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Lap-by-Lap: Charlotte

October 17, 2011, ,

Lap 334 -- CHECKERED FLAG: Matt Kenseth scores a big win at Charlotte as Kyle Busch settles for second ahead of Carl Edwards, who finished third.

Lap 333 -- WHITE FLAG: Matt Kenseth leads Kyle Busch by .778 seconds.

Lap 332 -- Kevin Harvick moves to sixth as Kasey Kahne runs in fourth.

Lap 331 -- Matt Kenseth's lead: .945 seconds.

Lap 330 -- As Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards do battle for second, Matt Kenseth increased his lead to .891 seconds.

Lap 329 -- A.J. Allmendinger moves to seventh with Denny Hamlin closing.

Lap 327 -- Ryan Newman moves to 10th as Joey Logano challenges for the spot.

Lap 326 -- Marcos Ambrose moves up to fifth as Matt Kenseth leads Kyle Busch by .750 seconds.

Lap 324 -- Matt Kenseth leads as Kyle Busch loses second to Carl Edwards. Kevin Harvick is up to fourth.

Lap 323 -- GREEN FLAG: Matt Kenseth leads the field back to green as Marcos Ambrose and Denny Hamlin bounce off each other racing for sixth.

Lap 322 -- Jimmie Johnson exits the care center and reports that he is OK after a "pretty big impact." When asked about his chances in the Chase: "This isn't going to help us," Johnson said.

Lap 321 -- Cleanup continues as the field prepares for the restart.

Lap 320 -- Tony Stewart pits for tires and a final adjustment.

Lap 318 -- Jimmie Johnson catches his breath, exits the No. 48 and enters the ambulance for a mandatory trip to the infield care center. Johnson did his best to save the car, over-corrected and slammed hard into the SAFER barrier..

Lap 317 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 8: Racing hard with Ryan Newman for seventh, Jimmie Johnson hits the wall and destroys the front end on the No. 48.

Lap 314 -- Denny Hamlin rounds out the top five with Ryan Newman and Kevin Harvick in pursuit.

Lap 313 -- Kyle Busch is losing ground on the No. 17.

Lap 312 -- Matt Kenseth leads Kyle Busch by .305 seconds as Kevin Harvick moves up to seventh.

Lap 310 -- Matt Kenseth puts a great move on Kyle Busch and takes the lead from the No. 18.

Lap 309 -- Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth do battle for the lead as the No. 18 fights to block the line of the No. 17.

Lap 308 -- Carl Edwards is in third where he began the race and has stayed for most of the evening.

Lap 307 -- Marcos Ambrose won't leave the Chasers alone, racing hard in fourth.

Lap 306 -- Jimmie Johnson moves up to eighth.

Lap 305 -- Matt Kenseth passes Carl Edwards for second.

Lap 304 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch brings the field back up to speed and has no problem jumping out front on the restart.

Lap 303 -- Officials call for one lap to go until green. The past two restarts have seen cars spins their tires on the inside row; Matt Kenseth did it both times. And now, Greg Biffle is sent to the rear for pitting too soon.

Lap 302 -- Kyle Busch remains the leader as Tony Stewart heads to pit road to have damage addressed on the No. 14. Kurt Busch takes four tires and fuel under yellow.

Lap 299 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 7: Greg Biffle cuts a tire and hits the wall after trading some paint with Tony Stewart.

Lap 299 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch brings the field back up to speed from the outside. Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards battle for second -- Edwards holds on as Greg Biffle scrapes the wall.

Lap 298 -- Officials wave off the green as they continue to sort through the running order.

Lap 296 -- Should be one to go until green. Jimmie Johnson pits for four fresh tires and fuel; Kevin Harvick follows suit.

Lap 295 -- Pit road will be open to lead lap cars.

Lap 294 -- Kevin Harvick settles back into 10th after diving down into the grass to avoid trouble -- a nice save for the No. 29.

