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Lap-by-Lap: Richmond

April 28, 2012, ,

Lap 400 -- CHECKERED FLAG: Kyle Busch does it again as he earns his first victory of 2012 with his fourth spring race in a row at Richmond. Dale Earnhardt Jr. finishes second with Tony Stewart third. Jimmie Johnson rebounds to a sixth-place finish and Carl Edwards finished 10th after his penalty.

Lap 399 -- WHITE FLAG: Kyle Busch is one lap away from victory.

Lap 397 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. just got on the radio and says he has no brakes. It looks like Kyle Busch is going to make it four in a row.

Lap 395 -- Some great racing from third on back. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Lap 394 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is driving with everything he has and trails Kyle Busch by half a second.

Lap 392 -- Kyle Busch gets a great start and Tony Stewart spins the tires. Dale Earnhardt Jr. jumps to second.

Lap 391 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch brings them to the green with nine to go.

Lap 390 -- A ton of wave-around cars. Kyle Busch leads followed by Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kasey Kahne and Denny Hamlin.

Lap 387 -- The leaders hit pit road. Tony Stewart with four tires. Kasey Kahne with four tires. Dale Earnhardt Jr. with four tires. Kyle Busch with four tires and major adjustments. Busch wins the race off pit road after some problems for Stewart on pit road.

Lap 386 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Caution is out for debris on Turn 2. Carl Edwards gets the free pass and now this race just got very interesting.

Lap 385 -- Kyle Busch is now more than three seconds behind Tony Stewart.

Lap 382 -- AJ Allmendinger has seen a great night go south as he goes a lap down in 14th.

Lap 379 -- Clint Bowyer was fifth, but Denny Hamlin and Jimmie Johnson both pass him for the positions.

Lap 375 -- Twenty-five laps to go and it looks like Tony Stewart is going to cruise to his third victory of the season. If a caution comes out though, all bets are off.

Lap 373 -- Kyle Busch is now 1.8 seconds back as Tony Stewart finally completes the pass of Carl Edwards.

Lap 371 -- Jimmie Johnson has caught Denny Hamlin for sixth.

Lap 369 -- AJ Allmendinger has dropped to 10th as he and Juan Montoya nearly collide.

Lap 367 -- Something tells me Carl Edwards isn't just going to move over for Tony Stewart.

Lap 364 -- Tony Stewart is closing on Carl Edwards to put the lap leader of the race a lap down.

Lap 361 -- Jimmie Johnson is giving it all he has as he gets around AJ Allmendinger for seventh.

Lap 356 -- Tony Stewart has opened up his lead to more than a second.

Lap 354 -- Kasey Kahne swaps spots with his Hendirck teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. and now runs third.

Lap 351 -- Less than 50 to go and it is a two-man race between Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch. Dale Earnhardt Jr. in third is eight seconds behind.

Lap 345 -- Things are bunching up from sixth to 10th. AJ Almendinger, Denny Hamlin, Juan Montoya and Mark Martin are looking for every position they can get.

Lap 341 -- Kyle Busch trails by 0.7 seconds. Jimmie Johnson up to 11th but he is going to need a caution.

Lap 335 -- Six seconds separate Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch from third-place Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Lap 330 -- Kyle Busch is closing on Tony Stewart and is looking to retake the lead.

Lap 328 -- Jimmie Johnson has worked his way up to 12th. Carl Edwards is 15th, the last car on the lead lap.

Lap 325 -- Let's sort this out. Tony Stewart is out front followed by Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kasey Kahne and AJ Allmendinger.

Lap 321 -- Carl Edwards hits pit road and serves his penalty and has dropped to 15th, although the No. 99 stays on the lead lap. Tony Stewart inherits the lead.

Lap 320 -- NASCAR has black-flagged Carl Edwards for jumping the restart. The No. 99 crew disagrees but NASCAR isn't hearing it.

Lap 318 -- GREEN FLAG: Tony Stewart spins the tires and Carl Edwards grabs the lead.

Lap 317 -- OK, it's a bit confusing but here is the running order: Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne and Clint Bowyer. Jimmie Johnson is 15th but is behind all the lap-down cars.

Lap 315 -- Kyle Busch on pit road for four tires and fuel. He didn't pit because he was in the free-pass position.

