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Six Pack: Engvall excited to host After The Lap party in Vegas

November 01, 2011, Joe Menzer,

Comedian Engvall excited about hosting After The Lap party, share some laughs

Comedian Bill Engvall, who will host this year's post-season After The Lap party with 2011 Chase for the Sprint Cup drivers in Las Vegas, answers this week's six questions.

1. Have you been a NASCAR fan for a long time?

"You look out in the parking lot at some of the RVs they came in and, my God, they've got nothin' on the Four Seasons."


Engvall: I wish I could say it was longer, but I'm a pretty new fan. I would say within the last 10 years. Being brought up in Texas, I just wasn't aware of it then -- because it wasn't that big outside of the Southeast at that time.

But over the last 10 years, I've gotten into it and it's an amazing sport. It's one of the few sports that I think is really fan-oriented, where they go out of their way to reach their fans.

2. Are you excited about hosting the After The Lap event?

Engvall: I really am. I think the reason I like NASCAR so much is that it's blue-collar. I expect [After The Lap] to be a lot like doing a show with Jeff [Foxworthy] and Larry [the Cable Guy]. We appreciate our fans the same way NASCAR seems to appreciate theirs.

If you've never been to a race, I tell people all the time, you've got to get to one. It's like the Super Bowl every weekend. Oh my God, I couldn't believe how loud it was. I was invited to sit up in a suite in Las Vegas -- and even with the double-paned glass, it was still just like thunder, but like the loudest thunder you've ever heard.

3. Larry the Cable Guy has to be a big NASCAR fan, right?

Engvall: Oh yeah. Him and Jeff both are big fans. One of my favorite jokes was when Jeff said, 'If you've ever watched a NASCAR race naked, you might be a redneck.'

I looked at him [as if to ask if that was something he had done] and he just said, 'Yep.' I was like, 'Oh, man.'

4. So you said you've been to a race in Las Vegas. Anywhere else?

Engvall: I've been to one at Chicagoland, but the one to go to is Daytona. That's the granddaddy -- not even necessarily for the race, but just to walk around and see everybody and everything. It's everything fun rolled into one.

5. Do you have anything special planned for grilling these drivers during your After The Lap appearance?

Engvall: No, and that's kind of the way I like to do it, off the cuff. I'm really looking forward to it, because no other sport does this -- where it's this unfiltered access to their stars by the fans. For like $20, they can come in, listen to what the drivers have to say, celebrities talk about what they're doing, and have some fun. ... The thing I love about it is it's not scripted. That's how I like to do it myself.

6. But have you been gathering material to try to roast them just a little bit?

Engvall: You've got to be careful with NASCAR drivers, because they might try to run you down. But I've been friends with Michael Waltrip and I just did a voiceover for a tribute to Darrell Waltrip and his career. So it's weird. I find myself getting more and more immersed in the NASCAR world.

There definitely is a crossover between the fans who like our style of comedy and NASCAR. A lot of them are one and the same. It's always funny when you go to a race because some of these people look like they don't have a dime to their name -- yet they've got the electronics, the $800 leather jacket with their driver's number and sponsor on it, they're munching on corndogs and giant turkey legs, and then you look out in the parking lot at some of the RVs they came in and, my God, they've got nothin' on the Four Seasons. It's not some poor, white trash sport; you go to the race and you'll see billionaires there. You walk through that parking lot with all those RVs and that's some serious tailgating going on right there.