Lap 293 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 6: In the first real accident of the race, several cars bunch up and trade paint on the restart while racing for fifth, sixth and seventh position. Jeff Gordon, David Ragan and Kasey Kahne have damage.

Lap 293 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch brings the field back up to speed on the outside. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Brad Keselowski restart worst among Chasers from 21st and 22nd.

Lap 291 -- Restart is waved off as officials sort out the running order.

Lap 290 -- The top five: 18, 17, 4, 99 and the No. 6.

Lap 289 -- Matt Kenseth takes four tires. Kasey Kahne takes four tires. Carl Edwards takes four tires. Kyle Busch takes four tires and is first off pit road. Carl Edwards loses a spot.

Lap 287 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Dave Blaney's car is smoking with Jimmie Johnson on pit road for a chassis adjustment, tires and fuel.Greg Biffle gets the free pass.

Lap 285 -- Brad Keselowski pits the Blue Deuce and says it's down on power. Greg Biffle is a hiar loose and takes four tires, minor wedge adjustment.

Lap 283 -- Kyle Busch leads Matt Kenseth by .479 seconds.

Lap 282 -- No change to the top five as green-flag pit stops approach.

Lap 280 -- Jimmie Johnson moves up to 11th, passing Ryan Newman. Kevin Harvick holds on in 10th.

Lap 276 -- Jimmie Fennig when asked what Matt Kenseth's fuel window was in the No. 17: "When we make it to the next one." ... Crew chiefs are holding their cards close as pit strategy may mean the difference at the end.

Lap 274 -- Dave Rogers says it's been a track-position race so far and likes Kyle Busch's chances if lapped traffic doesn't slow the No. 18.

Lap 272 -- Dale Jr. moves up two spots to 29th.

Lap 270 -- Best Among non-Chasers in terms of position: Greg Biffle (fourth), Kasey Kahne (fifth), David Ragan (sixth) and Marcos Ambrose (seventh).

Lap 268 -- Kyle Busch leads Matt Kenseth by .597 seconds.

Lap 265 -- Greg Biffle is now up to fourth -- don't count him out at the end as the No. 16 has proven fast all night. And had it not been for a missing lug nut and a return trip to pit road as a result, Biffle could have been the driver to beat right now.

Lap 263 -- Mired in traffic, several drivers may elect to take two tires on their next pit stop as clean air seems to be making all the difference tonight.

Lap 261 -- Matt Kenseth is closing on Kyle Busch as Jimmie Johnson passes Tony Stewart for 12th. Ryan Newman is in 11th and doing battle for the spot with the No. 48.

Lap 260 -- No change in running order this lap.

Lap 259 -- Five Chasers are currently running in the top 10, but own the top three spots.

Lap 257 -- Fourteen cars remain on the lead lap as Kurt Busch is the first driver, one lap down.

Lap 256 -- Kevin Harvick rounds out the top 10; Kasey Kahne, the top five.

Lap 254 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is off pit road and two laps down in 31st.

Lap 252 -- Kyle Busch now leads by 1.065 seconds. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is on pit road for four tires and to top off the fuel in a unscheduled pit stop.

Lap 250 -- Kyle Busch, Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards run 1-2-3.

Lap 248 -- Trevor Bayne is back in the race, three laps down -- disappointing news for a team that ran in the top 10 for most of the night.

Lap 247 -- Kurt Busch and Brad Keselowski are the two Chase drivers, one lap down.

Lap 246 -- Greg Biffle is back up to sixth and on the move. Denny Hamlin can mount a challenge from seventh.

Lap 244 -- Kasey Kahne is up to fourth as Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth race for second.

Lap 243 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch leads the field back to green. Busch restarts on the outside and holds Kenseth off through Turn 2, then squeezes down in front of the No. 17 to lead the lap.

Lap 242 -- One to go until green as several take the wave around. Jimmie Johnson will be the only one to get back on the lead lap and will restart 14th.

