggling after tapping the wall earlier in the race.

Lap 209 -- Kevin Harvick moves to sixth as Kyle Busch drops to 14th.

Lap 208 -- Jimmie Johnson drops 2.4 seconds off the lead pace of Carl Edwards.

Lap 206 -- Kurt Busch goes a lap down. Eighteen cars remain on the lead lap with Denny Hamlin in 18th.

Lap 204 -- Matt Kenseth is a past Dover winner and currently running in fourth. The No. 17 has been fast most of the day.

Lap 202 -- Kyle Busch almost slams the wall in Turn 2 but saves the car as he works a groove.

Lap 201 -- Halfway through the race, Carl Edwards has the lead followed by Jimmie Johnson, Martin Truex. Jr. and Marcos Ambrose.

Lap 199 -- Clint Bowyer and Kyle Busch race side by side for a top-10 spot.

Lap 197 -- Marcos Ambrose is running in third.

Lap 195 -- Carl Edwards pulls away from Jimmie Johnson. Martin Truex Jr. is posting the fastest laps.

Lap 193 -- As the track continues to rubber up, it's going to play a larger role in the outcome of the race. Several cars report their cars loose, tough to handle.

Lap 192 -- Kyle Busch moves to 10th.

Lap 190 -- Carl Edwards passes jimmie Johnson to take the lead.

Lap 186 -- Mark Martin has made great strides throughout the race, up 17 spots and into eighth.

Lap 184 -- Martin Truex Jr. -- making his 200th career start in the Cup Series -- passes Matt Kenseth for fourth.

Lap 182 -- Marcos Ambrose gets loose and Carl Edwards takes advantage, making the pass for second on the inside.

Lap 181 -- Clint Bowyer has rebounded and knocking on the door of Brad Keselowski for 10th.

Lap 178 -- Carl Edwards joins the party up front and is on the bumper of Marcos Ambrose, in second.

Lap 177 -- Marcos Ambrose remains in second and had to back off the No. 48 into Turn 2.

Lap 175 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. passes Jeff Gordon for 12th.

Lap 174 -- Martin Truex Jr. moves into fifth. A.J. Allmendinger is in the garage and out of the race.

Lap 173 -- Kyle Busch continues to make his way toward the front, claiming ninth.

Lap 172 -- Marcos Ambrose moves up to second. Carl Edwards lets him pass.

Lap 171 -- Jamie McMurray got the free pass on the restart. Jimmie Johnson remains out front.

Lap 170 -- GREEN FLAG: Jimmie Johnson leads the field back to green, followed by Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, Marcos Ambrose and Kevin Harvick.

Lap 167 -- One lap to green.

Lap 166 -- A.J. Allmendinger pits with a blown engine, Jimmie Johnson moves to the front of the field.

Lap 165 -- A.J. Allmendinger stays out to lead a lap, followed by Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth and Marcos Ambrose.

Lap 164 -- The leaders pit: Marcos Ambrose gets a wedge adjustment. Carl Edwards gets an air adjustment. Jimmie Johnson takes a chassis adjustment. Johnson wins the race off pit road. Denny Hamlin is caught speeding.

Lap 163 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: It's raining at Dover. Carl Edwards is the race leader.

Lap 159 -- A.J. Allmendinger appears to have engine trouble.

Lap 155 -- Jeff Gordon hasn't lost or gained much since the green flag dropped. The No. 24 is in 18th.

Lap 154 -- Bobby Labonte moves up to 17th, gaining six spots since the start of the race.

Lap 153 -- Carl Edwards survives a trip through lapped traffic and a charge from Jimmie Johnson for the lead.

Lap 151 -- The track continues to rubber up as cars get loose and start to slide up the track.

Lap 150 -- Matt Kenseth drops to the bottom and makes the pass on Marcos Ambrose for fourth.

Lap 149 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. remains in seventh and hasn't said much over the radio so far.

Lap 147 -- The No. 48 is getting more loose as Jimmie Johnson seems to ease off the car a bit.

Lap 146 -- Weather still is a factor as clouds form to the west.

Lap 145 -- Nineteen cars remain on the lead lap. No. 7 heads to the garage.

Lap 144 -- Carl Edwards makes the pass on No. 48 in Turn 2 for the lead.

Lap 143 -- Jimmie Johnson struggles with grip, like so many other at this point in the race.

Lap 142 -- Jamie McMurray goes a lap down.

Lap 140 -- Matt Kenseth is the biggest mover, up 19 spots to fifth.

Lap 139 -- Jimmie Johnson has led 132 laps.

Lap 136 -- Matt Kenseth moves into fifth, passing Kevin Harvick on the outside.

