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Lap-by-Lap: Texas

November 06, 2011, ,

Lap 334 -- CHECKERED FLAG: Tony Stewart dominates at Texas for his fourth win of the Chase and inched ever closer to the leader. Carl Edwards finished second, and now leads by just three points.

Lap 333 -- WHITE FLAG: Tony Stewart leads Carl Edwards by 1.362 seconds.

Lap 330 -- Tony Stewart is back out front as Carl Edwards struggles with Regan Smith and lapped traffic.

Lap 329 -- Tony Stewart trails Jeff Burton by 5.326 seconds -- scratch that -- Burton runs out of fuel.

Lap 327 -- Jeff Burton just may pull this off. With such a large lead, he can conserve fuel, give up some space and perhaps ride on fumes to Victory Lane.

Lap 325 -- Jeff Burton -- in the lead -- is now the only driver not to pitch. Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards file in behind and run 2-3. Burton has 6.6 seconds on Stewart.

Lap 324 -- With 10 to go, Ryan Newman pits. Jeff Burton Leads.

Lap 323 -- If Ryan Newman and Jeff Burton continue to race each other as hard as they are, both will be running out of fuel.

Lap 321 -- Tony Stewart moves up to seventh, behind Brad Keselowski, the last car electing not to pit.

Lap 319 -- Ryan Newman passes Jeff Burton for the lead; both drivers are on the same fuel schedule.

Lap 317 -- Assuming the top seven or eight run out fuel, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards and Kasey Kahne have the best shot at taking the checkers.

Lap 316 -- Ryan Newman is second and will go for it as well -- no pitting for the No. 39.

Lap 315 -- Jeff Burton continues to stay out and backs off the throttle -- he's going for it.

Lap 314 -- Jeff Burton leads another lap but appears to be slowing.

Lap 312 -- Strategy is starting to play out as the top eight run on old tires as long as they can. Jimmie Johnson gets back on the lead lap.

Lap 311 -- The top 10: 31, 39, 5, 83, 00, 2, 11, 22, 14, 99

Lap 309 -- Jeff Burton stays out and can only hope for a caution.

Lap 308 -- The top eight have yet to pit. When they do, Tony Stewart should take back the lead.

Lap 307 -- Jeff Burton leads another lap, followed by Ryan Newman and Mark Martin.

Lap 306 -- Kasey Kahne passes Carl Edwards for 11th.

Lap 305 -- Jeff Burton leads but has yet to pit as green-flag pit stops continue.

Lap 303 -- Green-flag pit stops continue as Kasey Kahne races Tony Stewart -- back up to speed -- to the scoring line.

Lap 302 -- Tony Stewart takes four tires and no adjustments. Carl Edwards takes four tires as Kasey Kahne pits and Jeff Burton leads. Kahne takes four tires.

Lap 301 -- David Ragan takes tires and fuel as Carl Edwards comes down pit road with Tony Stewart. Kasey Kahne leads.

Lap 300 -- Dale Jr. scores a 12.2 second stop on pit road. Kevin Harvick takes two tires.

Lap 298 -- Jeff Gordon pits for four tires and fuel. Marcos Ambrose is loose off and gets an air adjustment. Matt Kenseth takes four tires and wants to be tightened up on exit. Kasey Kahne passes Carl Edwards for second.

Lap 297 -- Jeff Gordon makes an early stop on pit road and leaves his stall as leftover fuel catches fire.

Lap 296 -- The top two in the Chase are going toe-to-toe on the track as final laps, and pit stops, approach.

Lap 294 -- Tony Stewart's leads remains 1.2 seconds as Kasey Kahne settles into third.

Lap 292 -- Jeff Gordon remain in sixth with Kevin Harvick mounting a challenge from seventh.

Lap 290 -- Jamie McMurray is back in the race with 26 cars on the lead lap.

Lap 289 -- Kasey Kahne is up to third on four fresh tires and closing the gap on Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart. Can he spoil the party?

Lap 286 -- Tony Stewart now leads Carl Edwards by 1.2 seconds.

Lap 284 -- Jeff Gordon is up to third, passing Matt Kenseth. Kasey Kahne is up to fifth and charging ahead.

Lap 282 -- Dale Jr. is up to 12th and files in behind Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 280 -- Kasey Kahne electing to take four tires may pay dividends at the end. Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon are ahead of the No. 4 -- on just two new tires.

Lap 278 -- Pole-sitter Greg Biffle is up to eighth as Kasey Kahne is up to sixth on four new tires.

