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Lap-by-Lap: Pocono

August 07, 2011, ,

Lap 200 -- CHECKERED FLAG: After a wreck during testing at Road Atlanta and spending part of his week in the hospital with a fractured ankle, Brad Keselowski ended the week in Victory Lane at Pocono. Keselowski held off Kyle Busch at the end as Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson sparred for third on the final lap.

Lap 199 -- WHITE FLAG: Brad Keselowski continues to hold off Kyle Busch and remains a car length ahead of the No. 18. Jimmie Johnson does battle with Kurt Busch for third.

Lap 198 -- Brad Keselowski is told to keep the throttle down with three to go.

Lap 197 -- Brad Keselowski's lead is now 0.592 seconds.

Lap 196 -- Brad Keselowski continues to be fast out of Turn 3 and Kyle Busch can't make the pass.

Lap 195 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. drops to ninth. Ryan Newman finds fifth.

Lap 194 -- Debris reported in Tunnel Turn; officials can't confirm.

Lap 193 -- Jimmie Johnson finds the bumper of Kurt Busch and tries to make the pass while shifting near Turn 3. Busch holds him off and remains in third.

Lap 192 -- Brad Keselowski is a hair faster than Kyle Busch out of Turn 3. Kurt Busch remains in third and is being chased by Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 191 -- Kyle Busch is close, but can't close for the lead. Brad Keselowski now leads by 0.576 seconds.

Lap 190 -- Greg Biffle moves to seventh with Dale Jr. in tow. Joey Logano pits for two tires and fuel.

Lap 189 -- Joey Logano may have a tire going down. He'll head to pit road to get it changed and give up 17th.

Lap 188 -- Brad Keselowski leads another lap with Kyle Busch close behind. Paul Menard drops to 10th.

Lap 187 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr., Paul Menard and Carl Edwards race three-wide for eighth. Dale Jr. claims the spot with heavy action back in the pack.

Lap 186 -- Jimmie Johnson drops to fourth and Kyle and Kurt Busch run 2-3.

Lap 185 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch brings the field back to green with Brad Keselowski at his side. No love lost between the two drivers. Jimmie Johnson dives low and tries to gain the lead from third. Brad Keselowski is having none of it and takes the lead.

Lap 184 -- One to go until green. Juan Montoya and Kasey Kahne are penalized for pitting too soon. Greg Biffle reports oil on the track; officials say no.

Lap 183 -- Carl Edwards will restart 10th.

Lap 182 -- Cleanup continues. Several cars head to pit road with Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards topping off with fuel and two tires. Hamlin loses track position after a lug nut gets loose from the crew. The top five stays out and remains the same.

Lap 181 -- The field bunches up and prepares for the restart. Pit road is open.

Lap 180 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Debris in Turn 1. Kasey Kahne and Juan Montoya trade paint and head to pit road for repairs. No. 34 gets the free pass.

Lap 179 -- Jimmie Johnson has third gear back, but it doesn't seem to be helping as four seconds separate the No. 48 from Brad Keselowski in second. Kyle Busch leads.

Lap 178 -- Jimmie Johnson can't gain on Brad Keselowski, but Kurt Busch is on the bumper of the No. 48 and ready to pass for third.

Lap 177 -- With Kyle Busch in the lead, Jimmie Johnson will do battle for third with Brad Keselowski. No significant shuffling as the field completes green-flag pit stops.

Lap 176 -- Tony Stewart pits as Kyle Busch takes back the lead. Stewart takes four tires, fuel and an air adjustment.

Lap 175 -- Matt Kenseth pits the No. 17 and reports the car is the best it's been all day. Greg Biffle pits and Tony Stewart stays out to lead. A.J. Allmendinger takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 174 -- Kyle Busch pits with the leaders. Busch takes four tires and fuel. Kurt Busch is loose and gets an air adjustment. Brad Keselowski takes tires and no adjustments. Greg Biffle stays out to take the lead.

