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Lap-by-Lap: Richmond

September 07, 2012, ,

Lap 250 -- CHECERED FLAG: Kevin Harvick wins his sixth Nationwide Series race at Richmond, and his first in the division since going to victory lane here in September 2010.

Lap 247 -- Elliott Sadler is now in 13th, on the lead lap, after his accident earlier in the race.

Lap 245 -- Kevin Harvick is cruising with the lead, 1.5 seconds ahead of second-place Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Lap 243 -- Denny Hamlin is trying to get position on Kurt Busch for third place.

Lap 240 -- Ten laps to go.

Lap 238 -- Michael Annett and Austin Dillon have dispatched Darrell Wallace Jr. back another couple of spots.

Lap 236 -- Denny Hamlin gets back around Darrell Wallace Jr. for fifth.

Lap 234 -- Darrell Wallace Jr. passes Denny Hamlin for fifth place in Turn 4.

Lap 233 -- GREEN FLAG: Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Denny Hamlin and Michael Annett lead the field to the restart. Harvick is well clear on the backstretch, while Stenhouse takes second.

Lap 229 -- A few cars take the opportunity to pit under the caution.

Lap 227 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 7: Dexter Stacey spins off Turn 4 after getting bumped from behind by leader Kurt Busch. Kevin Harvick takes the lead as Busch has to check up.

Lap 225 -- Twenty-five laps to go.

Lap 222 -- Kevin Harvick trails Kurt Busch by a couple of car lengths.

Lap 219 -- Kurt Busch is first, Kevin Harvick second. Yeah ... this is gonna be good.

Lap 215 -- Denny Hamlin isn't far behind Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in fourth place.

Lap 213 -- Kevin Harvick gets under Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for second place in Turns 3 and 4.

Lap 210 -- Kevin Harvick is still going after Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for the runnerup spot. They're just behind leader Kurt Busch.

Lap 207 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. dives into Turn 3 in an attempt to get under Kevin Harvick for the lead, but scoots up the track instead.

Lap 205 -- Kevin Harvick is back under Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for second place, and they bang doors going into Turn 3.

Lap 203 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is able to hold Kevin Harvick off for second place.

Lap 201 -- GREEN FLAG: Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick, Michael Annett and Denny Hamlin are the leaders on the restart. Busch digs hard on the outside in Turn 4 to clear for the lead.

Lap 200 -- Fifty laps to go.

Lap 194 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 6: Brian Scott crashes in Turn 4 after contact with Ryan Truex.

Lap 192 -- GREEN FLAG: James Buescher, Kevin Harvick, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Austin Dillon and Kurt Busch are the leaders. Buescher did not pit. Stenhouse grabs the lead in the scramble to get around Buescher.

Lap 188 -- The leaders are on pit road.

Lap 186 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Elliott Sadler crashes in Turn 3 after contact with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. That wasn't on purpose. Sadler just lost it when trying to make a move underneath Stenhouse.

Lap 184 -- Remember a couple of weeks ago when Ricky Stenhouse Jr. laid a fender to Elliott Sadler in the closing laps?

Lap 181 -- As Kevin Harvick begins to move away, the battle is now for second place. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. has it and Elliott Sadler wants it.

Lap 179 -- Ty Dillon is having a decent night back in seventh place.

Lap 176 -- Elliott Sadler is now going after Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for second place.

Lap 173 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is within less than a car length of leader Kevin Harvick.

Lap 170 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Elliott Sadler are right on leader Kevin Harvick's bumper.

Lap 167 -- Elliott Sadler is trying to take third from Kurt Busch, who is still fighting brake problems.

Lap 165 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. wrestles second place away from Kurt Busch as they approach Turn 3.

Lap 163 -- GREEN FLAG: Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Denny Hamlin and Elliott Sadler are the leaders. Harvick clears in Turn 3 and Stenhouse and Busch fight for second.

Lap 160 -- Don't expect many of the frontrunners to pit, if any.

Lap 158 -- The field is rolling again at 9:04 p.m. ET.

Lap 157 -- RED FLAG: It's going to take a bit to clean debris from the track. The field stops just shy of the start-finish line at 9 p.m. ET.

Lap 156 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Sam Hornish Jr. spins in Turn 1. As he slides down the track, the entire right side of Timmy Hill's car is sheared off when they make contact.

Lap 154 -- Austin Dillon was caught on the high side of the track, dropping a couple of spots in running order.

Lap 152 -- Denny Hamlin is clear for second place, while Kurt Busch gets by Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for third.

Lap 150 -- GREEN FLAG: Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, Austin Dillon, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kurt Busch are the leaders. There are 100 laps remaining. Harvick sets sail as soon as the green flag appears.

Lap 145 -- The leaders are on pit road.

Lap 143 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: Danica Patrick has popped the wall after trying to move up the track in front of Brad Sweet. She's wasn't clear ... the contact was purely unintentional.

Lap 141 -- Kevin Harvick has five Nationwide Series wins here at Richmond, the most recent coming in 2010.

Lap 138 -- Kevin Harvick is steadily building on his lead over Elliott Sadler. It's now up to more than 2.6 seconds.