Lap 314 -- Carl Edwards hits pit road as he was the only driver to not pit under green. Right now there are technically four cars on the lead lap, but there will be 11 others joining them thanks to the wave-around.

Lap 313 -- A tough pit stop for Jimmie Johnson just got worse as a tire violation means the No. 48 will start from the rear of the field.

Lap 311 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Jimmie Johnson pits as the caution comes out for debris from Jeff Burton hitting the wall.

Lap 310 -- Tony Stewart on pit road while Carl Edwards misses pit road and Jeff Burton slams the wall in Turn 4.

Lap 308 -- Denny Hamlin and Dale Earnhardt Jr. on pit road. Hamlin wants some changes.

Lap 307 -- Kyle Busch, Juan Montoya and a host of other cars on pit road for what could be the last stop of the night. Busch likes his car and takes just four tires.

Lap 306 -- Tony Stewart may be complaining about his car, but it is super fast as he drives right around Kyle Busch to take the lead.

Lap 304 -- Joey Logano and Jeff Gordon on pit road.

Lap 302 -- Tony Stewart says he feels like a rear tire going down but says it isn't getting worse so he is going to stay out. That being said, Stewart drives right around Jimmie Johnson for second.

Lap 298 -- Kevin Harvick hits pit road in a somewhat unscheduled stop. The No. 29 was way loose, but he is inside the fuel window, although it is going to be close.

Lap 294 -- Marcos Ambrose is on pit road after taking the wave-around to get back on the lead lap. He, Joey Logano and Casey Mears didn't get the caution they were hoping for.

Lap 290 -- Kyle Busch has hit some lap traffic allowing Jimmie Johnson to catch the No. 18.

Lap 286 -- Kyle Busch able to get around Tony Stewart on the backstretch and Jimmie Johnson follows around Stewart for second.

Lap 285 -- Carl Edwards is three seconds off the lead but crew chief Bob Osborne and Edwards are already discussing changes for the next pit stop and Osborne said they are doing just fine.

Lap 282 -- Hendrick Motorsports has three cars in the top 10 with Jimmie Johnson third, Kasey Kahne seventh and Dale Earnhardt Jr. ninth.

Lap 277 -- Denny Hamlin up to eighth as he looks to get back into the top five. Kevin Harvick is 11th as the adjustments the team made aren't working the way they expected. The No. 29 also had a problem in the pits and he voiced his frustration on the radio.

Lap 275 -- Kurt Busch, three laps down, has a tire rub and some smoke coming out from his No. 51.

Lap 269 -- Haven't talked about Jeff Burton yet tonight and he is quietly having a solid day at Richmond -- he is currently 16th

Lap 266 -- Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson are not letting Tony Stewart get away, but they aren't exactly gaining any ground either.

Lap 260 -- Believe it or not, Jeff Gordon is a couple cautions away from getting back on the lead lap. Of course, we've only had three tonight so those may be hard to come by.

Lap 256 -- Not sure how long Tony Stewart is going to keep that lead as Kyle Busch is not letting the No. 14 out of his sight.

Lap 253 -- My how the mighty fall quickly. Carl Edwards falls to fourth as Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson also pass the No. 99.

Lap 250 -- Tony Stewart was able to complete the pass in Turn 2 and grabs the lead once again. Stewart is peaking at the right time in Richmond.

Lap 249 -- Tony Stewart gets to the inside of Carl Edwards as he looks for the lead.

Lap 245 -- Kevin Harvick down to ninth as he's backed up a little. Greg Biffle the highest he's been all night in 18th.

Lap 241 -- Tony Stewart has caught Carl Edwards and it looks like these two will battle once again for the lead.

Lap 238 -- Jimmie Johnson able to get back around AJ Allmendinger for fourth. And we have our first Juan Montoya mention as he has been improving all night and runs seventh.

Lap 237 -- Jimmie Johnson has a horrible restart and falls to fifth. Carl Edwards gets a great start and leads.

Lap 236 -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards brings the field to the green followed by Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne and Kyle Busch.

Lap 231 -- Lots of wave-around cars but three will get back on the lead lap: Joey Logano, Marcos Ambrose and Casey Mears.

Lap 229 -- Jimmie Johnson with an air pressure adjustment. Kevin Harvick with an adjustment. Carl Edwards with four tires. Kyle Busch with an air pressure adjustment. Busch and Johnson with big gains on pit road.

