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Lap-by-Lap: Kansas

June 06, 2011, ,

Lap 267 -- CHECKERED FLAG: Brad Keselowski pulls off the victory by holding on to just enough fuel to win the STP 400. Dale Earnhardt Jr. again falls just short in a fuel-mileage race, finishing second. Denny Hamlin was third.

Lap 266 -- WHITE FLAG: Brad Keselowski leads by 3.5 seconds and has one lap to go.

Lap 265 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn't gaining as much as he was earlier and may have to hope Keselowski goes dry.

Lap 264 -- Brad Keselowski leads by 4.3 seconds.

Lap 263 -- Brad Keselowski is coasting as much as he can and is now up by 4.8 seconds with 4 laps to go.

Lap 262 -- Brad Keselowski's lead is now 5.1 seconds.

Lap 261 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is within 5.5 seconds of Brad Keselowski now.

Lap 260 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is closing on Brad Keselowski, now 6.3 seconds off the lead.

Lap 259 -- Kurt Busch's car is wobbling on the apron and he can't get up to speed. It's fired up now.

Lap 258 -- LEAD CHANGE: Brad Keselowski takes the lead when Kurt Busch hits pit road. Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets past Denny Hamlin for second place. He's now the top-running car with the most fuel.

Lap 256 -- Kurt Busch's lead is 20 seconds over teammate Brad Keselowski. There are 10 laps remaining.

Lap 255 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is right on the bumper of Denny Hamlin for third place. Tony Stewart hits the pits for two tires and fuel.

Lap 253 -- Tony Stewart is apparently nearly one lap short of finishing the race on fuel.

Lap 252 -- Jimmie Johnson splits Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch to take 12th.

Lap 249 -- Kurt Busch continues to stay out, with a 10-second lead on Tony Stewart. Others still out are Brad Keselowski, Brian Vickers, Denny Hamlin and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Lap 247 -- Cars continue to pile into pit road, leaving nine cars on the lead lap. Seven now, as David Ragan and Carl Edwards head in.

Lap 246 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is up to 11th, one spot behind Denny Hamlin.

Lap 245 -- Clint Bowyer, Paul Menard and Jeff Burton are all on pit road, taking tires and fuel.

Lap 244 -- Kurt Busch's lead is 3.6 seconds over Jeff Gordon, allowing him to try to save as much fuel as possible.

Lap 242 -- Kevin Harvick takes two tires and a splash of fuel. Greg Biffle took four tires.

Lap 240 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is running 16th and has Denny Hamlin in his sights. His strategy is to get past Hamlin, who has the best chance of having the fuel to finish the race.

Lap 238 -- Brad Keselowski is running seventh and has been told he's about three-quarters of a lap short on fuel. He's in conservation mode.

Lap 237 -- Denny Hamlin, with all his fuel, is running in 13th.

Lap 235 -- Carl Edwards and Jimmie Johnson continue to battle, but they were far enough ahead of Tony Stewart in fifth that it hasn't helped him draw up.

Lap 232 -- Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards are still trading places for third, with Edwards holding it at the line.

Lap 228 -- Jimmie Johnson is battling Carl Edwards for third. Denny Hamlin has plenty of fuel, but apparently no handling. He said the handling has completely disappeared from his car.

Lap 226 -- With 40 laps left, Kevin Harvick hovers in seventh, but he is nearly 12 seconds off the lead.

Lap 224 -- Kyle Busch is still in the top 10, back in ninth.

Lap 222 -- Never mind. Kurt Busch is now up by more than 2 seconds. It's a huge gap between Jeff Gordon in second and Carl Edwards in third.

Lap 218 -- Jeff Gordon is closing a little bit, now within 1.6 seconds of the lead. Carl Edwards is third, Jimmie Johnson fourth and Matt Kenseth fifth. Tony Stewart, who had led, is down to sixth.

Lap 215 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kurt Busch is back to the lead as the four stalwarts head to the pits. He's up 1.9 seconds on Jeff Gordon, but he has a way to go on this tank of fuel if he wants to win.