Lap 173 -- Drivers start to pit under green. Jimmie Johnson takes four tires and is freed up. Denny Hamlin is loose out of Turn 1 and gets a major chassis adjustment. Joey Logano takes four tires.

Lap 172 -- Mark Martin cracks the top 10 as Ryan Newman drops to 11th. Carl Edwards pits under green for his final stop. Kevin Harvick takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 171 -- Brad Keselowski -- broken ankle and all -- is holding steady in third. Jimmie Johnson has more than 5 seconds to make up before he can challenge for the spot under green.

Lap 170 -- The top 10 remains the same as Kyle Busch prepares to navigate through lapped traffic. Busch is pleased with the No. 18 as green-flag pit stops approach.

Lap 169 -- Kyle Busch's lead grows to 3.261 seconds.

Lap 168 -- Twenty-eight cars are on the lead lap. Greg Biffle and Jeff Burton battle for 13th.

Lap 167 -- Paul Menard moves into 10th as Carl Edwards claims ninth. Jeff Gordon takes back sixth from Joey Logano.

Lap 166 -- Jeff Gordon passes Joey Logano for sixth, gets loose and has to give the spot back to the No. 20. Kyle Busch leads by 1.5 seconds as the track continues to rubber up.

Lap 165 -- Jeff Gordon is on Joey Logano's bumper and poised to take away sixth.

Lap 164 -- Denny Hamlin passes Joey Logano for fifth.

Lap 163 -- Kyle Busch passes Kurt Busch on the inside and takes the lead exiting Turn 1.

Lap 162 -- Kyle Busch is knocking on the door of leader Kurt Busch. Landon Cassill may have to pit with a missing lug nut.

Lap 161 -- Jeff Gordon moves up to seventh and is joined by Dale Earnhardt Jr. in eighth.

Lap 160 -- Carl Edwards and Mark Martin do battle for 12th.

Lap 159 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves to ninth as Paul Menard claims 10th.

Lap 158 -- Kyle Busch is now closing on leader Kurt Busch as the two put some space between their cars and the rest of the field.

Lap 157 -- Kurt Busch's lead is now 1.7 seconds. Dale Earnhardt Jr. rounds out the top 10.

Lap 156 -- Kyle Busch gets past Landon Cassill for second. Jimmie Johnson reports a vibration in fourth gear.

Lap 155 -- Kurt Busch takes back the lead as Landon Cassill drops to second.

Lap 154 -- Kurt Busch is in second with brother Kyle in third. Brad Keselowski remains in fourth with Jimmie Johnson in fifth.

Lap 153 -- Joey Logano pits and is followed by Jeff Gordon. Gordon says the car is tight and he takes four tires and fuel. Joey Logano takes four tires and fuel as Landon Cassill stays out to lead a lap. Tony Stewart takes four tires and no other changes.

Lap 152 -- Jeff Burton takes four tires and fuel as the leaders follow down pit road. Joey Logano stays out to lead under green. Jimmie Johnson takes four tires and gets a wedge adjustment. Kyle Busch takes a track bar adjustment, four tires and fuel. Denny Hamlin takes four tires and a track bar adjustment.

Lap 151 -- Joey Logano reports the car is so tight, he's unable to steer through Turn 3. He should pit within the next 8 or so laps.

Lap 150 -- Kyle Busch reports the car is getting loose as more space is put between the No. 18 and leader Kurt Busch.

Lap 149 -- No change in running order to the top 10. Thirty cars remain on the lead lap.

Lap 148 -- Since the restart, no one has had anything for Kurt Busch. His lead is now 3.1 seconds.

Lap 147 -- Marcos Ambrose brushes the wall but save the car from the 25th spot.

Lap 146 -- Paul Menard started seventh and remains in that position under green.

Lap 145 -- Tony Stewart took the free pass and is moving forward in 20th.

Lap 144 -- Jimmie Johnson is closing on Brad Keselowski for third as Kurt Busch turns the fastest laps on the track.

