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NASCAR.COM online home for Champion's Week

November 29, 2011, ,

Beginning Tuesday, NASCAR has a week-long celebration planned in Las Vegas as the sport crowns Tony Stewart the 2011 Sprint Cup Series champion and recognizes the jaw-dropping excitement and success of the previous season.

NASCAR.COM is your exclusive home for live coverage of some of the events in Las Vegas, including the NASCAR Champion's Kickoff Event, Myers Brothers Awards Luncheon, Victory Lap on the Las Vegas Strip and After the Lap.

Below is NASCAR.COM's schedule of live events from Las Vegas.

NASCAR Champion's Week Kickoff Event (4:30 p.m. ET Wednesday) -- The fun begins with a Newlywed Game-type competition among the top-12 drivers. Drivers will be randomly paired by drawings in groups of two, and will answer questions about each other mirroring the famous Newlywed Game style.

NASCAR NMPA Myers Brothers Awards Luncheon (2 p.m. ET Thursday) -- This annual industry/media gathering includes the presentation of awards to the champion crew chief, champion sponsor, Sunoco rookie of the year and most popular driver.

NASCAR Victory Lap (6 p.m. ET Thursday) -- This fan-favorite will feature the top 12 Sprint Cup drivers parading -- with engines growling -- down the Las Vegas Strip in their teams' respective race cars. Victory Lap will feature a pit stop along the route and two burn-out sections for drivers. NASCAR.COM will be inside championship runner-up Carl Edwards' car, giving viewers a first-hand look at the excitement.

NASCAR After the Lap (7:15 p.m. ET Thursday) -- This is a celebration of NASCAR's most loyal supporters -- the fans. After The Lap will feature an unfiltered question and answer session with the top 12 Sprint Cup Series drivers.

Miss Sprint Cup Chat (4 p.m. ET Friday) -- Miss Sprint Cup Monica Palumbo will sit down with 2011 Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart and ask questions submitted by the fans.