Lap 214 -- Juan Montoya heads to the pits. The top four remain out to try to use fuel mileage.

Lap 213 -- The top five cars -- Denny Hamlin, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jamie McMurray, Ryan Newman and Juan Montoya -- have not yet made their pit stops.

Lap 211 -- LEAD CHANGE: Denny Hamlin holds the lead when Tony Stewart pits for four tires and fuel.

Lap 210 -- Brad Keselowski pits from second place and takes four tires and fuel with an air-pressure change. He wants more stability.

Lap 207 -- Tony Stewart is within a handful of laps of being able to at least making an attempt to finish the race on this final stop. He and Brad Keselowski both pitted 53 laps ago.

Lap 205 -- LEAD CHANGE: Tony Stewart takes the lead when Kurt Busch hits pit road. Busch takes four tires and says his car's a little snug, but he wants no changes. Jeff Gordon says he's loose off the corners and takes an air-pressure adjustment.

Lap 203 -- Kyle Busch says his car is too loose. Carl Edwards gets an air pressure change with four tires. Matt Kenseth gets tires and fuel. Jimmie Johnson takes four tires, fuel and his car's still too free.

Lap 201 -- Green-flag pit stops are under way, leaving the leaders with probably at least one stop remaining. Greg Biffle gets four tires and fuel, Clint Bowyer takes an air pressure adjustment and four tires. Regan Smith gets an air pressure change. Kyle Busch and Kasey Kahne pull in.

Lap 200 -- Clint Bowyer, who won the Truck Series race Saturday, is running ninth and moving toward the front as the laps count down in his home state.

Lap 197 -- Jeff Gordon has cut the lead down to the one-second mark. There are 70 laps left.

Lap 195 -- Jeff Gordon is closing, ever so slowly, on Kurt Busch. The lead has been cut by about four-tenths of a second.

Lap 194 -- The cars have spaced out a little, but Brad Keselowski gets past Kyle Busch for ninth.

Lap 192 -- Kevin Harvick has now passed Kyle Busch again, this time for eighth place. Brad Keselowski is up to 10th.

Lap 190 -- Greg Biffle is up to seventh, passing Kyle Busch.

Lap 188 -- David Ragan gets around Kasey Kahne for 12th place.

Lap 186 -- Kevin Harvick has gotten around Clint Bowyer for ninth.

Lap 181 -- David Ragan is the highest-running driver to not have a Cup victory to his name, running in 13th.

Lap 178 -- Kurt Busch is up by nearly two seconds. Despite his earlier protests, Kurt has a heck of a car and he's strong out front.

Lap 175 -- Clint Bowyer is running ninth, his best spot of the whole race. He's right in front of his teammate, Kevin Harvick.

Lap 172 -- Once again, whatever the No. 11 crew did for Denny Hamlin it's working well. He's climbed from 21st to 15th since this restart.

Lap 171 -- Jeff Gordon is up to second behind Kurt Busch, but still nearly 1.6 seconds off the pace. Tony Stewart is third, Carl Edwards fourth and Matt Kenseth fifth.

Lap 170 -- Kasey Kahne is back up to 11th after a chunk of the race spent well back in the field.

Lap 168 -- Kurt Busch is back up where he was early in the day, and he's again stretching out his lead. He's up nearly 1.5 seconds on Tony Stewart in second.

Lap 165 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field back to green.

Lap 163 -- Denny Hamlin has some damage to his rear bumper, and he hits pit road. He's the only car in the top 20 to do so.

Lap 161 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: More debris on the track, this time in Turn 3.

Lap 160 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kurt Busch takes the lead, with Jeff Gordon climbing into second. Denny Hamlin and Tony Stewart made contact.

Lap 158 -- Jeff Gordon wants fourth from Kyle Busch and takes it. Kurt Busch took over second from Tony Stewart.