Lap 135 -- Kurt Busch is the first car a lap down.

Lap 134 -- Marcos Ambrose drops to fourth; A.J. Allmendinger settles into third.

Lap 132 -- Carl Edwards says grip has improved after an air pressure adjustment during his last pit stop.

Lap 131 -- Kyle Busch moves up to 12th.

Lap 129 -- The track is transitioning and reflecting more rubber as the race progresses.

Lap 128 -- Carl Edwards is trying to get underneath Marcos Ambrose but can't make the pass for second.

Lap 124 -- Tony Stewart says the balance on his car is horrible and has to make a return trip to pit road because they didn't get the No. 14 full of fuel. He remains three laps down.

Lap 123 -- Clint Bowyer is the last car on the lead lap, in 22nd.

Lap 121 -- Jimmie Johnson continues to lead and showing no signs of slowing down.

Lap 120 -- Brad Keselowski claims fifth with Matt Kenseth on his bumper.

Lap 117 -- Martin Truex Jr. rounds out the top 10, 13.5 seconds behind leader Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 115 -- Marcos Ambrose won't go away and put the No. 9 in second after passing Carl Edwards.

Lap 112 -- After cycling through green flag pit stops, Jimmie Johnson finds his way to the front and into the lead.

Lap 111 -- Mark Martin pits, takes tires and fuel. Dale Earnhardt Jr. pits and wants to get off the corners better. Martin Truex Jr. is way loose on entry.

Lap 110 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. leads a lap. Matt Kenseth takes ties, fuel.

Lap 109 -- Kevin Harvick is loose, takes tires. David Ragan spins on pit road, nearly blocking the entrance to pit road. Jimmie Johnson takes a chassis adjustment.

Lap 107 -- Brad Keselowski is on pit road with four tires and an air pressure adjustment. Regan Smith pits for tires, fuel. A.J. Allmendinger pits with a vibration in the steering wheel, takes four tires and a wedge adjustment.

Lap 106 -- Carl Edwards is on the bumper of Jimmie Johnson as the No. 48 dances around lapped traffic.

Lap 105 -- Ryan Newman, in 25th, falls a lap down.

Lap 104 -- Kevin Harvick rounds out the top five.

Lap 100 -- Jimmie Johnson reports the track is taking rubber, but the No. 48 isn't consistent from lap to lap.

Lap 99 -- Carl Edwards takes second away from Marcos Ambrose.

Lap 98 -- A.J. Allmendinger reports he has no front grip.

Lap 97 -- Drivers are approaching green flag pit stops and will need fuel soon.

Lap 96 -- Jeff Burton to 12th.

Lap 95 -- Jimmie Johnson is puting some space between the No. 48 and Carl Edwards.

Lap 93 -- Marcos Ambrose cracks the top three.

Lap 91 -- Carl Edwards passes A.J. Allmendinger for second.

Lap 88 -- Matt Kenseth is fast and passes Brad Keselowski for eighth.

Lap 86 -- Kurt Busch continues to recover after dropping a spring rubber.

Lap 82 -- Bobby Labonte continues to hang around in the top 20. Jeff Gordon is running in 21st and can't seem to make a move.

Lap 81 -- Denny Hamlin started 26th and claims the 19th spot.

Lap 80 -- Kasey Kahne is running 16th, down 12 spots after major adjustments during two pit stops.

Lap 79 -- Jimmie Johnson puts a half second between the No. 48 and Carl Edwards.

Lap 76 -- Matt Kenseth called Dover his favorite track; he's moved up 16 spots since the start of the race and mounting a charge for seventh while recording faster lap times than race leader Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 75 -- Brad Keselowski is loose and sideways but holding on to seventh.

Lap 72 -- Marcos Ambrose keeps coming, bringing his Ford up the middle and passing Kevin Harvick for fourth.

Lap 69 -- Jimmie Johnson refuses to give up the clean air and holds off a challenge from A.J. Allmendinger for the lead.

Lap 67 -- Thirty-five cars remain on the lead lap.

Lap 65 -- A.J. Allmendinger is matching lap times with the No. 48 and is poised to make the pass for the lead.

Lap 63 -- Clint Bowyer took two tires and called the move a bad idea; he isn't happy with the car.

Lap 62 -- As Marcos Ambrose cracks the top five, A.J. Allmendinger takes over second.

Lap 60 -- Jimmie Johnson has led the most laps in the past four races at Dover and continues to lead the most in this race.

Lap 59 -- Matt Kenseth moves to 12th.

Lap 58 -- Joe Nemechek heads to the garage.

Lap 57 -- Mark Martin joins the party in 10th, up 15 spots since the start of the race.