Lap 276 -- Tony Stewart has clean air as Carl Edwards files in behind. Paul Menard is up to fourth as Kasey Kahne makes a run at Marcos Ambrose for sixth.

Lap 275 -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart bring the field back to green. Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon restart 3-4. Stewart leaps off the line to race Edwards side by side through Turn 2. Edwards takes the lead out of Turn 4.

Lap 273 -- Should be two to go until green.

Lap 272 -- Denny Hamlin -- from 14th -- leads the second half of the field down pit road.

Lap 271 -- David Reutimann gets the free pass.

Lap 270 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Debris in Turn 3. Before the yellow, Carl Edwards' lead was .916 seconds.

Lap 268 -- Jeff Gordon is up to fourth, passing Marcos Ambrose.

Lap 267 -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards leads the field to green from the inside with Tony Stewart at his side. Edwards jumps out front as Stewart files in behind.

Lap 265 -- One to go until green. Clint Bowyer takes the free pass.

Lap 264 -- The top five: 99, 14, 17, 9, 24 -- We have ourselves a race!

Lap 263 -- Pit road is open: Matt Kenseth takes two tires; Kasey Kahne takes four tires; Tony Stewart takes two tires; Carl Edwards takes two tires and beats Stewart off pit road. Kenseth will restart third.

Lap 262 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Joey Logano blows an engine.

Lap 259 -- Jeff Gordon gains another spot and moves to seventh. Greg Biffle is back up to 12th as Paul Menard holds 11th.

Lap 258 -- Tony Stewart increases his lead to 1.251 seconds over Kasey Kahne.

Lap 257 -- Jamie McMurray heads to the garage with mechanical issues.

Lap 255 -- Denny Hamlin is up to 12th.

Lap 254 -- Carl Edwards passes Matt Kenseth for third.

Lap 251 -- Martin Truex Jr. rounds out the top 10; Marcos Ambrose rounds out the top five.

Lap 249 -- Jimmie Johnson is in 19th after sliding through the grass and having to restart as the last car on the lead lap for crossing across to pit road under yellow.

Lap 248 -- Kevin Harvick has the No. 29 dialed in and has moves up to sixth and turning lap times right around 30 seconds.

Lap 246 -- Carl Edwards is up to fourth and needs to make a move.

Lap 245 -- GREEN FLAG: Tony Stewart leads the field to green with Kasey Kahne at his side. Stewart -- from the outside -- leads the lap.

Lap 244 -- One to go until green. PIt road is clear.

Lap 243 -- The top five: 14, 4, 9, 17, 99. Three cars are wave-around eligible. Trevor Bayne gets the free pass.

Lap 241 -- Kasey Kahne gives up second for four fresh tires and fuel. Marcos Ambrose is tight in the middle, loose off. Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards take four tires and fuel. Jeff Gordon loses five spots and enters the track in ninth. Stewart holds the lead.

Lap 240 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: Jimmie Johnson -- running in ninth -- spins off of Turn 4, slides into the grass and races to pit road for two tires. He beats Tony Stewart to the start/finish line under yellow and will stay on the lead lap.

Lap 239 -- Carl Edwards is under throttle and talking about pitting in the next 10 laps.

Lap 238 -- David Ragan holds off Carl Edwards for sixth, then gives it up to the No. 99.

Lap 236 -- The closer Kasey Kahne gets to Tony Stewart, the more loose the No. 14 becomes.

Lap 235 -- Kasey Kahne is the latest driver to mount a charge against Tony Stewart; Smoke isn't having it and holds the lead.

Lap 232 -- Live points reflect that Kyle Busch has now dropped four spots in the Chase standings to 11th, 97 points behind Tony Stewart.

Lap 229 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. has spent most of the day mid-pack. He's currently in 15th.

Lap 227 -- Matt Kenseth gives up fifth to Jeff Gordon.

Lap 226 -- Marcos Ambrose finished sixth at Texas earlier this season; he gives up second to Kasey Kahne, also having a good race.

Lap 225 -- Carl Edwards drops to seventh; Jeff Gordon moves to sixth.

Lap 223 -- Marcos Ambrose has closed the gap on the No. 14 and is trying to find a way to make the pass.

Lap 220 -- Much has been said about Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards doing battle at Texas and so far, both drivers have spent a good portion of their day in the top five. Stewart ( in first) leads Edwards (in fifth) by 2.837 seconds.

