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Lap-by-Lap: Sonoma

June 26, 2011, ,

Lap 110 -- CHECKERED FLAG: Kurt Busch dominated at Infineon Raceway right from the start and pulled away for his first victory of the season and his first Cup Series win on a road course.

Lap 109 -- WHITE FLAG: Kurt Busch has plenty of room out front as Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon battle for second.

Lap 108 -- Kyle Busch moves to 11th and is doing battle with David Gilliland. Tony Stewart admits he had it coming (getting dumped by Brian Vickers) after exiting his car.

Lap 107 -- Jeff Gordon moves up to third after passing Martin Truex Jr. and Kurt Busch continues to enjoy clean air out front.

Lap 106 -- Marcos Ambrose moves back up to sixth. Jimmie Johnson finds the eighth spot. Kevin Harvick moves to 10th.

Lap 105 -- Juan Montoya drops back to 12th as Clint Bowyer moves up to fifth. Kurt Busch should have no problems taking the checkers if the race stays green. Tony Stewart is out of tires, out of brakes and out of patience as the No. 14 team calls it a day and heads to the garage.

Lap 104 -- Brad Keselowski dumps Juan Montoya as they approach Turn 4. Montoya tried to force Keselowski into the grass.

Lap 103 -- Tony Stewart is back in the race. Carl Edwards can't close the gap on leader Kurt Busch.

Lap 102 -- Juan Montoya and Martin Truex Jr. do battle for fifth. Truex shows no signs of letting the No. 42 pass. Jeff Gordon moves to third.

Lap 101 -- Marcos Ambrose rounds out the top 10. Pole-sitter Joey Logano is in 11th. No change to the top five as Kurt Busch hopes a caution doesn't come out.

Lap 100 -- With 10 laps to go at Infineon, Kurt Busch leads Carl Edwards by 4 seconds. Brad Keselowski has the Blue Deuce in third, followed by Jeff Gordon, Martin Truex Jr. and Juan Montoya.

Lap 99 -- Kurt Busch's leads grows to 3.9 seconds.

Lap 98 -- David Gilliland is Juan Montoya's next target through Turn 2 as Montoya trades paint to get buy.Gilliland won't budge, but loses the spot anyway.

Lap 97 -- Closing laps are approaching as Juan Montoya sends Kasey Kahne into the grass.

Lap 96 -- Kurt Busch holds a 3.7-second lead. Carl Edwards remains in second.

Lap 95 -- Juan Montoya is back to seventh after pitting on Lap 88 and is doing battle for sixth with Jeff Gordon. Montoya is aggressive on the inside and earns the spot on fresher tires. With a little help from Marcos Ambrose, Dave Blaney turns it around in Turn 7.

Lap 94 -- Brad Keselowski puts the Blue Deuce into third after passing Kasey Kahne. Kurt Busch's lead is 3.7 seconds.

Lap 93 -- Carl Edwards decided not to race at Road America so he could focus on Infineon and things may pay off as the No. 99 finds the second spot. Brad Keselowski moves to fourth.

Lap 92 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field back to green, followed by Martin Truex Jr., Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski. Call it a hunch, but look for David Gilliland -- in sixth -- to contend at the end. Busch has been nothing short of perfect on the restarts and gets off to a fast start as Kasey Kahne takes second and Carl Edwards takes third. Truex drops to sixth.

Lap 91 -- One lap to go until green with Kurt Busch in the lead. Tony Stewart is in the garage watching metal be cut from the No.14.

Lap 89 -- Kevin Harvick pits for tires and fuel. Regan Smith pits as well. Kurt Busch assumes the lead.

Lap 88 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: The rear of Tony Stewart's car is sitting atop a pile of tires after Brian Vickers dumped the No. 14 in Turn 11. Earlier in the race, Stewart kept leaning on the bumper of Vickers and wouldn't let off, sending the No. 83 spinning. A little payback, no doubt.

Lap 87 -- Jimmie Johnson gains a spot and moves into 12th. Brian Vickers drops to fifth as Martin Truex Jr. takes fourth.

Lap 86 -- Regan Smith remains the race leader as Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch close the gap running 2-3.

Lap 85 -- Jimmie Johnson is told the No. 48 is good on fuel by one lap and should run as hard as he'd like. Johnson is currently in 13th. David Gilliland should be able to go the distance. Kurt Busch moves up to third behind Kevin Harvick.

Lap 84 -- Regan Smith gets ahead of Kevin Harvick and becomes the ninth leader of the race.

Lap 83 -- Casey Mears is missing a lug nut and will have to pit. Dave Blaney joins the top 10 has the No. 36 running in seventh.

