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Lap-by-Lap: Montreal

August 18, 2012, ,

Lap 81 -- CHECKERED FLAG: Justin Allgaier is hard on Jacques Villeneuve's rear bumper when Villeneuve appears to out of gas. Allgaier is the leader, with Sam Hornish Jr. taking over second place. Villeneuve is back up to speed in third place, but it's too little too late. The win goes to Allgaier, his first of the season and third of his career.

Lap 80 -- GREEN FLAG: Jacques Villeneuve, Elliott Sadler, Justin Allgaier, Brian Scott and Sam Hornish Jr. are the leaders on the restart. Ain't no way Villeneuve will be able to make it the rest of the way, no way, no how. Villeneuve shoots clears in Turn 1. Allgaier takes second from Sadler. Hornish also gets position on Sadler.

Lap 79 -- Billy Johnson was second, but now he has to come down pit road for fuel. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is also pitting.

Lap 76 -- YELLOW FLAG: Derek White and Alex Kennedy have spun. White looped his car after Kyle Busch pushed him through the corner.

Lap 76 -- GREEN FLAG: Jacques Villeneuve, Billy Johnson, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Brian Scott and Elliott Sadler are the leaders. Villeneuve gets a huge jump just ahead of a relatively clean first turn. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. spins trying to catch Villeneuve. No caution.

Lap 75 -- NASCAR has called off the restart. No way Jacques Villeneuve can make it. No. way. Right? Austin Dillon pits just before the restart.

Lap 74 -- The race will end under the fourth overtime finish in six trips to Montreal. Jacques Villeneuve is turning his engine off for lengthy stretches.

Lap 73 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 7: Jeremy Clements has also crashed in the multicar pileup. Kyle Busch also has a flat tire.

Lap 73 -- GREEN FLAG: Jacques Villeneuve, Billy Johnson, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Brendan Gaughan and Kyle Busch are the leaders on the restart. Gaughan, Alex Tagliani, Mike Bliss and others spin in an ugly first-turn scramble.

Lap 71 -- The excitement isn't over. Jacques Villeneuve is nursing his car way too much to make it the rest of the way.

Lap 70 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 6: The caution is out after Mike Wallace spins.

Lap 67 -- Jacques Villeneuve may be the leader, but will he be able to make it the rest of the way without stopping?

Lap 66 -- Jacques Villeneuve flat-out punts Alex Tagliani to move back into the top spot.

Lap 65 -- Ron Fellows loops his car after contact with Kyle Busch. No yellow.

Lap 64 -- Danica Patrick, Sam Hornish Jr. and Mike Wallace crash after Patrick gets together with Kyle Kelley. Again, there's no caution.

Lap 63 -- GREEN FLAG: Jacques Villeneuve, Sam Hornish Jr., Alex Tagliani, Michael McDowell and Brendan Gaughan lead the field to the restart. Tagliani hammers Villeneuve in the first turn to take the lead. McDowell and Hornish crash, but there's no caution.

Lap 62 -- The leaders are staying on the track. At this stage of the game, track position is just too important.

Lap 61 -- Jacques Villeneuve is shutting his car off under the caution, trying to conserve fuel. Danica Patrick is back on the track.

Lap 60 -- Cool video of boats circling the area near the race track.

Lap 59 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Jason Bowles spins into a gravel trap. What's Jacques Villeneuve going to do?

Lap 58 -- Kyle Busch has pitted.

Lap 57 -- Jacques Villeneuve leads second-place Sam Hornish Jr. by about two seconds. Andrew Ranger's car has also developed some sort of mechanical issue.

Lap 56 -- Sam Hornish Jr. has closed on Kyle Busch for second place. He takes the spot going into the first turn.

Lap 55 -- Danica Patrick is weaving her car back and forth. She says it has no drive. JR Motorsports teammate Cole Whitt has gone to the garage with a dropped cylinder. Patrick also goes to the garage.

Lap 54 -- Elliott Sadler's pit stop moved Jacques Villeneuve into the lead, with Kyle Busch having moved past Justin Allgaier for second place. There are 20 laps to go. Justin Allgaier is pitting.

Lap 53 -- Leader Elliott Sadler drops onto pit road for what should be his last stop of the day. Ron Fellows is also stopping.

Lap 52 -- Jacques Villeneuve is about a second behind leader Elliott Sadler.

Lap 51 -- Andrew Ranger is on pit road. Jacques Villeneuve takes second place from Justin Allgaier.

Lap 50 -- Kyle Kelley gets way loose in the first corners, and very nearly collects oncoming cars.