Lap 157 -- GREEN FLAG: Denny Hamlin and Tony Stewart lead the field back to the green flag in the STP 400.

Lap 154 -- The top five on the restart will be Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch and Jeff Gordon.

Lap 153 -- Kevin Harvick wants a half-round of wedge back out. No chassis adjustments for Tony Stewart, just tires and fuel. Jeff Gordon wants more grip and more stability. Jeff Burton took track bar adjustment, while Greg Biffle had no adjustment. Denny Hamlin is again fastest off pit road.

Lap 152 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Dale Earnhardt Jr. got a little loose and spun to bring out the caution, but did manage to keep it off the wall.

Lap 151 -- Kyle Busch continues to slide through the field, now down to eighth.

Lap 148 -- Old buddies Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch are now battling for sixth, with Harvick taking the spot. Wonder how they feel about each other.

Lap 146 -- Tony Stewart is starting to check out, reaching a lead of nearly one second on Denny Hamlin.

Lap 143 -- Jimmie Johnson has gotten past Kyle Busch for fourth, and Kurt Busch is now past his brother for fifth.

Lap 140 -- LEAD CHANGE: Time biding is done. Tony Stewart gets past Denny Hamlin for the race lead.

Lap 137 -- Jeff Gordon is running third and Jimmie Johnson is up to fifth. Also moving up is David Ragan in eighth.

Lap 136 -- Tony Stewart continues to hover right behind Denny Hamlin, just biding his time.

Lap 131 -- Juan Montoya thinks he might have a flat right-side tire.

Lap 128 -- Juan Montoya gets into the wall, but the race stays green.

Lap 127 -- Tony Stewart is back up on Denny Hamlin in a battle for the lead.

Lap 126 -- GREEN FLAG: Denny Hamlin leads the field to green on the restart for the STP 400. They're nearly halfway through this race.

Lap 122 -- None of the leaders hit pit road, so the restart top five will be Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon and Carl Edwards.

Lap 121 -- Don't look now, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. is up to 14th, one spot behind Clint Bowyer. That's two names you haven't heard much out of today.

Lap 120 -- Bobby Labonte earned the free pass and will be back on the lead lap for the restart.

Lap 119 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: Landon Cassill does some serious damage by plowing into the wall. Marcos Ambrose also gets some damage.

Lap 118 -- Tony Stewart also gets around Kyle Busch for second. Jeff Gordon is up to fourth.

Lap 117 -- LEAD CHANGE: Denny Hamlin passes Kyle Busch to take the lead for the first time.

Lap 115 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch leads the field to green after a strong pit stop gave him the race lead. He said he wanted to be out front to see what his car could do; here's his chance.

Lap 113 -- The leaders on the restart will be Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick. Kurt Busch's problem came in an issue with the fuel man.

Lap 111 -- The leaders head to pit road. Kevin Harvick gets four tires, as does Matt Kenseth. Carl Edwards takes four as well, and Kyle Busch does the same. Kyle Busch leads the race off pit road, with Denny Hamlin gaining two spots. Kurt Busch lost a ton of spots, and there might have been a problem on his left-side tire change.

Lap 110 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Debris in Turn 4 brings out the second caution. It's a water bottle someone has probably accidentally lost. This time, Landon Cassill gets the free pass back to the lead lap.

Lap 109 -- Tony Stewart is up on the rear bumper of Kyle Busch for the third-place spot.

Lap 107 -- Carl Edwards is continuing to stretch his lead, as that clean air is working well for him.

Lap 105 -- Brian Vickers, in 28th, is next in line to go down a lap to Carl Edwards.

Lap 104 -- Brad Keselowski is in 14th and is staying steady there.

Lap 102 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is up into the top 20, despite the heat affecting him.

Lap 100 -- Carl Edwards' lead is up to 1.5 seconds over Kurt Busch.

Lap 96 -- Jeff Gordon and Kevin Harvick are battling for sixth.

Lap 94 -- Matt Kenseth has lost two spots in the past two laps.