Lap 82 -- Kyle Busch rounds out the top 10 and has Kasey Kahne on his bumper. Carl Edwards drops to 12th.

Lap 81 -- Kurt Busch isn't wasting much time getting back to the front, moving from 12th to fourth in just a few laps.

Lap 80 -- As green-flag pit stops continue, Regan Smith finds second, followed by Brian Vickers and Jeff Gordon. Bobby Labonte reenters the race.

Lap 79 -- Kevin Harvick earns the lead as David Gilliliand gives it up to pit.

Lap 78 -- After earlier trouble, Brian Vickers has managed to put the No. 83 back in the top five. He's running good lap times and holding his own but will have to pit again before the checkers flag.

Lap 77 -- David Ragan is penalized for too many men over the wall. Ryan Newman finds second. Kevin Harvick joins the party in fourth. Kurt Busch is in 12th after what he hops was his final pit stop. Several drivers ahead of the No. 22 will still have to pit. Juan Montoya pits and David Gilliland takes the lead. Montoya takes tires, fuel and a small air adjustment.

Lap 76 -- Tony Stewart pits for tires and fuel. Juan Montoya assumes the lead. Stewart loses a position waiting for the last drop of fuel to make it into the No. 14.

Lap 75 -- Kyle Busch pits with zero complains. The No. 18 gets fresh tires. Clint Bowyer last pitted on Lap 33. He's pleased with the car. A.J. Allmendinger needs a big adjustment, along with tires and fuel.

Lap 74 -- Kyle Busch slides into second after Martin Truex Jr. gives up the spot for tires and fuel. Tony Stewart remains the leader as green-flag pit stops continue.

Lap 73 -- Matt Kenseth is on pit road for tires and fuel. Martin Truex Jr. heads to pit road.

Lap 72 -- Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart and Martin Truex Jr. run 1-2-3 and are starting to separate themselves from the field. Denny Hamlin reenters the race in 39th. Tony Stewart takes the lead as Kurt Busch pits for tires and fuel.

Lap 71 -- Jamie McMurray is in 21st after starting second. The No. 1's strategy has changed due to on-track events as the team contemplates a pit stop at 27 laps to go.

Lap 70 -- Marcos Ambrose passes Jimmie Johnson for sixth. Matt Kenseth remains the last driver on the lead lap.

Lap 69 -- There's little change to the top 10 as Boris Said slides into 12th behind Brad Keselowski.

Lap 68 -- Final pit stops are approaching for several drivers taking a two-stop strategy at Infineon.Martin Truex Jr. remains in third as Tony Stewart struggles to close the gap from second.

Lap 67 -- Denny Hamlin remains in the garage as the track bar gets replaced on the No. 11. Kurt Busch leads another lap.

Lap 66 -- Kurt Busch reports the No. 22 seems a little loose but is tight in Turn 1. Joey Logano gets into Matt Kenseth, sending Kenseth spinning. The No. 17 is forced to wait for traffic to clear before pointing the car in the right direction.

Lap 65 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field back to green from the outside, followed by Tony Stewart, Clint Bowyer, Martin Truex Jr. and Jimmie Johnson. Busch is quick off the line as Kyle Busch moves into fourth.

Lap 64 -- The track still isn't clean and the race will remain under caution.

Lap 63 -- Turn 12 still needs some work as oil remains. One to go until green.

Lap 62 -- Several drivers pit: Denny Hamlin is forced to the garage for repairs after damage to the No. 11 from an earlier incident.

Lap 61 -- Crews will sweep and vacuum fluid from the track as the field bunches up. Thirty-six cars remain on the lead lap.

Lap 60 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: The No. 47 is leaking fluid on the track. Casey Mears gets the free pass.

Lap 59 -- Jamie McMurray pits to replace a flat tire, blowing his team's two-stop strategy. McMurray reports the No. 1 is now perfect. Bobby Labonte hits the wall hard and his day may be done.

Lap 58 -- Carl Edwards wasn't pleased with his efforts in both practice and qualifying, and after starting the race in 23rd -- the No. 99 is now in ninth. Tony Stewart is closing on Kurt Busch.

Lap 57 -- Kyle Busch is up to seventh and challenging Brad Keselowski for sixth. Denny Hamlin again cracks the top 10.

Lap 56 -- Just past halfway, Kurt Busch has been the driver to beat as the No. 22 remains out front.

Lap 55 -- Matt Kenseth drops to 10th and Jamie McMurray rounds out the top five. With three cautions at this point, drivers are still contemplating a two-stop race.

Lap 54 -- Tony Stewart is up to second as Kurt Busch remains the race leader.