Lap 143 -- Kyle Busch can't gain on brother Kurt. In fact, he's losing ground as the No. 22 records a 2.6-second lead.

Lap 142 -- A piece of metal is confirmed near the grass and officials elect to keep the race under green with Kurt Busch in the lead.

Lap 141 -- Jimmie Johnson moves up to fourth after Joey Logano gets out of the way. Debris is reported on the track. No caution as of yet.

Lap 140 -- Kurt Busch now leads by 2.020 seconds. He's concerned about slowing speeds as the track rubbers up. Brad Keselowski moves to third.

Lap 139 -- Carl Edwards rounds out the top 10; Jimmie Johnson remains in fifth. Kevin Harvick takes 16th from Martin Truex Jr.

Lap 138 -- Kurt Busch's lead is now 1.6 seconds with no changes in running order to the top five.

Lap 137 -- Denny Hamlin began the race in sixth and has the position now. Paul Menard is in seventh and doing battle with Jeff Gordon.

Lap 136 -- On four new tires, Kurt Busch leads the field by 1.2 seconds. Kyle Busch moves to second after taking the spot from Joey Logano.

Lap 135 -- Mark Martin moves up to 12th with teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. at his side and in 11th.

Lap 134 -- Jimmie Johnson holds steady in fifth as Kurt Busch puts some space between the No. 22 and pole-sitter Joey Logano.

Lap 133 -- Joey Logano fights off Kyle Busch for second in Turn 1 as Brad Keselowski drops to fourth. Kurt Busch leads the lap.

Lap 132 -- GREEN FLAG: Brad Keselowski leads the field back to green with Kurt Busch at his side. Both stayed out under yellow. Joey Logano restarts third next to Jeff Burton. Travis Kvapil is held a lap as Kurt Busch takes the lead.

Lap 131 -- Five cars are wave-around eligible.

Lap 130 -- One to go until green as safety spotters give the track one last look.

Lap 129 -- Jimmie Johnson takes four tires and fuel. Dale Jr. gets an air adjustment to help in Turn 3. Kyle Busch gets a wedge adjustment. Joey Logano takes four tires and fuel. Jeff Burton wins the race off pit road. Brad Keselowski stayed out under caution and moves to the front.

Lap 128 -- The red flag for rain lasted 1:40:46. Pit road will be open with an extra man allowed to clean the windshield.

Lap 127 -- Pit road is still closed. Tony Stewart gets the free pass in 28th.

Lap 126 -- Lead cars are expected to come down pit road soon.

Lap 125 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Cars are back on the track and warming up. Pit road is closed.

5:04 p.m. -- Drivers exit pit road for warm-up laps.

5:02 p.m. -- Drivers get the command to start engines.

4:56 p.m. -- Jet dryers are moments from being called off the track and racing at Pocono will resume shortly.

4:54 p.m. -- Drivers are suited up and at their cars.

4:49 p.m. -- The track is almost dry and drivers will soon be called back to their cars.

3:45 p.m. -- The sun is breaking through the clouds as jet dryers make their way though the turns. It takes about 2 hours to dry the track.

3:40 p.m. -- Jet dryers are staging on the track.

Lap 125 -- RED FLAG: The cars head down pit road after rain brings racing to a halt at 3:25 p.m. ET. Drivers have exited their race cars.

Lap 124 -- Time to gamble, or play it safe? Drivers and their crew chiefs discuss pit strategy. UPDATE: The race track is lost.

Lap 123 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Rain at the track. Joey Logano has the lead.

Lap 122 -- Rain is being reported in Turn 2 but officials say the track is still good.

Lap 121 -- Jimmie Johnson is putting pressure on Joey Logano. Dale Jr. remains in fifth.

Lap 120 -- No surprise, but Kurt Busch voices his frustration on the radio after the No. 22 team elected to take two tires instead of four during their last pit stop. Busch has dropped to 10th and continues to slow off the pace.