Lap 241 -- Kyle Busch is out front with Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards and David Ragan behind. Fifteen cars are wave-around eligible.

Lap 240 -- Carl Edwards is on pit road for a track bar/air adjustment. Kyle Busch takes four tires and fuel with no adjustments. Busch wins the race off pit road.

Lap 239 -- Mat Kenseth gives up second to take four tires, fuel and an air adjustment.

Lap 238 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Trevor Bayne is out of gas. Something must be wrong with the fuel cell. Tony Stewart -- in 13th -- gets the free pass.

Lap 236 -- Kurt Busch is on pit road for fuel. Jimmie Johnson gets another chassis/air adjustment, tires and fuel.

Lap 235 -- Jeff Burton is tight on pit road and takes four tires and fuel Jamie McMurray takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 234 -- Brad Keselowski is on pit road after going a lap down. He takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 232 -- Love him or not, you have to applaud Kyle Busch tonight, who continues to lead after starting the race from the rear.

Lap 231 -- Jimmie Johnson passes Kurt Busch for 11th.

Lap 229 -- If the race stays green, the leaders will need to pit around Lap 245-250.

Lap 227 -- Chaser Brad Keselowski remains the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 226 -- Jimmie Johnson moves to 12th and is on the bumper of Kurt Busch.

Lap 223 -- Matt Kenseth moves up to second, passing the No. 14.

Lap 222 -- Most laps led: 94 (Tony Stewart).

Lap 221 -- Teammates Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are now running 19-20 as Joey Logano holds them off from 18th.

Lap 219 -- Jimmie Johnson and team remain concerned about the No. 48's suspension.

Lap 218 -- Kurt Busch moves to 11th.

Lap 216 -- Mark Martin is back in the race, 46 laps down. The entire left-front wheel assembly has been rebuilt on the No. 5.

Lap 213 -- Greg Biffle came to race as he joins the top 10 again.

Lap 212 -- Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus confab over the radio about front suspension issues, similar to what Mark Martin experienced earlier.

Lap 211 -- Kyle Busch leads Tony Stewart by 2.2 seconds; the two-tire call earlier in the race is paying huge dividends.

Lap 209 -- Dave Rogers on the 18 team: "Our pit crew has been phenomenal."

Lap 207 -- Trevor Bayne moves up to seventh; the No. 21 has had a good race so far, running in the top 10 for a good portion of the evening.

Lap 206 -- Kyle Busch leads Tony Stewart by 2.488 seconds. Carl Edwards is in third, 4/8 seconds off the pace.

Lap 204 -- Greg Biffle is back up to 11th and gaining ground.

Lap 203 -- Still no movement for Jimmie Johnson after a four-tire call under the last caution; he's running in 15th.

Lap 201 -- After starting dead last due to an engine change, Kyle Busch is now your race leader at Charlotte. No. 71 is nailed for speeding.

Lap 200 -- Kasey Kahne rounds out the top 10. Matt Kenseth is running fifth.

Lap 199 -- Tony Stewart gets back up to speed and is in third.

Lap 197 -- J.J. Yeley stays out to lead a lap as Kyle Busch closes on the top spot.

Lap 196 -- Kyle Busch takes four tires and fuel. Denny Hamlin has wedge put back in on the No. 11 as his pit crew members run into each other and slow the stop. Tony Stewart takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 195 -- Carl Edwards is a tad tight and takes four tires and an air adjustment.

Lap 194 -- Jeff Burton needs more grip and gets an air pressure adjustment. Dale Jr. reports the No. 88 is getting better and takes four tires and fuel. Kevin Harvick is free and takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 193 -- Kurt Busch is on pit road for tires and fuel. Jimmie Johnson comes in for a chassis adjustment, four tires and fuel.

Lap 190 -- At this point, the Bank of America 500 has seen three cautions, 10 different race leaders and 13 lead changes.

