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UTV blog: Pocono

June 22, 2011, Special to NASCAR.COM,

Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle Road Blog, Hangover Edition! It was 8 a.m. on Monday morning. Tim, The Machine, was passed out holding a baby. John was awake and staring, through his white, rock star sunglasses at a little Jack Russell Terrier named Senator. Tim woke up and said, "John, you have a tattoo on the small of your back." John replied, "What happens on the TNT Summer Series stays on the TNT Summer Series."

Kyle Petty shows off the UTV to CNN camera crews.

Last Sunday, we took the Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle to Somerville, N.J., for the Spring Spectacular Street Festival. John, on a dare from some local cops, got a henna tattoo of racing flags on his back.

Monday and Tuesday, we had off in New York. Monday, we did touristy things such as walking through Central Park, visiting Times Square, and shopping. We heard about FAO Schwarz, a giant toy store, located close to Central Park. The giant piano scene from the Tom Hanks movie Big was filmed at FAO Schwarz. The piano is still there! Tim bought a puppet puppy that looks so real that we were asked to leave a Starbucks. Tuesday, we took in some local comedy at UCB New York. They were doing long form improvisation. Teams of comedians got on stage, asked for a one word suggestion, and just riffed for 30 minutes. We saw several teams perform for only $5. Great stuff.

Thursday, the Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle and Kyle Petty set up in front of the Time Warner Center to be featured on CNN American Morning. John challenged Petty to a video game race in NASCAR 2011 on the PS3. This might have been the only time John could out race KP! Also, if Petty reads this blog: John is openly challenging you to game of foosball! The gauntlet has been thrown, KP. We had the grill going all morning and John got a lot of face time on CNN as the grill cook. It went straight to his head as he has been wearing cool guy sunglasses ever since and has been asking if anyone wants his autograph.

This weekend, we were at Pocono. We were pumped as this was the first race of the TNT Summer Series. There was a palpable, nostalgic charm to Pocono Raceway. If not for touring with the Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle, we never would have come here and the Chesney Brothers really feel lucky to have been able to go. By the way, congrats to Fletcher racing and the big Jeff Gordon win.

To top off the weekend, Tim's girls, including his 18-month-old baby, Abby, were coming to visit after the race.

On Monday morning, Senator, the Jack Russell Terrier puppet that Tim bought a few days earlier, continued to turn down John's offer of an autograph. John's henna tattoo, which was usually reserved for young ladies, had faded to a light orange. Tim went back to sleep cuddling his cute, bald baby, Abby.