Lap 119 -- All Hendrick drivers are running in the top 12 and within striking distance of Victory Lane.

Lap 118 -- Cloud cover is increasing as Jimmie Johnson slips past Denny Hamlin for second.

Lap 117 -- With another set of green-flag pit stops fast approaching, Joey Logano has to be praying for rain after taking two tires during his last pit stop.

Lap 116 -- Denny Hamlin has plenty of room in second but can't make up 0.843 seconds on leader and pole-sitter Joey Logano.

Lap 115 -- Jeff Gordon continues to gain and now claims seventh. Clint Bowyer is holding steady in sixth.

Lap 114 -- Rain clouds are building near the track. Carl Edwards gets back into the top 10 after passing Ryan Newman.

Lap 113 -- Robby Gordon heads back to the garage; Joey Logano leads another lap. Dale Jr. -- in fifth -- says, "Hey man, I appreciate the car."

Lap 112 -- Jeff Gordon gains another spot and passes Brad Keselowski for eighth.

Lap 111 -- Denny Hamlin is closing on leader Joey Logano. Jimmie Johnson moves to third. The No. 48 pit crew has been flawless, and as a result -- Johnson's strong run continues.

Lap 110 -- Jeff Gordon started 31st and is now running in ninth. Three of four Hendrick cars are in the top 10. Mark Martin is in 14th.

Lap 109 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is on the gas hard and trying to pass Kyle Busch. Kurt Busch wants the position as well.

Lap 108 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. joins the top five as Kyle Busch drops to sixth.

Lap 107 -- Denny Hamlin moves up to second after passing Kurt Busch. Joey Logano still leads on a fresh set of right-side tires.

Lap 106 -- Jimmie Johnson puts pressure on Denny Hamlin for third.

Lap 105 -- Rain is making its way toward the track as Joey Logano holds off Kurt Busch for second.

Lap 104 -- GREEN FLAG: Pole-sitter Joey Logano -- on two fresh tires -- leads the field back to green. He's followed by Kurt Busch, Ryan Newman, Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch. Ten cars take the wave-around.

Lap 103 -- One to go until green.

Lap 102 -- The leaders pit. Jimmie Johnson is tight in Turn 1 and takes four tires and fuel. Dale Jr. is loose and gets four tires and a wedge adjustment. Joey Logano wins the race off pit road after a two-tire call. Denny Hamlin took four tires and fuel.

Lap 101 -- Denny Hamlin holds the lead, followed by Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 100 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: Debris in Turn 3. Juan Montoya gets the free pass.

Lap 99 -- Mark Martin is up to 15th after starting 25th.

Lap 98 -- Twenty-two cars remain on the lead lap as Juan Montoya goes a lap down.

Lap 97 -- Paul Menard passes Jeff Burton for 11th.

Lap 96 -- Jimmie Johnson passes Carl Edwards for fourth.

Lap 95 -- Denny Hamlin allowed Kyle Busch to lead in order to gain the bonus points earlier; Hamlin says doesn't plan on giving up the lead again.

Lap 94 -- Brad Keselowski is back up to 10th. Kyle Busch remains in second.

Lap 93 -- Tony Stewart is back on pit road with a flat tire. The No. 14 team elects to take four tires. Stewart drops back in the field and under live points, he drops out of the top 10 in the standings.

Lap 92 -- Approaching the half-way mark, 25 cars remain on the lead lap. Pocono has seen eight different race leaders and 13 lead changes. Denny Hamlin has led the most laps and continues to own clean air out front.

Lap 91 -- Robby Gordon is back in the race.

Lap 90 -- After green-flag pit stops, 1.6 seconds separate leader Denny Hamlin and teammate Kyle Busch. Kurt Busch is in third and Jimmie Johnson joins the party in fourth.

Lap 89 -- Ryan Newman gives up the lead to pit. He takes tires, fuel and a chassis adjustment. Denny Hamlin takes back the lead.