Lap 189 -- Marcos Ambrose is running strong in fourth, but still has 2.7 seconds to make up on Carl Edwards in second.

Lap 186 -- Matt Kenseth has gained five spots on four new tires since the restart. Unlike the No. 48, Kenseth is gaining spots on a host of drivers who elected to take two tires under yellow.

Lap 185 -- Best lap time of the race: 25.508 seconds (Tony Stewart).

Lap 184 -- Carl Edwards is in third, 3.869 seconds off the lead pace.

Lap 182 -- With similar lap times across the field, very few drivers are making a move. Tony Stewart remains the leader.

Lap 180 -- Denny Hamlin is running eighth; he started 17th.

Lap 178 -- Twenty-seven cars remain on the lead lap. Clint Bowyer would get the free pass if a caution comes out.

Lap 177 -- Jimmie Johnson remains in 15th and can't make a move on four new tires.

Lap 176 -- Most laps led: Tony Stewart (73)

Lap 174 -- Marcos Ambrose moves up to fourth.

Lap 173 -- Worst position of a Chase driver: Brad Keselowski (22nd).

Lap 171 -- Biggest mover: Kyle Busch, up 23 positions and running second.

Lap 170 -- Kevin Harvick rounds out the top 10 as David Ragan lays claim to fifth.

Lap 168 -- Live points update: Carl Edwards leads the Chase, nine points ahead of Kevin Harvick.

Lap 167 -- Tony Stewart now leads Kyle Busch by .765 seconds.

Lap 165 -- Kurt Busch -- in 13th -- is still trying to find the right balance tonight. To no one's surprise, he's complaining to Steve Addington over the radio.

Lap 164 -- The No. 34 heads to the garage.

Lap 163 -- Seven Chasers run in the top 10.

Lap 161 -- Jimmie Johnson drops four spots since the restart and is running in 19th.

Lap 160 -- Tony Stewart leads another lap with Kyle Busch close behind.

Lap 159 -- GREEN FLAG: Tony Stewart leads the field back to green. The No. 34 is held on pit road after passing the caution car and will restart last. Ryan Newman goes three wide to the inside and is racing for sixth.

Lap 157 -- One to go until green as the No. 38 passes the caution car.

Lap 156 -- The No. 5 is on the jack-stand as the crew goes to work on the left-front hub. Before the caution, Martin got caught in traffic and traded paint with others in the field.

Lap 155 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: More debris in Turns 3 and 4. Tony Stewart continues to lead as Mark Martin heads to the garage with damage.

Lap 153 -- GREEN FLAG: Tony Stewart leads the field back to green, followed by Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman, David Ragan and Denny Hamlin. Rowdy and Smoke race side by side as Stewart hold the lead.

Lap 151 -- Should be one or two to go until green. The 83, 47, 51, 36, 34, 32 and 33 are wave-around eligible.

Lap 150 -- Jimmie Johnson files into 15th after taking four tires. Matt Kenseth will restart 11th.

Lap 149 -- Pit road is open, Matt Kenseth comes in for four tires and fuel. Jimmie Johnson takes four tires, fuel and a wedge adjustment. Tony Stewart is tight on landing, takes two tires and wins the race off pit road. Kyle Busch and team make a two-tire call as well and move up to second.

Lap 148 -- Cleanup continues as the field slows to 55 mph.

Lap 147 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Debris in Turns 3 and 4. Greg Biffle gets the free pass.

Lap 145 -- Most laps led: Greg Biffle (68).

Lap 143 -- Worst position of Chase drivers: Brad Keselowski, in 26th and the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 142 -- Live points update: Jimmie Johnson leads the Chase, four points ahead of Matt Kenseth.

Lap 140 -- Jimmie Johnson is closing on Matt Kenseth as Tony Stewart -- in third -- falls off the pace.

Lap 138 -- Greg Biffle to team: "Stay with me, guys. We'll get it back, we'll get it back." ... classy ...

