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Car Care Tip: College-bound students' cars need checkup

August 28, 2012, Official Release,

In August, it's easy for college students to remember to get new clothes, school supplies and dorm and apartment furniture, but what about preparing the car that's going to haul all that stuff?

The Car Care Council reminds students and their parents not to overlook Vehicle Maintenance 101.

"Making sure the college-bound vehicle gets a passing grade will give both the student and their parents peace of mind for the drive back to school," said Rich White, Car Care Council executive director. "It's always a good idea to inspect a vehicle and have any repairs done near home, at a familiar repair shop".

The Car Care Council recommends that the following items be checked before hitting the road:

- Tires and tire pressure

- Hoses and belts

- Air filters

- Wipers

- Exterior and interior lighting

- Fluid levels, including engine oil, power steering, brake, transmission, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant

In addition, a 21st century tune-up should be performed, which includes inspecting the following systems: battery, charging and starting; engine mechanical; power train control; fuel; ignition; and emissions.

College-bound students should have important telephone numbers in their cell phone or glove box in case of a breakdown or emergency.

Vehicles should be equipped with a roadside emergency kit that includes items such as flares, a first-aid kit, a tire jack, a tire pressure gage and a portable battery jump-starter. Learn more at