Lap 55 -- Kurt Busch reports the car is better after pulling a spring rubber on the No. 22.

Lap 53 -- After starting dead last, Kyle Busch moves up to 13th. No. 46 heads to the garage.

Lap 50 -- Marcos Ambrose continues to run strong, up to sixth.

Lap 49 -- Carl Edwards drops to third; A.J. Allmendinger claims second.

Lap 46 -- Jimmie Johnson catches Carl Edwards and takes back the lead.

Lap 45 -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards leads the field back to green. David Stremme is caught speeding on pit road.

Lap 44 -- One until green.

Lap 43 -- Carl Edwards takes four tires, fuel and beats Jimmie Johnson of of pit road. Greg Biffle is in trouble, on pit road with the hood up as crew members work with the air filter. He goes a lap down.

Lap 42 -- Jimmie Johnson likes being free, won't ask for an adjustment. Regan Smith is loose in traffic, calls for a wedge adjustment. David Regan wants to get into the corners better.

Lap 40 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Competition caution. The field heads to pit road.

Lap 39 -- Jimmie Johnson has led every lap, but Carl Edwards is right there.

Lap 37 -- Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards, running 1-2 -- have started to separate themselves from the field.

Lap 34 -- Joey Logano is back on track with fresh tires, but will have to race his way back onto the lead lap.

Lap 32 -- Dale Jr. drops to fifth; Regan Smith is on the 88's bumper.

Lap 31 -- Kevin Harvick moves into third.

Lap 29 -- Carl Edwards passes A.J. Allmendinger for second.

Lap 27 -- Marcos Ambrose started 15th and is now in the top 10. Ambrose says he's loose but loves the car.

Lap 26 -- Kevin Harvick slides into fourth and rides just behind Carl Edwards.

Lap 25 -- GREEN FLAG: Jimmie Johnson leads the field back to green from the outside, followed by A.J. Allmendinger, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carl Edwards and brad Keselowski. Johnson is quick on the restart and holds the lead.

Lap 23 -- One to go until green.

Lap 22 -- Carl Edwards will restart fourth, up nine spots since the start of the race.

Lap 21 -- No refueling until the competition caution on Lap 40. No. 71 gets the free pass.

Lap 20 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Debris in Turn 2; Joey Logano gets loose, spins.

Lap 19 -- Greg Biffle passes Martin Truex Jr. for 11th.

Lap 18 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. settles into third, just behind A.J. Allmendinger.

Lap 15 -- Kurt Busch is tight through the turns and calls for a major adjustment.

Lap 14 -- Turns 3 and 4 are in full sun now -- look for cars to be loose.

Lap 11 -- Kyle Busch wastes little time making a move, up 13 spots into 30th after an engine change forced him to start the race at the back of the pack.

Lap 10 -- David Ragan is on the move, up to 10th.

Lap 9 -- Martin Truex Jr. drops four spots to 12th.

Lap 8 -- Kevin Harvick gains a spot, up to ninth.

Lap 7 -- Carl Edwards moves up to seventh.

Lap 6 -- Regan Smith moves up three spots to eighth.

Lap 5 -- Kurt Busch drops three spots to ninth.

Lap 4 -- Brad Keselowski cracks the top five, up four spots.

Lap 3 -- Joey Logano moves up a spot to fourth.

Lap 2 -- Brian Vickers taps the wall, saves the car.

Lap 1 -- Jimmie Johnson puts a car length between the NO. 48 and the field and leads the first lap.

1:17 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Jimmie Johnson leads the field to speed for 400 laps at the Monster Mile.

1:12 p.m. -- The cars roll off pit road for their warm-up laps.

1:09 p.m. -- Jacob Boenzi gives the command to start engines.

1:01 p.m. -- Country music duo Miss Willie Brown performs the national anthem.

1 p.m. -- Pastor Dan Schafer of Calvary Assembly of God in Hightstown, N.J., delivers the Invocation.

12:56 p.m. -- NASCAR officials have scheduled a competition caution on Lap 40.

12:54 p.m. -- Kyle Busch will start Sunday's race at the back of the pack after an engine change.

12:30 p.m. -- FOX's pre-race coverage of the FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks is under way.

11:55 a.m. -- After a morning of dense fog, the skies are clearing and the sun is making an appearance.

8:12 a.m. -- It's a cloudy day at Dover International Speedway, overcast and cool with temperatures in the mid-60s. Weather forecasts point to a 35 percent chance of rain at race time. With rain canceling qualifying at Dover on Saturday, the new procedure that sets the lineup this season puts Jimmie Johnson and A.J. Allmendinger on the front row for Sunday's FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks. Green flag is set for 1:15 p.m. ET.