Lap 137 -- Twenty-six cars are now on the lead lap.

Lap 136 -- Jimmie Johnson passes the No. 14 to grab second.

Lap 134 -- Denny Hamlin is up to sixth.

Lap 132 -- It's a three-man race out front with Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson running 1-2-3. David Ragan, in fourth, is 8.2 seconds behind.

Lap 131 -- Jimmie Johnson moves up to third as David Ragan files in behind.

Lap 130 -- Greg Biffle now goes a lap down after having to return to pit road.

Lap 129 -- Matt Kenseth assumes the lead with Tony Stewart close behind.

Lap 128 -- Greg Biffle has to come back to pit road after missing a lug nut -- terrible news for the 16 team.

Lap 127 -- Kyle Busch heads down pit road for four tires and fuel. Juan Montoya leads.

Lap 126 -- Kyle Busch leads after staying out under green. David Ragan gets an air adjustment and four tires.

Lap 125 -- Greg Biffle is on pit road for four tires and fuel. Tony Stewart gets a chassis change, four tires, fuel and is away.

Lap 124 -- Kasey Kahne is loose and wants the splitter adjusted. Matt Kenseth wants the car to turn better, but can't be looser.

Lap 123 -- Dale Jr. pits with a tight car. Kevin Harvick is in for four tires and a major air adjustment.

Lap 122 -- Clint Boywer is reporting debris high in Turn 2. Two-laps down, the No. 33 could use a caution.

Lap 119 -- Jeff Gordon is in 27th and continues to struggle under the lights at Charlotte. To make things worse, the No. 24 is close to going a lap down.

Lap 118 -- A half lap separates Greg Biffle out front from Marcos Ambrose, now in 10th.

Lap 117 -- Metal debris is being reported near the start/finish line.

Lap 116 -- Kyle Busch continues to move forward, up to 14th.

Lap 114 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves to 16th.

Lap 113 -- Trevor Bayne continues to run strong, up to sixth after passing Ryan Newman.

Lap 110 -- Greg Biffle leads Tony Stewart by 2.4 seconds. Man, the No. 16 is fast tonight -- turning lap times consistently under 30 seconds.

Lap 109 -- Kevin Harvick is still holding on to 10th.

Lap 107 -- Greg Biffle, Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth and Jimmie Johnson separate themselves by more than five seconds. David Ragan is in sixth, 8.9 seconds off the lead pace.

Lap 104 -- Lap times are similar for most of the field, making it difficult to gain track position; it isn't exactly easy to pass here at Charlotte.

Lap 102 -- Trevor Bayne moves up to ninth. Kyle Busch picks up a spot to 15th after starting the race at the back of the field due to an engine change.

Lap 99 -- The two-tire call under yellow for Kevin Harvick and Ryan Neman didn't work. After restarting 1-2, they've dropped to fifth and 10th.

Lap 98 -- Jamie McMurray is now the biggest mover, up 12 positions and currently running in 15th.

Lap 96 -- Twenty-nine cars remain on the lead lap. Jeff Gordon is worst among Chasers in 27th.

Lap 95 -- Greg Biffle's lead: 1.622 seconds over Tony Stewart.

Lap 93 -- Live points reflect Jimmie Johnson moving to second in points, two behind Carl Edwards. ... Still a lot of racing left, though.

Lap 91 -- Denny Hamlin is on the move, up five positions and currently in 12th.

Lap 90 -- Carl Edwards is in sixth and doing his best to run an aggressive line, mindful of where the No. 48 is on the track.

Lap 88 -- Tony Stewart passes Matt Kenseth for second as Jimmie Johnson moves back up to fourth, passing Ryan Newman on a full set of fresh tires.

Lap 86 -- Six Chasers are in the top 10: 14,39,17,48,29,99

Lap 85 -- Ryan Newman enters Turn 1 as the leader, then watches the No. 16 blow by on the backstretch.