Lap 92 -- Jeff Gordon is up to sixth. David Ragan and teammate Greg Biffle are running 10th and 11th.

Lap 90 -- Jimmie Johnson's progress has slowed, but he's up to ninth.

Lap 89 -- Carl Edwards' lead is past the one-second mark on pole-sitter Kurt Busch.

Lap 88 -- Denny Hamlin has taken over fifth but is still a second behind Tony Stewart in fourth.

Lap 84 -- LEAD CHANGE: Carl Edwards stalked Kurt Busch for the race lead and took it.

Lap 81 -- Kyle Busch wiggled as he tried to get underneath Carl Edwards and Kurt Busch. The top three remain, but Tony Stewart is coming up to join the party.

Lap 80 -- Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch are battling for second, and they're both right up on Kurt Busch for the lead.

Lap 79 -- Denny Hamlin must like what his crew did to his car, as he's up to sixth and closing on Matt Kenseth for fifth.

Lap 78 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. said he'll be surprised if the heat doesn't get him. We're less than one-third of the way through the race.

Lap 77 -- Juan Montoya restarted fifth, but is down to 11th now.

Lap 76 -- Tony Stewart is up to fourth, with Denny Hamlin having climbed up to seventh.

Lap 74 -- The Busch brothers lead the pack, with Kurt in front and Kyle running second, .3 seconds off the pace.

Lap 73 -- Juan Montoya is sliding through the field on the restart.

Lap 72 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch led the field back to green, and we'll see if he can continue to lead the race as he has most of the day.

Lap 70 -- The top five on the restart will be Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Juan Montoya.

Lap 69 -- The leaders are on pit road. Kevin Harvick said his car is tight in front, loose in the rear. Carl Edwards needs helps through the center. Kurt Busch said the rear of his car is more free than the front. Four tires for Busch and Juan Montoya. Busch wins the race off pit road.

Lap 68 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: There is debris in Turn 1, bringing out the first caution of the day. Jamie McMurray gets back on the lead lap.

Lap 67 -- Jimmie Johnson is up to 10th, one spot behind last fall's winner, Greg Biffle.

Lap 65 -- Jamie McMurray, who started sixth, is in real danger of being put a lap down by Kurt Busch. He's running 28th.

Lap 63 -- Denny Hamlin has been hanging around 12th most of the day and is complaining that his car won't turn well.

Lap 61 -- Kyle Busch says he's "killed" his car after getting into the wall.

Lap 58 -- Carl Edwards has taken over second place from Juan Montoya.

Lap 56 -- Jamie McMurray is down to 28th. It's a three-car battle for the second-place spot, but it's still 3 seconds behind Kurt Busch.

Lap 53 -- Obligatory Dale Earnhardt Jr. mention: He's running back near where he started, in 25th.

Lap 52 -- Watch out, leaders. Jimmie Johnson is knocking on the door of the top 10, currently running 12th. His teammate Jeff Gordon is up to ninth.

Lap 51 -- Kurt Busch is again stretching his lead. Matt Kenseth came out of the pit stops sixth, in front of his teammate Greg Biffle.

Lap 47 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kurt Busch is back to the lead as green-flag stops cycle through. His lead over Juan Montoya is down to just more than one second.

Lap 46 -- LEAD CHANGE: Casey Mears leads when Landon Cassill hits pit road.

Lap 44 -- LEAD CHANGE: Landon Cassill takes the lead when Kurt Busch heads to pit road. Kyle Busch said his car was too tight. Kurt Busch says his car is still too tight.

Lap 43 -- Greg Biffle wants his car tightened up a little, so he gets a wedge adjustment. Second-place Juan Montoya is in the pits and gave up that spot.

Lap 42 -- A.J. Allmendinger starts the green-flag pit stops with adjustments and tires. David Reutimann got massive adjustments for a loose car. Jamie McMurray and Bobby Labonte are also in.

Lap 40 -- The front of the field has largely spaced out, with fifth-place Kevin Harvick nearly 7 seconds behind leader Kurt Busch.