Lap 218 -- Trevor Bayne is the first car, one lap down. Jeff Burton -- in 19th -- is the last driver on the lead lap.

Lap 216 -- Jeff Gordon's car continues to get faster as he closes on Matt Kenseth for sixth.

Lap 215 -- Tony Stewart's lead: 0.741 seconds.

Lap 213 -- Jeff Gordon is in eighth and doing battle with Brad Keselowski and the Blue Deuce for seventh. At the start/finsih line, Gordon takes the spot.

Lap 211 -- Denny Hamlin is back on the lead lap and up to 13th.

Lap 210 -- Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick run 10-11 as David Ragan holds fourth.

Lap 209 -- Tony Stewart leads another lap as Carl Edwards rounds out the top five.

Lap 207 -- GREEN FLAG: Kasey Kahne leads the field back to green next to Tony Stewart. Kahne is loose in Turn 2 as Marcos Ambrose takes second, Stewart moves to the lead as Kahne drops to third.

Lap 206 -- Kasey Kahne was on pit road when the caution came out, remains the race leader and prepares to bring the field back up to speed. Kevin Harvick gets the free pass after pitting twice under caution for a vibration.

Lap 205 -- Jimmie Johnson comes down pit road for tires and fuel.

Lap 204 -- Kevin Harvick is on pit road for tires and fuel as Kasey Kahne leads the field through Turn 2.

Lap 202 -- The field slows and bunches up. Matt Kenseth takes an air adjustment, four tires and fuel. Marcos Ambrose takes a track bar and air adjustment. Tony Stewart is loose on exit, takes four tires and fuel. Kenseth loses two spots as Marcos Ambrose gains a spot to move to second.

Lap 201 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Geoffrey Bodine spins after contact with Juan Montoya and Brian Vickers.

Lap 200 -- Greg Biffle is on pit road for tires and fuel. Regan Smith is in for tires and fuel; he's loose on exit.

Lap 199 -- Brian Vickers takes four tires and fuel as Tony Stewart puts Clint Bowyer a second lap down.

Lap 198 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. heads to pit road for four tires and fuel. Dale Jr. wants the No. 88 tightened up. Mark Martin takes a slight air adjustment.

Lap 195 -- A.J. Allmendinger is in 11th and doing battle for 10th with Kevin Harvick.

Lap 193 -- Ryan Newman is worst among Chasers in 28th and one lap down.

Lap 190 -- Twenty-four cars remian on the lead lap as Jamie McMurray goes a lap down.

Lap 188 -- Tony Stewart's lead: 1.636 seconds.

Lap 187 -- Jeff Gordon is in ninth and turning comparable lap times with the leaders.

Lap 186 -- Marcos Ambrose takes back fourth from Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 185 -- Michael McDowell goes a second lap down in the No. 18.

Lap 184 -- Pole-sitter Greg Biffle has dropped to 14th.

Lap 182 -- Brian Vickers, who raised all kinds of hell at Martinsville last week, is up to 16th after starting 20th.

Lap 181 -- Jimmie Johnson passes the No. 9 for fourth.

Lap 180 -- Tony Stewart's last lap time from first: 31.267; Matt Kenseth's from second: 31.216

Lap 179 -- Brad Keselowski gives up sixth to Carl Edwards and reports the car is "super, super loose."

Lap 178 -- The top 5: 14,17,6,48,9

Lap 175 -- Carl Edwards is loose as the track shades up; to fix the camber issue on the No. 99, he'd have to pit and would probably lose a lap to correct. That's not going to happen with Tony Stewart leading.

Lap 173 -- Bob Osborne reports the No. 99 has too much camber in the right-front tire. Carl Edwards is dealing with it from seventh but has to back off to save the tire.

Lap 170 -- Carl Edwards has led three laps today and is currently running in seventh as Tony Stewart takes the lead in the Chase using live points -- plenty of racing left, though.

Lap 169 -- Kevin Harvick rounds out the top 10 with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on his bumper.

Lap 167 -- At the halfway mark, Tony Stewart is the race leader with 27 cars on the lead lap.

Lap 166 -- Casey Mears goes a lap down.

Lap 165 -- Martin Truex Jr. moves to 12th, up seven spots since first green.

Lap 164 -- Several drivers reporting debris in Turn 3. Tower hasn't confirmed.

Lap 163 -- Top five running order after green-flag pit stops: 14,17,6,48,9

Lap 162 -- Brad Keselowski pits as Tony Stewart takes back the lead.