Lap 227 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: Caution is out for debris. Greg Biffle gets the free pass and is back on the lead lap.

Lap 222 -- Kevin Harvick is fading as he is now down to fourth.

Lap 220 -- Carl Edwards gets around Kevin Harvick and is back out front.

Lap 219 -- Don't look now but Tony Stewart has joined the party for the lead.

Lap 217 -- Carl Edwards got a run on Kevin Harvick but he wasn't able to complete the pass for the lead.

Lap 212 -- Kevin Harvick has had a nice run out front, but Carl Edwards is closing fast and he wants that lead back.

Lap 210 -- Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. with problems on pit road and they have paid for it in the running order. Busch has fallen to eighth and Earnhardt is 14th.

Lap 207 -- Kevin Harvick inherits the lead after green-flag stops. He leads by nearly two seconds.

Lap 206 -- Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards pit . Stewart with no changes, Edwards with a big wedge adjustment.

Lap 205 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Busch on pit road. Busch wants more rear grip.

Lap 204 -- Clint Bowyer, Ryan Newman, Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex Jr. on pit road. Big changes for the No. 11.

Lap 203 -- Paul Menard and Bobby Labonte hit pit road.

Lap 202 -- Kevin Harvick and Kasey Kahne on pit road. Harvick and the No. 29 team are undoing what they did earlier.

Lap 200 -- Welcome to the halfway point and we have a new leader. Tony Stewart gets around Carl Edwards on the backstretch.

Lap 199 -- Greg Biffle and AJ Allmendinger on pit road.

Lap 198 -- Marcos Ambrose is the first to hit pit road.

Lap 194 -- Tony Stewart has caught Carl Edwards and we could have a race for the lead very soon.

Lap 192 -- Mark Martin is also ready for a pit stop as he has dropped to 19th.

Lap 187 -- We are close to our first green-flag stops of the evening.

Lap 185 -- Clint Bowyer up to seventh. Kasey Kahne and Denny Hamlin in a battle for ninth.

Lap 182 -- Jimmie Johnson has caught Kevin Harvick and is looking to take fourth away for the No. 29.

Lap 180 -- Carl Edwards is closing in on Joey Logano and points leader Greg Biffle and is about to put them both a lap down.

Lap 177 -- After getting into the top 10, Brad Keselowski has plummeted to 20th as the Blue Deuce is in desperate need of some adjustments.

Lap 175 -- Tony Stewart has caught Kyle Busch and is looking to make the pass.

Lap 173 -- I haven't mentioned Bobby Labonte's name yet, but it's time to as he runs 13th and looks great out on the track.

Lap 169 -- Kyle Busch is cutting into Carl Edwards' lead but Tony Stewart is gaining on both of them.

Lap 165 -- Tony Stewart now third after passing Kevin Harvick. Denny Hamlin has stabilized and remains seventh.

Lap 162 -- Carl Edwards is closing in on lapping some more drivers. First up -- Marcos Ambrose followed by Casey Mears.

Lap 158 -- Hey, who is that in 10th? It's MWR's Clint Bowyer, giving Michael Waltrip Racing three drivers in the top 13.

Lap 156 -- Denny Hamlin is going south in a hurry as he has fallen to seventh.

Lap 152 -- Denny Hamlin has dropped to fourth as Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick have passed the No. 11. Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson have come together in a battle for fifth.

Lap 145 -- Interesting stat: In 15 starts, Carl Edwards has led 236 laps at Richmond. Tonight, Edwards has led 114 and counting. My guess is he will eclipse 236.

Lap 141 -- I took a quick peek at the radar and I don't see anything preventing us from getting all 400 laps in. Looks like the next cell should stay to the north of the track.

Lap 137 -- The top seven are single-file with some distance between each of them. From eighth on back though, some great racing.

Lap 134 -- Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth and Ryan Newman in a battle for 10th.

Lap 130 -- Some great racing back in the pack. Carl Edwards and Denny Hamlin have checked out from the rest of the field.

Lap 127 -- Haven't talked about Matt Kenseth much tonight but he is running ninth after starting back in the field.

Lap 125 -- Tony Stewart right on the bumper of Kevin Harvick for fourth.

Lap 123 -- Carl Edwards pulls away on the restart but Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick are side-by-side for third.