Lap 38 -- Jimmie Johnson continues his move, now up to 16th.

Lap 37 -- Joey Logano has gotten passed by Greg Biffle, Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth in the past two laps. He's down to ninth.

Lap 35 -- Greg Biffle is up to seventh.

Lap 34 -- Martin Truex Jr. is struggling, having fallen to 16th after an eighth-place start.

Lap 32 -- Ol' Five Time is up to 18th after starting 31st.

Lap 31 -- Kurt Busch continues to stretch his lead, as it's now more than 3 seconds on Juan Montoya. He has completely checked out.

Lap 29 -- Kevin Harvick has climbed into the top 5. Kurt Busch's lead is in danger of growing to more than 2.5 seconds.

Lap 27 -- Brad Keselowski is on the move, having climbed from 25th to 17th.

Lap 26 -- Kurt Busch's lead has passed the one-second mark over Juan Montoya.

Lap 24 -- Carl Edwards is battling Kyle Busch for that third-place spot, with the two trading places on the track. Edwards holds the spot at the line.

Lap 23 -- Kyle Busch continues to lose ground to the leaders, and Carl Edwards is coming up on him for third.

Lap 22 -- Jeff Gordon is up to 10th after passing Paul Menard. Gordon started 22nd.

Lap 20 -- Brian Vickers is continuing to slide through the field. He's down to 10th after starting fourth.

Lap 18 -- LEAD CHANGE: So much for having an undriveable car. Kurt Busch is back to the lead and is pulling away.

Lap 17 -- Kurt Busch is closing on Juan Montoya and now trails the leader by only .15 seconds.

Lap 16 -- Regan Smith has lost six spots and is down to 17th.

Lap 14 -- Kurt Busch has gotten around his baby brother for second, and is now a half-second behind leader Juan Montoya.

Lap 12 -- Dave Blaney has picked up eight spots after starting 42nd.

Lap 11 -- Greg Biffle, who won here last fall, is up into the top 10.

Lap 10 -- LEAD CHANGE: Juan Montoya regained the lead by passing Kyle Busch. Matt Kenseth started 21st, but has moved all the way up to 12th.

Lap 8 -- Tony Stewart is the big mover in the top 10, up to seventh after starting 13th.

Lap 5: -- Joey Logano is in a three-way battle with Brian Vickers and Kurt Busch for third. Busch takes third on that lap.

Lap 3 -- Pole-sitter Kurt Busch is already complaining about his car, saying it's super tight. He's fallen to fifth.

Lap 2 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kyle Busch passes Juan Montoya on the inside and takes the lead. The inside line seems to be working really early.

Lap 1 -- LEAD CHANGE: Juan Montoya fights on the inside and leads the first lap by passing Kurt Busch.

1:18 p.m. ET -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch and Juan Montoya lead the field to green in the STP 400 as we're under way at Kansas Speedway. David Gilliland went to the rear with a transmission change.

1:12 p.m. ET -- The drivers have taken to the track for their warm-up laps.

1:08 p.m. ET -- Richard Petty is on the other side of the microphone for the most famous words in motorsports: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

1:03 p.m. ET -- The flyover comes from 4 A-10's 303 FS Whiteman Air Force Base.

1:02 p.m. ET -- The national anthem is performed by Matt Gary of 17 Entertainment/Quarterback Records.

1:01 p.m. ET -- The Invocation is given by Greg Par of the Grace United Community Ministry.

1 p.m. ET -- Presentation of colors by the Twenty-Eighth Infantry Battalion, Fourth Brigade Combat Team, First Infantry Division.

10:03 a.m. ET -- Good morning, race fans! It's going to be a hot one for the STP 400 at Kansas Speedway, with a predicted temperature of 87 degrees at the race start and climbing into the 90s as the laps go by. Kurt Busch won the pole, and Juan Montoya will start second when the green flag drops at 1:17 p.m. ET.