Lap 84 -- Greg Biffle came to race and passes Kevin Harvick for second.

Lap 83 -- Ryan Newman holds off Kevin Harvick for the lead as Greg Biffle goes to third after passing Tony Stewart.

Lap 82 -- GREEN FLAG: Ryan Newman leads the field back to green, followed by Kevin Harvick.

Lap 81 -- Cleanup in Turn 1 is complete as the field crawls around the track under yellow at around 50 mph.

Lap 80 -- Tower sorts the running order as cars prepare for green -- one to go. No.'s 38 and 13 are wave-around eligible.

Lap 79 -- Ryan Newman is your race leader, followed by Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth.

Lap 78 -- Two tires or four? The drivers head down pit road: Matt Kenseth takes four tires and fuel. Carl Edwards gets an air pressure adjustment, four tires and fuel. Greg Biffle takes four tires and fuel. Ryan Newman and Kevin Harvick take two tires and leave pit road 1-2.

Lap 77 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Debris in Turn 1. Clint Bowyer gets the free pass. Pit crews get ready to go to work.

Lap 75 -- The No. 48 is free, but in a good way for Jimmie Johnson. He reports the car is turning well and continues to joke around with his spotter from fourth.

Lap 73 -- Leader Greg Biffle is in traffic and those behind him should close on the No. 16.

Lap 72 -- Kasey Kahne joins the top 10.

Lap 70 -- Marcos Ambrose is in eighth and running well. His lap times are matching leader Greg Biffle.

Lap 69 -- No change to running order in the top 10.

Lap 67 -- Kurt Busch is in 14th, up six spots since the green flag.

Lap 65 -- Brad Keselowski is in danger of becoming the first Chaser to go a lap down. The Blue Deuce is slow in 26th and needs a caution.

Lap 64 -- Biggest mover: David Reutimann, up 11 positions into 18th.

Lap 63 -- Greg Biffle continues to lead as Tony Stewart -- in second -- falls a tad off the pace.

Lap 61 -- Five Chasers are running outside the top 15: 11, 88, 24, 18, 2

Lap 59 -- Clint Bowyer goes a lap down and Jeff Burton isn't far behind.

Lap 58 -- Twenty-seven cars remain on the lead lap, six have called it a day.

Lap 57 -- Jimmie Johnson claims fourth, passing Carl Edwards.

Lap 55 -- Tony Stewart and Greg Biffle do battle for the lead as Carl Edwards holds off the No. 48 for fourth.

Lap 54 -- Trevor Bayne moves up a spot to ninth.

Lap 53 -- Jimmie Johnson moves up to fifth as Ryan Newman finds 11th.

Lap 52 -- Greg Biffle gets around the No. 14 and takes the lead.

Lap 51 -- The No. 71 is flagged again, this time for speeding while serving a speeding penalty. Dear Hermie, slow down!

Lap 49 -- Greg Biffle files back into second and is trailed by Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards.

Lap 47 -- No. 71 is penalized for speeding as Tony Stewart takes back the lead.

Lap 46 -- Jeff Gordon takes tires and fuel. The No. 83 is penalized for moving equipment. J.J. Yeley leads as green-flag pit stops cycle through.

Lap 45 -- Matt Kenseth takes four tires and fuel. Dale Jr. is in for tires and fuel.

Lap 44 -- Tony Stewart leads the field down pit road as Matt Kenseth takes the lead. Greg Biffle takes four tires and fuel. Tony Stewart is free, takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 42 -- Tony Stewart's lead is next to nothing now; Greg Biffle is doing battle with the No. 14 out of Turn 4 but can't make the pass.

Lap 40 -- Kyle Busch is running in 26th, worst among Chasers. Brad Keselowski is in 25th and struggling to make a move on the field ahead.