Lap 49 -- GREEN FLAG: Elliott Sadler, Andrew Ranger, Justin Allgaier, Mike Wallace and Kyle Kelley are the leaders. Danica Patrick comes back on pit road as the race goes back to green. Ranger makes contact with Sadler in the first corner.

Lap 48 -- Danica Patrick is back on pit road. The left side of the car goes on jack stands while a crew member attempts to weld the track bar back in place.

Lap 47 -- The leaders are on pit road. The concern now is that the track bar on Danica Patrick's car has been damaged.

Lap 46 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: There's debris on the track. A video replay on ESPN shows something falling off Danica Patrick's Chevrolet. Analyst Ricky Craven thinks it might be the cover off where the ballast is held in the car.

Lap 45 -- The top five is now Jacques Villeneuve, Danica Patrick, Alex Tagliani, Billy Johnson and Sam Hornish Jr.

Lap 44 -- Jacques Villeneuve leads Danica Patrick by 2.7 seconds. In-car video shows her fighting the steering wheel going through the turns.

Lap 43 -- There had been discussion of bringing Danica Patrick this lap, but she stayed on the track. Crew chief Tony Eury Jr. has left it up to her as to whether or not she'll continue without stopping.

Lap 42 -- Alex Tagliani takes third place from Billy Johnson, and he tries going after Danica Patrick for second.

Lap 41 -- Danica Patrick is still very concerned with her car. She feels the problem may be the steering. Jacques Villeneuve tries getting under her for the lead, but has to back off before finally getting the spot in the last turn.

Lap 40 -- Just before the restart, an idiot onlooker throws a shoe on the track. Leader Danica Patrick hit it, and now she feels that a wheel might be coming off.

Lap 39 -- Brian Scott spins in the first turns, but gets going again without causing another caution.

Lap 38 -- GREEN FLAG: Danica Patrick, Jacques Villeneuve, Sam Hornish Jr., Michael McDowell and Billy Johnson are the leaders on the restart. Patrick clears for the lead just past the start-finish line.

Lap 37 -- The race has reached the halfway point.

Lap 36 -- The lights are still on atop the pace car, so it's going to be at least another lap before the restart.

Lap 35 -- The 15 laps Danica Patrick are a career high for her in NASCAR competition.

Lap 34 -- It looks like most of the leaders will stay on the track during this caution, although Ron Fellows does drop out of second place to make a stop.

Lap 33 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Dexter Stacy strikes again! He's popped the wall ... twice.

Lap 33 -- The top three are running bumper to bumper right now. Jacques Villeneuve gets by Ron Fellows for second place as the lap comes to an end.

Lap 32 -- The top five is now Danica Patrick, Ron Fellows, Jacques Villeneuve, Sam Hornish Jr. and Michael McDowell.

Lap 31 -- After Kyle Busch made his stop, Ron Fellows is now running second and Jacques Villeneuve third.

Lap 30 -- Kyle Busch and Justin Allgaier are pitting. Cole Whitt has also stopped. Allgaier will have to serve a penalty for speeding while exiting the pits.

Lap 29 -- Kyle Busch has lost a little more ground to Danica Patrick in their race for the lead.

Lap 28 -- Danica Patrick has a lead of less than a car length over Kyle Busch. Can he really not make a move yet, or is he just biding his time looking for an opening? Sam Hornish Jr. blows past Justin Allgaier for fifth place.

Lap 27 -- GREEN FLAG: Danica Patrick, Ron Fellows, Justin Allgiaer, Kyle Busch and Andrew Ranger are the leaders when chief starter Kevin Moss shows the green again. Jacques Villeneuve is up to sixth place. Busch goes all the way to second place just after the restart. He's right on Patrick's bumper. Villeneuve takes fourth from Allgaier.

Lap 26 -- Elliott Sadler, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Alex Tagliani and several others are pitting.

Lap 25 -- This is the first race Danica Patrick has led since Daytona.

Lap 24 -- YELLOW FLAG: Timmy Hill has gone off the course, and he's stopped.

Lap 23 -- GREEN FLAG: Danica Patrick, Ron Fellows, Justin Allgaier, Cole Whitt and Elliott Sadler lead the field to the restart. Jacques Villeneuve rolls off 12th after pitting during the caution. Cole Whitt goes through the grass, but keeps going. In the same scramble, Justin Allgaier brushes the wall.

Lap 22 -- Danica Patrick, Nationwide Series race winner ... it's way too early to even be thinking it, right?

Lap 21 -- Jacques Villeneuve, Sam Hornish Jr., Billy Johnson, Brendan Gaughan and Brian Scott had not pitted yet, so they're stopping now. Danica Patrick will inherit the lead.