Lap 160 -- Brad Keselowski leads as Jimmie Johnson comes down pit road. The No. 48 is free, takes four tires, fuel and an air adjustment. Jeff Gordon is tight and says the No. 24 won't turn.

Lap 159 -- Kasey Kahne is loose and calls for an air adjustment, tires and fuel. Kevin Harvick makes a track bar adjustment and takes tires and fuel as Jimmie Johnson takes the lead with Tony Stewart pitting.

Lap 158 -- Kurt Busch takes four tires, fuel and an air adjustment. Dale Earnhardt Jr. pits for tires and fuel.

Lap 157 -- Juan Montoya pits under green for tires and fuel. The field should follow.

Lap 155 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. passes pole-sitter Greg Biffle for 11th. Next up for the No. 88: Kevin Harvick, in 10th.

Lap 153 -- Tony Stewart now leads David Ragan by 2.87 seconds.

Lap 149 -- Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski battle for fourth as Kevin Harvick moves to 10th.

Lap 148 -- David Ragan has the No. 6 in third and is driving for sponsorship in 2012.

Lap 146 -- Carl Edwards drops to sixth as Jimmie Johnson moves to fifth and Brad Keselowski up to fourth.

Lap 145 -- Debris reported high in Turn 4 -- no caution.

Lap 143 -- The top five: 14, 17, 6, 2, 99

Lap 140 -- Tony Stewart now leads Matt Kenseth by 1.633 seconds. Live Points reflect Stewart still second in the Chase standings and just two points behind Carl Edwards.

Lap 139 -- Greg Biffle has dropped to 10th after nearly hitting the wall in Turn 4. Jimmie Johnson is up to sixth as Brad Keselowski rounds out the top five.

Lap 137 -- Clint Bowyer has gone from 15th to 22nd and continues to drop back. He may have had an ignition problem.

Lap 135 -- Kevin Harvick remains in sixth but says traffic and dirty air is making it difficult for him to move up.

Lap 134 -- Jimmie Johnson and pole-sitter Greg Biffle do battle for seventh with the No. 48 winning the challenge.

Lap 132 -- Matt Kenseth is running equal lap times to Tony Stewart, who remains the race leader.

Lap 130 -- Jeff Gordon drops to 10th as Marcos Ambrose takes away ninth.

Lap 127 -- Twenty-seven cars are now back on the lead lap. Tony Stewart continues to lead Matt Kenseth as Carl Edwards -- in third -- holds off David Ragan.

Lap 125 -- David Reutimann, who started the race from the rear due to an engine change, is in 19th and now reporting he may have a problem with his transmission.

Lap 124 -- Kevin Harvick has seen some improvement in the No. 29 and moves up to sixth.

Lap 122 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is up to 12th; his Hendrick teammates and fellow Chasers Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon are running 9-10.

Lap 120 -- Darian Grubb did his best to free up the No. 14 and in turn, gave Tony Stewart something he could work with. He leads Matt Kenseth, but not by much. Carl Edwards is third.

Lap 118 -- Matt Kenseth takes back the lead but Tony Stewart is right there.

Lap 117 -- GREEN FLAG: Matt Kenseth leads the field back to green. Tony Stewart passes Kenseth, takes the lead and races side by side through Turn 1.

Lap 116 -- The top five at restart: 17, 99, 14, 6, 9.

Lap 115 -- Should be one to go until green. Paul Menard gives up the lead to pit.

Lap 114 -- Brad Keselowski moves up to sixth, gaining three spots on pit road. No change to the top-five running order off of pit road. Paul Menard stays out to lead a lap.

Lap 113 -- Matt Kenseth leads the field down pit road. He takes four tires and fuel. Marcos Ambrose is too free, takes four tires and fuel. Tony Stewart is good on exit, takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 112 -- Denny Hamlin will get the free pass.

Lap 111 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Debris reported high in Turn 3. At this stage in the race, Sunday's AAA Texas 500 sets a new record for most consecutive laps under green to start a race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Lap 109 -- Several drivers are discussing their tires and loose race cars as temperatures at the track continue to climb with the sun shining on portions of the track.

Lap 107 -- Matt Kenseth has the No. 17 comfortable out front and is dicing his ay through lapped traffic as the No. 99 struggles to close the gap. Kenseth leads by 4.226 seconds.

Lap 105 -- Trevor Bayne -- who won his first race in the Nationwide Series on Saturday -- goes a lap down to Matt Kenseth with a car much more difficult to handle than yesterday.