Lap 38 -- Look for pit stops to come soon as Greg Biffle nibbles at the bumper of Tony Stewart/

Lap 35 -- Carl Edwards is in fourth and chatting on the radio about the chip in his engine; the team elects to switch and eliminate the restriction to the RPMs in the No. 99.

Lap 34 -- Trevor Bayne remains in 10th; Jimmie Johnson rounds out the top five.

Lap 32 -- Greg Biffle has closed the gap on Tony Stewart and turning similar lap times as the No. 14. The No. 66 calls it a day and heads to the garage.

Lap 30 -- No. 55 heads to the garage as Juan Montoya lays claim as the biggest mover so far, up eight spots to 24th.

Lap 29 -- Marcos Ambrose moves up a spot to 11th as Paul Menard and the No. 27 lose another spot.

Lap 27 -- Greg Biffle is up to second as Tony Stewart continues to own clean air out front. Jimmie Johnson is up to fifth after passing A.J. Allmendinger.

Lap 25 -- Members of the Wood Brothers are decked out in vintage 1960s uniforms tonight -- they look good!

Lap 23 -- Trevor Bayne passes Paul Menard for 10th, and after turning one of the fastest lap times of the race, he thinks he may have brushed the wall. No. 30 heads to the garage.

Lap 22 -- Paul Menard is down three spots and rounds out the top 10 as the No. 77 heads for the garage.

Lap 20 -- Kyle Busch is being aggressive and trying to make a move toward the front. He's in 28th and turning lap times around 29.95 seconds.

Lap 18 -- Tony Stewart is turning average lap speeds around 190 mph. The No. 14 remains dialed in and out front.

Lap 17 -- Greg Biffle passes Carl Edwards for third, but trails Matt Kenseth by 2.54 seconds.

Lap 15 -- Clint Bowyer has dropped 12 positions since the green and is running in 31st.

Lap 14 -- No movement from Dale Earnhardt. Jr.; he remains in 15th as the No. 87 heads for the garage.

Lap 12 -- Joey Logano records a top on-track speed of 203.23 mph.

Lap 11 -- Chasers Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards continue to run 1-2-3.

Lap 9 -- Right side of the No. 66 is being observed for damage.

Lap 8 -- It's been over a year since Greg Biffle won a race -- he's up to fourth as Jimmie Johnson passes Ryan Newman for sixth.

Lap 6 -- Tony Stewart, with Matt Kenseth close behind, put some space (2.090 seconds) between themselves and Carl Edwards in third.

Lap 4 -- Jimmie Johnson passes Paul Menard and moves up to seventh. David Ragan moves to ninth.

Lap 3 -- Tony Stewart's lead: 0.334 seconds over Matt Kenseth.

Lap 2 -- Ryan Newman moves up to fifth, passing Greg Biffle.

Lap 1 -- Tony Stewart gets off to a good start from the outside as Matt Kenseth files in behind.

7:52 p.m. ET -- GREEN FLAG: Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth lead the field to green for the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

7:45 p.m. ET -- The cars roll off pit road to start their warm-up laps.

7:43 p.m. ET -- The cars roll off pit road to start their warm-up laps.

7:39 p.m. ET -- Cindy Moss, director of science, technology, engineering and math for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, gives the command: "Drivers, start your engines."

7:33 p.m. ET -- The national anthem is performed by RCA recording artist Sara Evans.

7:32 p.m. ET -- Trevor Bayne gives tonight's Invocation beside the No. 21.

7:31 p.m. ET -- Presentation of colors by the Air Force ROTC Detachment 592 from UNCC.

7 p.m. ET -- Pre-race coverage of the Bank of America 500 is now under way on ABC.

5:45 p.m. ET -- It's a big day for racing under the lights at Charlotte as the Cup Series teams prepare to put it all on the line in the fifth Chase for the Sprint Cup race of the season. Green flag is set for 7:48 p.m. ET. Tony Stewart is today's pole-sitter and will lead the field to green for 334 laps of racing.