Lap 88 -- Ryan Newman takes the lead as others pit under green. Tony Stewart is loose off Turn 1 and tight center of Turn 3; he takes four tires and fuel. Greg Biffle wants more grip and gets adjustments.

Lap 87 -- Matt Kenseth is tight in the corner; he takes tires, fuel and an adjustment.

Lap 86 -- Rain is diminishing in Turn 2.

Lap 85 -- No rain in Turn 1 as several drivers pit. Kurt Busch takes four tires. Paul Menard is tight in and loose off; he takes four tires. Jamie McMurray will serve a penalty for removing equipment.

Lap 85 -- Denny Hamlin drops 1.262 seconds off the pace. Rain is getting heavier in Turn 2. Turn 3 is clear.

Lap 84 -- Brad Keselowski remains in 11th and hasn't reported many issues with his broken ankle.

Lap 83 -- Ryan Newman is in seventh after starting 12th. His highest position is third.

Lap 82 -- Kyle Busch gets by Denny Hamlin for the lead. Pole-sitter Joey Logano and Jimmie Johnson do battle for fifth.

Lap 81 -- Kyle Busch is on the bumper of Denny Hamlin but can't make the pass.

Lap 80 -- More than 20 seconds separate Jeff Burton in 10th from leader Denny Hamlin. Jason White is told to pick up his speed.

Lap 79 -- Considering how much space they have between themselves and the rest of the field, Kyle Busch wants to swap positions with teammate Denny Hamlin. Hamlin -- in the lead -- isn't biting.

Lap 78 -- Light rain is still being reported, but it isn't enough to throw the caution just shy of half way.

Lap 77 -- Jimmie Johnson is up to sixth as Ryan Newman drops back to seventh.

Lap 76 -- Tower officials are discussing the weather and asking about light rain in the area.

Lap 75 -- Carl Edwards is in third but running more than 7 seconds behind the leader. Kyle Busch has a better view of clean air as he approaches the bumper of Denny Hamlin into Turn 1.

Lap 74 -- Mike Ford is keeping an eye on the weather and on the mountains around Pocono. So far, no rain in sight. Dave Rogers has a different strategy. "The weather is what it is."

Lap 73 -- Kyle Busch is closing on Denny Hamlin, cutting the lead to less than a second.

Lap 72 -- Travis Kvapil is caught for speeding on pit road.

Lap 71 -- Denny Hamlin is turning the fastest lap times and isn't shifting around the race track.

Lap 70 -- David Ragan is back in the race, 50 laps off the pace.

Lap 69 -- Paul Menard is up to 12th as Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch begin to separate themselves from the field.

Lap 68 -- Jimmie Johnson moves up to sixth; Jeff Burton rounds out the top 10.

Lap 67 -- After green-flag pit stops, Denny Hamlin's lead shrinks to 1.7 seconds.

Lap 66 -- Joey Logano gives up the lead to pit. The No. 20 is tight in the center, takes an adjustment and is back on track. Denny Hamlin is back out front with Kyle Busch in pursuit.

Lap 65 -- Denny Hamlin pits as Joey Logano takes the lead. Kyle Busch follows. Hamlin takes four tires, fuel and a wedge adjustment. Carl Edwards takes four tires and fuel. Busch takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 64 -- Jimmie Johnson is on pit road and takes four tires, fuel and gets a chassis adjustment. Clint Bowyer is in and takes tires and fuel. Bowyer reports he feels sick.

Lap 63 -- Robby Gordon calls it a day and heads to the garage. Denny Hamlin's lead is now 3.4 seconds. Green-flag pit stops begin.

Lap 62 -- Kyle Busch cuts Denny Hamlin's lead to less than 4 seconds.

Lap 61 -- Leaders should head to pit road soon.

Lap 60 -- Jimmie Johnson is in seventh and discussing shifting strategy with Chad Knaus. Only a few drivers ahead of the No. 48 are using different gears.