Lap 53 -- Toward the end of Lap 53, Kurt Busch gets past Clint Bowyer in Turn 11 and takes back the lead. Martin Truex Jr. passes Matt Kenseth for eighth. The top 10 are bunched up as they come back around .Robby Gordon is in the barrier after trading paint with Joey Logano.

Lap 52 -- Tony Stewart gets past Jimmie Johnson for third as Brad Keselowski rounds out the top five. Dale Earnhardt J. reports from the garage that the No. 88 has a hole in the radiator and the engine is banged up.

Lap 51 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field back to green, followed by Clint Bowyer Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart. Bowyer dives in front of Busch out of Turn 2 and becomes the fourth leader of the race.

Lap 50 -- Jamie McMurray is back in the top 10 as the field prepares for the restart.

Lap 49 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is headed to the garage with the No. 88 overheating. Juan Montoya is on pit road and wants more forward bite. Denny Hamlin has damage to the car and isn't very happy with A.J. Allmendinger after the two traded paint earlier.

Lap 48 -- Cleanup continues in Turn 11.

Lap 47 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: Juan Montoya rounds out the top 10. Officials report debris in Turn 11.

Lap 46 -- David Gilliland is in fourth, up 25 positions since the start of the race. Thirty-seven cars remain on the lead lap. Jimmie Johnson moves to third.

Lap 45 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is struggling in 27th. Jimmie Johnson moves up to fourth. Denny Hamlin has slid back to sixth.

Lap 44 -- Clint Bowyer moves into second but Kurt Busch has plenty of room out front and leads by 2.6 seconds.

Lap 43 -- A.J. Allmendiner moves up to second after Denny Hamlin found trouble on Lap 42. Kurt Busch leads.

Lap 42 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field back to green, followed by Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex Jr.; A.J. Allmendinger passes David Gilliland for fourth as Clint Bowyer takes fifth. Brad Keselowski is off in the dirt and loses a spot in the top 10. Martin Truex and Hamlin trade paint as the No. 56 goes sideways.

Lap 41 -- Another lap under caution as crews continue to pick up debris.

Lap 40 -- Kurt Busch has the lead as Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex Jr. run 2-3. Brian Vickers' team reports Tony Stewart "flat dumped us" while talking to their driver on pit road.

Lap 39 -- Officials check Turns 3 and 8 for debris. Pit road is open to the caution car.

Lap 38 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Brian Vickers locks up the brakes for more than 20 feet and trades paint with several others. Kyle Busch didn't have enough room to pass Juan Montoya, slid into the grass and tossed up plenty of dirt, obscuring Vicker's view. Vickers entered too hot with Tony Stewart and the rest was history.

Lap 37 -- GREEN FLAG: Denny Hamlin leads the field back to green, followed by Kurt Busch to his left, Martin Truex Jr. and Robby Gordon. Busch gets past Hamlin in Turn 3 and takes back the lead.

Lap 36 -- A report of debris in Turn 3 is unconfirmed and officials report one to go until green.

Lap 35 -- Several drivers pit for four tires and fuel as the field prepares for the restart.

Lap 33 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Kurt Busch learned of Casey Mears running out of gas, and fearing a caution -- Busch pits the No. 22 for tires and fuel as Denny Hamlin assumes the lead. Mears doesn't make it back to pit road and is stalled on the track.

Lap 32 -- It appears Kurt Busch and team are looking to make this a two-stop race, minus a host of cautions.

Lap 31 -- Kurt Busch stays off pit road to lead another lap. Brad Keselowski is gaining some ground, but still remains 18.8 seconds behind the No. 22.

Lap 30 -- Kasey Kahne rounds out the top five; Ryan Newman holds onto 10th.

Lap 29 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. started 18th and is currently running in 20th. Kurt Busch's lead remains at 20-plus seconds.

Lap 28 -- Denny Hamlin is back up to third as Jimmie Johnson finds fourth.

Lap 27 -- Kurt Busch and team are shooting for a pit stop on Lap 31 as they discuss their options over the radio.

Lap 26 -- Kurt Busch and the No. 22 will soon be forced to navigate through lapped traffic. Martin Turex Jr. pits for tires, fuel and a few adjustments. Brad Keselowski has yet to pit and remains in second, 21.2 seconds behind his teammate.

Lap 25 -- Kurt Busch's lead is now 21 seconds.

Lap 24 -- As green-flag pit stops continue, drivers who went to pit road for tires don't seem to be gaining on Kurt Busch. Martin Truex Jr. moves to second, followed by Brad Keselowski, David Gilliland and Denny Hamlin.

Lap 23 -- Sticking with his strategy to stay out, Kurt Busch elects not to pit and now has a 10.8-second lead on Ryan Newman, in second.

