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'Otis' Harvick? Just a smokescreen, dad-to-be says

March 11, 2012, Jill Erwin,

LAS VEGAS -- Kevin Harvick was feisty Friday when he visited the Las Vegas Motor Speedway media center, and he shared a little insight into the secrecy surrounding his unborn son.

Harvick has dubbed the boy "Otis" in his Twitter conversations, and he was asked how that name came to be.

Harvick on Twitter

Want more updates on baby "Otis?" Keep up with Harvick on Twitter: @KevinHarvick


"I don't even know to be honest with you. I wish I could tell you," he said with a laugh. "It is just something silly that we came up with. That has been the most common question as to what we are going to name the boy. We don't really want to tell anybody until it's time so we just came up with a code name and that is what we came up with."

But Otis? The backstory apparently involves Ryan Newman's wife, Krissie.

"She calls me that every once in a while so we just called it 'Baby Otis,' " Harvick said. "At least it has some kind of name; you can refer to it as something. I keep wanting to call it 'it' and DeLana gets mad at me. She's like, 'You can call it son or boy. So we just came up with 'Otis.' "

It's easy to be in a good mood when you're going to a track where you run as well as Harvick does at Las Vegas. He qualified third Friday afternoon, and is looking forward to seeing what kind of damage he can do in the Kobalt Tools 400.

"It's been a good track for us over the last few years so we just have to continue doing the same things," Harvick said. "I feel confident in the adjustments that we have made over the winter."

But that just led into another little Harvick jab. He was told that Carl Edwards' team brought the Homestead car here to see where they stack up to last year's effort at the end of the year.

Harvick wanted no part of that.

"I'd be mad if they brought my Homestead car because that means they didn't do much over the winter," Harvick said with a smile. "Obviously, their stuff has been really good on the 1.5-mile race tracks through last year. They are in a little bit different position. We were kind of hit or miss on the 1.5-mile stuff. [We] brought a new car and feel like hopefully we have made our stuff better since Homestead.

"It's just a matter of getting through this weekend and deciding on what direction you need to work in as a team. This weekend will tell us a lot more than the previous weeks we have had cars on the track."