Lap 59 -- Tony Stewart and Jamie McMurray do battle for 14th. Kasey Kahne started second but running in 18th under green.

Lap 58 -- Jeff Burton rounds out the top 10. Pole-sitter Joey Logano is now in fifth.

Lap 57 -- Kyle Busch passes brother Kurt for second, but the No. 18 is still more than 5.6 seconds behind Denny Hamlin.

Lap 56 -- Denny Hamlin is putting on a show and close to putting Travis Kvapil a lap down as the No. 11 prepares to navigate through traffic.

Lap 55 -- Brothers Kurt and Kyle Busch battle for second. Kurt holds Kyle off for the time being.

Lap 54 -- Jimmie Johnson is up to seventh as points leader Carl Edwards runs steady in fifth.

Lap 53 -- Kevin Harvick remains in 12th, where he has stayed for several laps. He began the race in 10th.

Lap 52 -- Denny Hamlin continues his strong run up front. His lead is now 5.6 seconds.

Lap 51 -- Thirty-three cars are on the lead lap; oil on the track can't be confirmed.

Lap 50 -- Reports of oil on the track.

Lap 49 -- Brad Keselowski drops to 11th. Clint Bowyer is up to ninth.

Lap 48 -- Kurt Busch can't gain on Denny Hamlin. Clint Bowyer rounds out the top 10.

Lap 47 -- Kurt Busch is back up to second but has plenty of space to make up between the No. 22 and Denny Hamlin. Kyle Busch is up to third and Joey Logano rediscovers the top five, in fourth.

Lap 46 -- Denny Hamlin is pulling away and leading the field by 5.3 seconds.

Lap 45 -- Dave Blaney is penalized again for too fast on exit. Dave, slow down.

Lap 44 -- Denny Hamlin finds clean air and takes back the lead after the field cycles through green-flag pit stops.

Lap 43 -- Dave Blaney is too fast on exit. Landon Cassill leads a lap. Bobby Labone pits a loose race car and takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 42 -- Carl Edwards pits and takes four tires, fuel and minor adjustments. Bobby Labonte stays out to lead under green.

Lap 41 -- Carl Edwards takes the lead as the No. 22 pits. Kurt Busch takes four tires and says the car is loose. Pole-sitter Joey Logano takes tires and fuel and reports the car is turning much better.

Lap 40 -- Denny Hamlin pits under green and takes four tires and fuel. Kurt Busch assumes the lead. Several drivers follow Hamlin down pit road.

Lap 39 -- Brad Keselowski drops to 10th after giving space to Jimmie Johnson to make the pass.

Lap 38 -- Greg Biffle is running in 33rd, down 24 spots since first green.

Lap 37 -- David Reutimann is today's biggest mover at this point, up 13 spots to 20th.

Lap 36 -- Denny Hamlin's lead is growing. He now leads Kurt Busch by 2.465 seconds.

Lap 35 -- Brad Keselowski is trying to pass Dale Earnhardt Jr. for eighth.

Lap 34 -- Denny Hamlin's lead is 1.56 seconds. Carl Edwards takes fourth from Ryan Newman. Kyle Busch is on the move and up to sixth after passing Jeff Burton for the spot.

Lap 33 -- David Ragan is out of the car and waiting for his crew to repair damage to the car.

Lap 32 -- Casey Mears heads to the garage. Jimmie Johnson passes Clint Bowyer for 10th.

Lap 31 -- Kyle Busch passes Dale Jr. for seventh.

Lap 30 -- Denny Hamlin leads another lap as Joey Logano gets past Ryan Newman for third.

Lap 29 -- Kyle Busch is back up to eighth restarting from the rear.

Lap 28 -- Dale Jr. gains another spot and is doing battle with Jeff Burton for sixth.

Lap 27 -- Todd Bodine heads to the garage. Thirty-four cars remain on the lead lap.

Lap 26 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves up to eighth after starting 19th. Denny Hamlin leads another lap.