Lap 102 -- Michael McDowell is mired in 31st, driving the No. 18. He reports the car is terribly tight through the middle as Dave Rogers does his best to keep him calm.

Lap 98 -- Kyle Busch continues to watch the race from the pit box after telling Joe Gibbs that he'd like to be with his team during today's AAA Texas 500.

Lap 97 -- Pole-sitter Greg Biffle is in seventh after giving up sixth to Jeff Gordon.

Lap 96 -- Twenty-six cars remain on the lead lap.

Lap 95 -- Matt Kenseth now leads Carl Edwards by 3.765 seconds. Tony Stewart is back up to third as Marcos Ambrose rounds out the top five.

Lap 92 -- Jimmie Johnson is in 12th after a 16-plus second pit stop; he drove over an air hose heading into his stall, which added precious time to his stop.

Lap 91 -- Matt Kenseth takes back the lead as Carl Edwards assumes second. Joey Logano, a lap down, is complaining of his car being terrible to handle.

Lap 90 -- Carl Edwards gets the bonus point for leading, then heads to pit road for one round of wedge, four tires and fuel.

Lap 89 -- Carl Edwards assumes the lead as Tony Stewart pits for tires and fuel. Jimmie Johnson takes four tires and fuel. Matt Kenseth takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 88 -- Matt Kenseth stays out. Greg Biffle is in for tires and fuel.

Lap 87 -- Marcos Ambrose pits for tires, fuel and an air adjustment as the field begins to head down pit road.

Lap 86 -- Kevin Harvick started 21st, moved up to 13th and hasn't been able to do much from there.

Lap 85 -- Ryan Newman is now worst among Chasers, two laps down and in 36th.

Lap 84 -- Carl Edwards is starting to close the gap on leader Matt Kenseth, but needs to make up 2.1 seconds on the No. 17.

Lap 79 -- Jeff Gordon is up to eighth and doing much better than in previous races at Texas. Gordon finished 13th in this race in 2009, his only finish better than 23rd in the past four at the track. He has seven top-fives but seven results of 25th or worse.

Lap 78 -- Kasey Kahne is running strong in seventh, up two spots since green.

Lap 77 -- David Ragan was the first to pit earlier in the race and says the No. 6 team needs to shine at Texas; he reports the car is fast but getting loose.

Lap 75 -- Carl Edwards reports the car is loose, especially in the turns.

Lap 74 -- Matt Kenseth is running the same setup he used to win here in April and reports the car is handling just as it should.

Lap 73 -- Matt Kenseth's lead: 3.864 seconds.

Lap 71 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in 15th. He has nine top-10 finishes in 18 Texas starts, but only two were in the past nine.

Lap 69 -- Jeff Gordon moves to 10th with Brad Keselowski close behind. Texas is Gordon's worst track in terms of average finish -- 17.2.

Lap 67 -- Dave Blaney is back in the race but is several laps down.

Lap 66 - David Ragan holds off a challenge from the No. 14 as Tony Stewart backs off through Turn 4.

Lap 64 -- No. 36 serves a pass-through penalty for speeding as Tony Stewart closes on David Ragan for fourth.

Lap 62 -- Matt Kenseth leads Carl Edwards by 4.27 seconds. Tony Stewart remains in fifth.

Lap 59 -- Michael McDowell -- in the No. 18 -- is wheeling the car around Texas in 31st as Kyle Busch watches the race from atop his team's pit box.

Lap 57 -- Carl Edwards passes Greg Biffle for second. No. 35 heads to the garage.

Lap 54 -- Ryan Newman comes back to pit road for a different set of tires. He's in 36, two laps down.

Lap 53 -- Brad Keselowski rounds out the top 10. His best finish of 14th at Texas came in April 2010.

Lap 51 -- Now that drivers have cycled through green-flag pit stops, Matt Kenseth leads with Greg Biffle in second, Carl Edwards in third, David Ragan in fourth and Tony Stewart in fifth.

Lap 48 -- Tony Stewart stayed out two extra laps, earned the bonus points but lost some time and position. He's in fifth as Carl Edwards claims third.

Lap 47 -- Ryan Newman is in for a chassis adjustment, four tires and fuel. Matt Kenseth is back on track and re-takes the lead.

Lap 46 -- Michael McDowell pits the No. 18 for tires and fuel. Tony Stewart gives up the lead to pit a loose No. 14; he gets four tires, fuel and a wedge adjustment.