Lap 20 -- With several teams having already pitting, it's going to be interesting to see what this does to Jacques Villeneuve's day. Michael Annett pits while pit road is closed, so he'll have to go to the back of the pack.

Lap 19 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Just after Danica Patrick pits, Dexter Stacy spins. As he backs up, leader Jacques Villeneuve narrowly avoids hitting Stacy.

Lap 18 -- Just after he takes fourth place, Ron Fellows hits pit road.

Lap 17 -- Ron Fellows is finally able to get around Billy Johnson for fourth place.

Lap 16 -- Expect Jacques Villeneuve, Danica Patrick and the rest of those who haven't yet stopped to be pitting in the next three or four laps.

Lap 15 -- Jacques Villeneuve continues to build on his advantage over Danica Patrick. The gap between them is now up to 5.2 seconds.

Lap 14 -- Sam Hornish Jr. is in third place. He's also in contention for the Nationwide Series championship. His crew tells him to "go into a mode."

Lap 13 -- Ron Fellows is within a car length or two of Billy Johnson for fourth place

Lap 12 -- Jacques Villeneuve leads second-place Danica Patrick by 4.7 seconds. Patrick Carpentier is still on pit road.

Lap 11 -- Danica Patrick dives past Sam Hornish Jr. for second place. Patrick Carpentier is pitting. He's having some brake issues.

Lap 10 -- Brad Sweet has gone off the course, but he's able to continue. After taking the point from Sam Hornish Jr., Jacques Villeneuve has been able to break away by several car lengths.

Lap 9 -- Billy Johnson, driving the No. 60 Roush Fenway Racing Ford, is running in fourth place.

Lap 8 -- Jacques Villeneuve grabs the lead from Sam Hornish Jr., to the approval of the partisan hometown crowd. Andrew Ranger, who was running in ninth place, is pitting.

Lap 7 -- Alex Tagliani gives up the lead to pit. The lead goes to Sam Hornish Jr. Justin Allgaier is also getting fuel.

Lap 6 -- Alex Tagliani has retaken the lead from Sam Hornish Jr. in Turn 10. There's a bit of damage on the nose of Tagliani's car after he made contact with the rear of Hornish's car.

Lap 5 -- Patrick Carpentier has gone straight through a chicane, so he'll have to stop. Kyle Busch is also on pit road.

Lap 4 -- It's a three-car breakaway at the front of the field for leader Sam Hornish Jr., Alex Tagliani and Jacques Villeneuve. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Austin Dillon are pitting.

Lap 3 -- Sam Hornish Jr. takes the lead from Alex Tagliani. Danica Patrick takes over fourth from Cole Whitt.

Lap 2 -- Elliott Sadler is on pit road to top off his fuel supply. The strategy is apparently to give him enough gas to make this just a two-stop race.

Lap 1 -- GREEN FLAG: The race gets under way at 2:54 p.m. ET. Alex Tagliani is clear for the lead, and Jacques Villeneuve has been able to get away from Danica Patrick ... a lot was made of their run-in during the pre-race show on ESPN.

2:52 p.m. ET -- Eight cars are going to the rear for various reasons. Kyle Busch is among them.

2:45 p.m. ET -- The field is beginning to roll off pit road. We're going racing!

2:40 p.m. ET -- Robert Hattem, president and chief operating officer of UAP, gives the command to fire engines. It's also in both French and English!

2:34 p.m. ET -- Two CF-18s from the Canadian Royal Air Force do the fly-over.

2:33 p.m. ET -- Marilou continues on the stage, this time to sing the Canadian national anthem in both French and English.

2:32 p.m. ET -- Marilou is singing the American national anthem.

2:30 p.m. ET -- After the presentation of colors by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Monsignor Andre Desroches gives the invocation.

2:20 p.m. ET -- Ten minutes until the start of the invocation and national anthem package.

2:14 p.m. ET -- Interesting fact from ESPN. Ron Fellows is the only Canadian to win a Nationwide Series event here in Montreal, and he's the only previous winner in the field for this year's race.

2 p.m. ET -- ESPN's coverage of the race has started.

11:40 a.m. ET -- Alex Tagliani is on the pole for Saturday's Nationwide Series event at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Canada. Sam Hornish Jr., Jacques Villeneuve, Danica Patrick and Owen Kelley (who will turn the car over to Kyle Busch) qualified second through fifth. Michael McDowell, Cole Whitt, Ron Fellows, Billy Johnson and Brian Scott round out the top 10. Ryan Ellis was the only driver who failed to qualify for the event.