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Johnson's rainbow 'victory hat' causes craze

June 09, 2012, Nick Margiasso,,

Jimmie Johnson's rainbow 'victory hat' causes craze even after Dover win

If NASCAR fans didn't know the term "Wigging Out" before this week, they do now.

After winning three of the last five races (including the Sprint All-Star Race), Jimmie Johnson punctuated his latest victory in a most appropriate way. Because nothing says "Dover win" like "Rainbow wig."

Big Wig

Jimmie Johnson used his rainbow machine to drive to Victory Lane in Dover. Then, he famously "Wigged Out."

The now infamous multi-colored afro donned by the Lowe's Racing driver came about via a gift bag from a young fan, and the idea spawned from the unique paint job on the No. 48 for the Madagascar 3 film in which one of the main characters dons a rainbow-inspired hair piece.

And then, what seemed like a hilarious costume change after a big win, turned into a racing phenomenon with the multi-colored hairdo taking the world by storm. What followed is rainbow-colored history.

See The Wig

Really, how could you not? No sooner than the No. 48 cruised into Victory Lane at Dover were Johnson, his Lowe's Racing team and even the Monster Mile mascot donning the "Afro Circus" wig from Madagascar 3. The film hadn't even come out yet and the wig had taken on a life of its own with Johnson as the man behind the colored curlicues. It made the highlights of sports and news shows across the country, and decorated the covers of newspaper sports sections from coast to coast. Google "Jimmie Johnson+wig" and see if your browser doesn't explode. More than 500 news entries spoke to the sentiment that The Wig was on the move on the Web. Facebook and Twitter were -- and still are -- aglow with the topic, with the latter dowsed in the #afrocircus tag that could be found adorning Twitter handles from @LowesRacing, @TeamHendrick and of course @JimmieJohnson (thanks to his more than 237,000 followers). Fans took to the internet to discuss, applaud and even show themselves wearing their own version of the rainfro. So, as the Cup season wares on, don't be surprised if the fans of NASCAR's only five-consecutive Cup winner don't make the stands a little more, err, colorful.

Be The Wig

You can't have The Wig -- well, one Twitter follower can, as he won it when Johnson gave it away a few days after the unveiling -- but you can have one just like it. You can pick one up for just $20 at the Jimmie Johnson store, the Hendrick Motorsports store and even Ticketmaster's site. But get in line -- they are taking pre-orders as the fluffy hair will be sent out in mid-July. Until then, you'll have to go to the party store like everyone else.

Can't beat The Wig

The link between The Wig and Jimmie Johnson's recent success can't be ignored. Just take a look at the stats:

-Jimmie Johnson is undefeated since donning The Wig.

-The No. 48 team posted the fastest pit road times for a crew wearing rainbow wigs.

-The five-time Cup champion has led the most laps (289 of a possible 400) by a driver about to wear a multi-colored head piece.

You just can't argue with factual information ... and, for that matter, with the power of one rainbow wig.