Lap 122 -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards brings 'em to the green.

Lap 121 -- Paul Menard's crew lost a tire so he will start from the rear.

Lap 119 -- Carl Edwards win the race off pit road followed by Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick.

Lap 117 -- The leaders hit pit road. Tony Stewart with four tires. Kevin Harvick with four tires. Carl Edwards with a track bar adjustment and Denny Hamlin asking for a big adjustment. Kyle Busch has the team pull a spring rubber.

Lap 116 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Kurt Busch spins on the frontstretch after getting loose and brings out the caution. Busch doesn't hit anything, so should be OK. Joey Logano gets the free pass and is back on the lead lap.

Lap 113 -- Jimmie Johnson is on fire right now. Up to sixth after passing AJ Allmendinger. Johnson is up 21 positions ... pretty impressive.

Lap 111 -- Kurt Busch has now gone a lap down and needs a caution to get that free pass.

Lap 108 -- Jimmie Johnson up to eighth after passing Brad Keselowski. And I haven't forgot about Carl Edwards, it's just he's up by more than a second so there isn't much to write.

Lap 104 -- We thought we would see some cautions tonight at Richmond, but so far we've only had one in the first 100 laps, and NASCAR scheduled it. Doesn't matter though ... some pretty exciting racing taking place on the 0.75-mile oval in Richmond.

Lap 100 -- Tony Stewart is a rocket on the track right now ... passes AJ Allmendinger for fifth.

Lap 97 -- Joey Logano is close to going a lap down. Tony Stewart up to sixth after passing the No. 5 of Kasey Kahne.

Lap 93 -- Kurt Busch is stuck in 27th after that contact with Jeff Gordon.

Lap 89 -- Carl Edwards is checking out, but Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson continue to work their way up the scoring pylon. Stewart is eighth and Johnson is in the top 10 in 10th.

Lap 84 -- Keep on eye on Tony Stewart as he has driven into the ninth position. Kyle Busch and AJ Almendinger having some fun racing inside the top five.

Lap 81 -- Carl Edwards is now out from by two seconds. Jimmie Johnson is challenging Marcos Ambrose for 12th.

Lap 77 -- Speaking of Oregon, Greg Biffle, from right across the Colombia River in Vancouver, Wash., is mired in 21st and could lose the points lead if he doesn't find some speed here in Richmond.

Lap 73 -- Carl Edwards is collecting some serious fantasy points by driving away from the field in the lead. It's too bad I didn't pick him in my NASCAR Fantasy League with all my friends from Oregon! Hope you guys and gals are enjoying the race!

Lap 70 -- Michael McDowell has headed to the garage. Tony Stewart has worked his way up to 12th.

Lap 68 -- Brad Keselowski has found his way into the top 10, currently ninth.

Lap 65 -- Carl Edwards is out front by 1.3 seconds. Kevin Harvick is second with Denny Hamlin third.

Lap 62 -- The race stays green after that little get together. Kurt Busch stays out and apparently his tires are OK. Jeff Gordon is now two laps down after the sidewall of his tire was slashed.

Lap 60 -- Jeff Gordon is on pit road for new tires and repairs. He will go at least two laps down.

Lap 57 -- Jeff Gordon got a little sideways, bumped Greg Biffle and Kurt Busch and Gordon's right side is all jacked up and he could have a tire down. Busch also appears to have a tire going down.

Lap 56 -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards brings the field to the green followed by Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick.

Lap 55 -- Michael McDowell and Josh Wise use the wave-around to get back on the lead lap.

Lap 54 -- Travis Kvapil stayed out to lead a lap and gain that bonus point.

Lap 53 -- The leaders all hit pit road for their four tires, fuel and adjustments. Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick left the same way they entered.

Lap 50 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Caution is out for the scheduled competition caution. Dave Blaney will get the free pass and return to the lead lap.

Lap 49 -- Denny Hamlin passes Kevin Harvick for second. Hamlin and Carl Edwards look real good early.

Lap 47 -- David Gilliland snuck into the garage and becomes the fifth driver out of the race.

Lap 45 -- Haven't talked much about Kasey Kahne early but he has worked his way into the top five.

Lap 43 -- David Reutimann and David Ragan are now a lap down.

Lap 41 -- Carl Edwards has opened up a huge 1.5-second lead on Kevin Harvick. How many of you had Edwards on your fantasy team?