Lap 22 -- Kurt Busch stays off pit road and remains the leader. Marcos Ambrose pits with a tight car and call for a small air adjustment. Kyle Busch is too loose and gets an air adjustment. Brian Vickers pits for tires and fuel.

Lap 21 -- Jimmie Johnson says the No. 48 isn't good but is happy they're gaining spots. Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets a chassis adjustment, four tires and fuel. A.J. Allmendinger gets a chassis adjustment.

Lap 20 -- Kasey Kahne started the No. 4 from the sixth spot and hasn't gained or lost any ground. Jeff Gordon is on pit road for tires, fuel, an air pressure change and a track bar adjustment. Jamie McMurray, Mark Martin and Jeff Burton also pit with others. Denny Hamlin takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 19 -- Kurt Busch is making it look easy and now has a 3.4-second lead on Denny Hamlin. Kyle Busch has gained 10 spots since the green flag and is now running in ninth.

Lap 18 -- Juan Montoya has no forward bite and questions the rear sway bar on pit road. He requests tape be taken off the nose and he's back on track.

Lap 17 -- Jimmie Johnson moves up another spot and now rounds out the top five. Clint Bowyer holds onto sixth as A.J. Allmendinger, in seventh, holds pace.

Lap 16 -- Marcos Ambrose works over Ryan Newman for third as the two exit Turn 11. Kurt Busch proves the No. 22 is fast with a 2.5-second lead.

Lap 15 -- Jimmie Johnson moves to sixth after starting 12th. Joey Logano drops to 10th.

Lap 14 -- Marcos Ambrose moves up to fourth after starting in eighth.Kurt Busch shows no signs of slowing after taking the lead on Lap 13. Busch puts 1.5 second between his car and Denny Hamlin.

Lap 13 -- Kurt Busch is on the bumper of Denny Hamlin as the two enter Turn 4 -- the No. 22 gets past Hamlin and assumes the lead in Turn 7.

Lap 12 -- Juan Montoya continues to lurk just outside of the top 10. Greg Biffle has the No. 16 on pit road to have tape removed from the front.

Lap 11 -- Denny Hamlin's lead grows to 2.7 seconds as Kurt Busch claims second. Ryan Newman finds third. Paul Menard can't gain any position after starting third. The No. 27 is now in 12th. Joey Logano reports the brakes are locking up through every corner.

Lap 10 -- From 11th to third, Kurt Busch passes Ryan Newman for the spot. Pole-sitter Joey Logano drops to sixth.

Lap 9 -- Juan Montoya is on the move -- up six spots to 11th. Joey Logano is too free on exit and drops another spot and settles in third.

Lap 8 -- Jimmie Johnson won at Sonoma last year; he's up three sports since the green flag and slides into ninth. Denny Hamlin's lead is more than 2 seconds.

Lap 7 -- Denny Hamlin becomes the second leader of the race, passing Joey Logano in Turn 11. Ryan Newman moves up fifth. The No. 77 is headed to the garage.

Lap 6 -- Brian Vickers' car is extremely loose and the No. 83 has dropped 10 spots, back to 20th.

Lap 5 -- Kurt Busch claims fifth from A.J. Allmendinger; Joey Logano puts more space between the No. 20 and Denny Hamlin, in second. Jamie McMurray drops back to third after starting on the front row.

Lap 4 -- Denny Hamlin is starting to work over Jamie McMurray for second. Kurt Busch is on the move, gaining five spots in three laps -- he's up to sixth. Joey Logano's lead grows by a half second.

Lap 3 -- Kurt Busch moves up four spots to seventh. A.J. Allmendinger moves to fifth. Joey Logano's lead grows to 1.1 seconds.

Lap 2 -- The track is slick as drivers settle in; Joey Logano maintains his position out front. Denny Hamlin moves up to third.

Lap 1 -- Jamie McMurray almost takes a couple of cars out after sliding through the grass, but all drivers get back on track and fall in line. Joey Logano remains out front through the final turn.

3:21 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Joey Logano leads the field to green and the Toyota/Save Mart 350 is under way.

3:12 p.m. -- Cars are rolling off of pit road and into the twist and turns of Infineon Raceway for their warm-up laps.

3:08 p.m. -- John Ratzenberger and Tammy Lee give the command for drivers to start their engines.

3:01 p.m. -- Stephanie Harwood of the musical revue, Beach Blanket Babylon, delivers the Invocation.

3 p.m. -- Tim Boeve delivers the Invocation.

2 p.m. -- Countdown to Green is under way on TNT.

1:05 p.m. ET -- It's sunny in Sonoma with temperatures rising toward the mid- 70s as drivers make their preparations for Sunday's Toyota/Save Mart 350 at Infineon Raceway. Green is set for 3:20 p.m. ET.