Lap 25 -- Denny Hamlin takes the lead; Ryan Newman moves to third -- up nine spots since first green.

Lap 24 -- Kurt Busch holds off Denny Hamlin to lead another lap.

Lap 23 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field back to green with Denny Hamlin at his side. Greg Biffle will have to serve a pass-through penalty for changing lanes too soon.

Lap 22 -- The leaders stay out as the rest of the field pits. Juan Montoya is tight and takes four tires. Greg Biffle has damage to the front and has the fender on the No. 16 pulled out some.

Lap 21 -- David Ragan heads to the garage for repairs. He began the race, 16th in points.

Lap 20 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: David Ragan spins, hits the wall and has extensive damage to the rear of the No. 6.

Lap 19 -- Joey Logano drops to third as Denny Hamlin moves up a spot. No. 83 has smoke coming from the exhaust. The track is clear. Left front tire rub on the No. 16 is being reported.

Lap 18 -- Casey Mears is too fast entering pass through. Kurt Busch takes the lead from Joey Logano.

Lap 17 -- GREEN FLAG: Joey Logano leads the field back to green, followed by Kurt Busch and Denny Hamlin. Casey Mears pulled from the front and dropped back. NO. 37 heads to the garage.

Lap 16 -- The No. 18 will restart from the rear after pitting too soon. Casey Mears leads a lap under yellow.

Lap 15 -- The field heads down pit road: Jimmie Johnson is in the first stall with a free car, but tight in the throttle; he takes two tires. Kurt Busch takes two tires. Joey Logano takes two tires and wins the race off pit road. Casey Mears doesn't pit and is out front.

Lap 14 -- Kyle Busch is told he pitted too early.

Lap 13 -- The field bunches up with Joey Logano still leading.

Lap 12 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Kyle Busch spins from the sixth position. There will be no free pass.

Lap 11 -- Jimmie Johnson joins the top 10, passing Greg Biffle. Dale Earnhrdt Jr. moves up to 15th; he started the race 19th.

Lap 11 -- Kurt Busch now claims third as Kasey Kahne does battle with Carl Edwards for fourth.

Lap 10 -- Joey Logano leads the first 10 laps as Joe Nemechek heads to the garage.

Lap 9 -- Jimmie Johnson moves into 11th as Martin Truex Jr. continues to slide further back in the field. Erik Darnell heads to the garage.

Lap 8 -- Joey Logano's lead is now 1.5 seconds. Denny Hamlin claims second as Kurt Busch and Kasey Kahne do battle for fourth. J.J. Yeley heads to the garage.

Lap 7 -- Martin Truex Jr. started third but had dropped to sixth. Denny Hamlin does battle with Kasey Kahne for second as Joey Logano continues to set the pace.

Lap 6 -- Carl Edwards drops a spot to fifth.

Lap 5 -- Jimmie Johnson is up six spots and running in 12th

Lap 4 -- Joey Logano increases his lead ahead of Kasey Kahne. Kurt Busch moves up to fourth.

Lap 3 -- Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch run 7-8, up three spots each since the green flag.

Lap 2 -- Ryan Newman moves up four spots to eighth; Joey Logano remains out front. Denny Hamlin moves up to third.

Lap 1 -- Joey Logano gets off to a good start and holds of Kasey Kahne to lead the first lap.

1:13 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Joey Logano brings the field to the green as the 200-lap Good Sam RV Insurance 500 is under way.

1:05 p.m. -- The cars are rolling off pit road for their warm-up laps.

1:03 p.m. -- Drivers get the command to start their engines.

12:56 p.m. -- Clark Luis performs the national anthem.

12:55 p.m. -- Chaplain Mike Salnicky delivers the Invocation.

Noon -- NASCAR Countdown is under way on ESPN.

10 a.m. ET -- It's a big day for racing at Pocono, as the Cup Series teams prepare to put it all on the line around the hanger-shaped oval in Long Pond. Green flag is set for 1:13 p.m. ET.