Lap 39 -- Reed Sorenson a lap down as we are 11 laps away from the first caution of the night.

Lap 38 -- Jimmie Johnson up 10 positions to 17th. Greg Biffle up eight to 20th.

Lap 35 -- Kyle Busch lets his teammate Denny Hamlin pass for fourth. Hamlin instantly takes third from Mark Martin.

Lap 34 -- Mark Martin struggling with the handling drops to third as Kevin Harvick gets around him.

Lap 32 -- Cole Whitt and Joe Nemechek to the garage. Mark Martin says he is loose.

Lap 30 -- Carl Edwards grabs the lead as he drives around Mark Martin.

Lap 28 -- Josh Wise, David Stremme and Joe Nemechek all go a lap down.

Lap 27 -- Lap traffic has allowed Carl Edwards to catch leader Mark Martin. Stephen Leicht goes a lap down.

Lap 24 -- Mike Bliss is headed to the garage as Mark Martin catches the tail end of the field.

Lap 21 -- Don't look now but Carl Edwards is up to second and closing on Mark Martin. Edwards really wants that first Richmond victory.

Lap 20 -- Scott Speed is the first to head to the garage.

Lap 17 -- Jeff Gordon is sinking faster than James Cameron searching for the Titanic. He is now 13th showing no signs of slowing the decline.

Lap 15 -- Mark Martin is holding a comfortable 0.7-second lead on Kevin Harvick. Jeff Gordon now outside the top 10.

Lap 13 -- Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch in a nice battle for third.

Lap 11 -- Marcos Ambrose is having some back spasm problems this weekend so Trevor Bayne is here and could be a relief driver for the No. 9.

Lap 8 -- It's early but the points leader is stuck in 27th, one position ahead of teammate Matt Kenseth.

Lap 6 -- Jeff Gordon down to eighth as Martin Truex Jr. continues his red-hot season and passes him for seventh.

Lap 4 -- Denny Hamlin gets around Jeff Gordon for sixth. Mark Martin leads with Kevin Harvick second.

Lap 1 -- Mark Martin holds on and leads the first lap. Carl Edwards has fallen to fourth on the outside.

7:51 p.m. ET -- GREEN FLAG: Mark Martin brings the field to the green and the Capital City 400 is under way.

7:49 p.m. ET -- There is a light issue on the backstretch causing a delay with the green flag but the drivers are OK with it and we are going green.

7:41 p.m. ET -- The drivers have been shown four fingers which means they are rolling off pit road for their four warm-up laps.

7:40 p.m. ET -- There will be a competition caution at Lap 50 due to the rain that fell earlier today.

7:37 p.m. ET -- Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling gives the command, "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

7:33 p.m. ET -- Good news, folks -- where they qualified is where they will start. No cars will be going to the rear this evening.

7:31 p.m. ET -- The United States Air Force Heritage of America Band performs the national anthem. A couple trumpets, a french horn, a trombone and a tuba have never sounded so good.

7:30 p.m. ET -- Reverend Joe Ellison, the senior pastor from Essex Village Community Church delivers the Invocation.

7:00 p.m. ET -- Driver introductions are under way and we are 45 minutes from green flag.

6:43 p.m. ET -- Kyle Busch has won the past three spring races at Richmond and rolls off fifth. Could this be the race that snaps his winless drought this season? Carl Edwards may have something to say about that and would like to end a streak of his own. The No. 99 rolls off second and Edwards is looking for his first victory at the .75-mile short-track.

5:41 p.m. ET -- The rain has cleared out of Richmond and the track dryers are on the track. If Friday night is any indication, this race is going to be phenomenal. Make sure you watch the race with TrackPass, follow along with Live Leaderboard and join our live race chat.

4:35 p.m. ET -- It's race day in the Commonwealth of Virginia and 43 of the world's best drivers are ready for 400 heart-pounding laps around Richmond International Raceway. The bad news, my friend Doug F. called me and said, "Hello for a soaking wet Richmond." The good news, it looks like the cell is departing which should give the track plenty of time to dry. The bad news, there is a 50 percent chance for more rain at 9 p.m. But as we all know, it's easier to predict the winner of this race than the weather. Mark Martin is on the pole when the green drops at 7:44 p.m. ET.