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UTV Blog: Daytona

July 13, 2011, Special to NASCAR.COM,

We checked into the Hilton on Daytona Beach on Tuesday. This hotel was packed with folks following the NASCAR circuit. During the week leading up to the race, the lobby always had someone affiliated with NASCAR. Models. Drivers. Behind the scenes folks. Our room overlooked the hotel indoor/outdoor pool and ocean. It felt like a vacation to fall asleep to the ocean waves breaking on the shore.

One of the difficulties on the road is staying in shape. Usually the hotels have some basic treadmill or elliptical machine but they get really boring. The Chesney brothers, both former high school swimmers, decided to take exercising to the ocean. We swam from the Hilton beach to the dock and back. Not a far distance, but with the waves pulling and pushing us around, it was exhausting!

We took the Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle to the Ocean Walk Shoppes on Wednesday and nearly got rained out. Weather in June in Florida is a devilish character that likes to wait until we start setting up to pour rain. In two minutes, the rain can completely undue the ridiculous fifteen minutes Tim spends on his hair.

Thursday through Saturday, we were hanging out in the Hooters parking lot right across the street from Daytona International Speedway. Coors Light was throwing a three-day party with Hooters. Hooters shipped in their girls from all over Florida for this event. After the party, we hung out with some of the girls and played a game called "Instant Hipster T-shirt" or "Instant Threadless shirt." The game was about manufacturing funny T-shirt ideas. The way it worked was one person thought of any product. A second person, without knowing what the product was, thought of a slogan for the product. Then, both people say out loud what the product and slogan was. Most times, the slogan seemed to inherently work with the product, the rest of the time it was just hilarious. Some of our favorites were Lemon Meringue "Why Not?" and Tennis Shoes "Go get you some!" It sounded dumb, but that game was a ton of fun.

Guys, we only have two more races with the Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle! The Kentucky Speedway this weekend and Loudon next week are your last chances to check out the UTV before we drive to someone's house and say, "Adieu." We are excited to see the winner's face when we pull the "party on wheels" into the driveway. Neither of us have ever won anything that exciting, so we can only imagine what it will be for the winner. There are two more race weekends left in the TNT Summer Series, hope to see you there!

Respectively John and Less Respectively Tim.