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Six Pack: Keselowski comes through for Penske

July 31, 2012, Joe Menzer,

Driver promises to give owner a hard time for missing his 100th NASCAR win

Brad Keselowski, winner of the inaugural Nationwide Series race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday, answers this week's six questions.

1. What did it mean to give car owner Roger Penske his first stock-car win at Indy?

"The Brickyard means so much to all of us as race-car drivers and to the sport in general. ... I'm glad to be some small part of that."


Keselowski: I've been watching races [at IMS] since I was a kid in Michigan. Everybody knows how special Indy is, and any win that you can have here, whether it's the [Indianapolis] 500 or the first Nationwide race, every race is special. I'm just glad to do it for Roger. ... I'm glad to have the support. This is the 100th win for Roger Penske in NASCAR, so that's really special for him, too. I'm glad to be able to be that guy that delivered. It wasn't easy.

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2. Are you going to give Roger a hard time about not being there in person to witness it?

Keselowski (laughing): You're damn right! I'm sure he was watching on television though.

3. When you were growing up in Michigan, did you ever come down to the IMS track?

Keselowski: When I came to the Brickyard, I came to check out the museum. I think that was 2003. You know when you pull through that tunnel that it's a special place. I can't say that I've had opportunities to race here other than on the Cup side starting in 2010. But I'm proud of the opportunities that we've had and the way that we've been able to have some success.

4. Talk about the win and being part of the first Nationwide Series victory at the track.

Keselowski: Just a special day. The Brickyard means so much to all of us as race-car drivers and to the sport in general. It transcends three different forms of auto racing. Whether it's IndyCar in the United States, Formula 1 and their history [at IMS], and then obviously with stock cars and their initial time here to the current date from '94 on. It transcends into a special place to race. I'm glad to be some small part of that, winning the inaugural Nationwide race.

5. Talk about the discipline required to make the type of pass that you did of Penske teammate Sam Hornish Jr. for the lead.

Keselowski: I think any racer that has any success will tell you that racing requires a lot of discipline, a lot of aggression, and knowing which one to use and when to use it is critical to your success. Certainly, passes at Indy are no exception. I believe you're talking about passing Sam for the lead and being able to get by Sam was a critical moment for us in the race. He had a very fast race car, as did we, and we had four tires and he had two at that point. We needed to get by him before another yellow came out, and it kind of evened us out.

6. What happened in Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Indy, where you finished ninth?

Keselowski: We had a strong shot at being a top-two or three [finisher] and didn't close it out. ... My team is doing an excellent job with race strategy. I think we're doing a good job making good decisions. I made a few too many mistakes to be able to win the race.