Lap 45 -- Greg Biffle is on pit road and is loose; he takes four tires and fuel. Carl Edwards takes four tires and fuel with a track bar adjustment for a loose No. 99.

Lap 44 -- Kasey Kahne is in four a track bar adjustment, tires and fuel. Tony Stewart takes the lead as Matt Kenseth leads; he takes four tires and fuel.

Lap 43 -- David Ragan started second and comes to pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 41 -- Best among Chasers: Matt Kenseth (leader); Worst among Chasers: Denny Hamlin (28th).

Lap 40 -- Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards run 3-4.

Lap 38 -- A.J. Allmendinger is the biggest mover, up 12 spots to 14th.

Lap 36 -- Andy Lally goes a lap down.

Lap 35 -- No. 46 heads to the garage. Matt Kenseth leads and Paul Menard rounds out the top 10.

Lap 33 -- The top four of Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards have put more than 5.5 seconds between them and the rest of the field.

Lap 32 -- Jimmie Johnson drops to 11th, passed by Clint Bowyer. Brad Keselowski then takes 11th from Johnson.

Lap 30 -- Regan Smith joins the top five, taking the spot away from David Ragan.

Lap 28 -- Thirty-seven cars are now on the lead lap; Jimmie Johnson drops to 10th after giving up spots to Marcos Ambrose and Paul Menard.

Lap 27 -- Jimmie Johnson gains another spot and moves to eighth.

Lap 26 -- Geoffrey Bodine goes a lap down.

Lap 25 -- No. 66 heads to the garage.

Lap 24 -- Matt Kenseth passes Greg Biffle and becomes the second leader of the AAA Texas 500.

Lap 23 -- No change to the top 10. Brad Keselowski passes Kevin Harvick for 13th.

Lap 20 -- Greg Biffle has led every lap but Matt Kenseth is less than .02 seconds behind. No. 37 heads to the garage.

Lap 18 -- Matt Kenseth is closing the gap on leader Greg Biffle. Kenseth won here in April and finished second last October. He has seven top-three finishes in the past 12 races.

Lap 17 -- Clint Bowyer moves to 12th, up six spots since green. No. 87 heads to the garage.

Lap 15 -- Greg Biffle settles into the lead as Matt Kenseth gains some ground from second.

Lap 13 -- Paul Menard has dropped four spots since green; he's in eighth.

Lap 12 -- No. 65 heads to the garage.

Lap 10 -- Carl Edwards is up to fourth and on the bumper of Tony Stewart. Edwards leads all active drivers with the most wins (three) at Texas.

Lap 9 -- Greg Biffle opens up a 1.3-second lead over Matt Kenseth, in second. Tony Stewart is up to third.

Lap 7 -- Kevin Harvick is the biggest mover, up nine spots into 12th.

Lap 5 -- Jimmie Johnson is up two spots into ninth. Johnson finished in the top-11 in 13 of 16 Texas races including a win in this race in 2007.

Lap 4 -- Kasey Kahne is up three spots to sixth. Greg Biffle continues to lead.

Lap 3 -- Matt Kenseth moves up to second, passing David Ragan.

Lap 2 -- Carl Edwards moves up two spots and into the top five.

Lap 1 -- Greg Biffle keeps the No. 16 out fron and leads the first lap at 190 mph across the start/finish line.

3:21 p.m. ET -- GREEN FLAG: Greg Biffle leads the field to green for the AAA Texas 500. David Ragan is on the outside, with Matt Kenseth and Paul Menard in the second row.

3:09 p.m. ET -- Bob Bouttier, president of AAA Texas, gives the most famous words in motorsports: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

3:03 p.m. ET -- Trace Adkins performs the national anthem.

3:02 p.m. ET -- Dr. Roger Marsh from TXARM (Texas Alliance Raceway Ministries) gives the Invocation.

2:48 p.m. ET -- Starting from the rear today: No. 18 (driver change); No. 66 (driver change); No. 00 (engine change)

2 p.m. ET -- NASCAR Countdown is under way on ESPN.

9:05 a.m. ET -- It's currently 64 degrees and cloudy at Texas Motor Speedway. The forecast calls for skies to remain cloudy with temperatures rising towards the low 70s. There is a 30 percent chance of rain later in the day as isolated thunderstorms are possible. Greg Biffle will start today's AAA Texas 500 from the pole and will be joined on the front row by David Ragan. Green flag is scheduled for 3:18 p.m. ET.