Lap 136 -- Darrell Wallace Jr. is now running in ninth place. This kid is the real deal.

Lap 134 -- Ty Dillon has scraped the wall after getting together with Michael Annett. There's no caution.

Lap 130 -- Kevin Harvick has no pressure from behind.

Lap 128 -- Sam Hornish Jr. is trying to get around Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for sixth place.

Lap 125 -- The race has reached the halfway point. Kevin Harvick's lead over Elliott Sadler stands at about 1.3 seconds.

Lap 123 -- Kevin Harvick has scooted away from second-place Elliott Sadler.

Lap 119 -- In the words of the great Keith Jackson ... WHOOOA NELLY!!! Is eight wide possible at Richmond?

Lap 118 -- GREEN FLAG: Kevin Harvick, Austin Dillon, Elliott Sadler, Sam Hornish Jr. and Kurt Busch are the leaders. Harvick is clear with the lead.

Lap 112 -- Kevin Harvick leads the field down pit road under the caution.

Lap 110 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Johanna Long has tagged the wall after having a tire go down.

Lap 108 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. has dropped back to fifth place.

Lap 104 -- Austin Dillon trails leader Kevin Harvick by 2.2 seconds.

Lap 100 -- Kevin Harvick finally clears Cole Whitt to put him a lap down. There's no pressure from behind.

Lap 98 -- Leader Kevin Harvick is just behind a small pack of cars trying to stay on the lead lap.

Lap 95 -- Kurt Busch is in fifth place, but he's evidently battling brake problems.

Lap 93 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. loses third to Elliott Sadler.

Lap 91 -- Austin Dillon gets position under Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for second between Turns 3 and 4.

Lap 89 -- Kevin Harvick has moved away from the battle for second place.

Lap 87 -- Austin Dillon hasn't gotten around Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for second ... not yet.

Lap 85 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. isn't happy with the handling on his car, and he gets a little snippy with crew chief Mike Kelley in the process.

Lap 82 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. might be about to lose second place to Austin Dillon. The gap is now down to a few car lengths.

Lap 80 -- Travis Pastrana re-takes 10th place from Brian Scott coming off Turn 2.

Lap 78 -- Austin Dillon has been able to cut down on the gap between himself and second-place Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Lap 75 -- The top five is currently Kevin Harvick, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Austin Dillon, Elliott Sadler and Kurt Busch.

Lap 73 -- After getting around Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for the lead, Kevin Harvick has been able to open up a little bit of ground out front.

Lap 71 -- Kevin Harvick has Ricky Stenhouse Jr. pinned behind the lapped car of Timmy Hill to take the lead. C'mon, guys. Get out of the way!

Lap 69 -- Kevin Harvick might be waiting for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. to catch a pack of lapped traffic before he makes another attempt at the lead.

Lap 66 -- Kevin Harvick makes another move under Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and they very nearly bang doors as they zip through Turns 3 and 4.

Lap 64 -- Kevin Harvick is looking under Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for the top spot. They've got nearly four seconds on third-place Austin Dillon.

Lap 62 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. hasn't been able to get rid of Kevin Harvick.

Lap 59 -- Ryan Blaney continues to fall through the top 10 after taking just two tires on his pit stop.

Lap 56 -- Denny Hamlin had been complaining about possibly retiring from Nationwide Series competition after getting passed by Johanna Long earlier in the race. Wonder how he feels after the pit stop?

Lap 54 -- Austin Dillon is working on Ryan Blaney for third place.

Lap 51 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. has opened up a little bit of breathing room over second-place Kevin Harvick.

Lap 49 -- Denny Hamlin got blocked in by Mike Wallace during his pit stop and is all the way back in 17th place.

Lap 48 -- Kevin Harvick is staying right with leader Ricky Stenhouse Jr. following the restart.

Lap 45 -- GREEN FLAG: Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Austin Dillon, Kevin Harvick, Sam Hornish Jr. and Ryan Blaney lead the field to the green. Johanna Long drops all the way to 15th after pitting under the caution. Stenhouse has a fairly slow start, but is able to maintain the lead.

Lap 38 -- The leaders are on pit road. Ryan Blaney takes two tires and gains 12 positions.

Lap 35 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Tanner Berryhill has crashed between Turns 1 and 2.

Lap 33 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. has a lead of about a second on Kevin Harvick.

Lap 31 -- Now that Kevin Harvick is in second place, let's see how long it takes for him to catch leader Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Lap 29 -- Kevin Harvick gets under Austin Dillon for second in Turn 4.

Lap 27 -- Johanna Long dives under Denny Hamlin for fifth place. Go girl!

Lap 25 -- Kurt Busch has gotten past Travis Pastrana for ninth place.

Lap 23 -- Travis Pastrana is hanging in there in ninth place. He's under fire for the position from Kurt Busch.

Lap 20 -- Jeff Burton has tweeted that Johanna Long deserves a shot at a car capable of running in the top 10. Yeah ... she does.

Lap 17 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is able to close ground and then take the lead when Austin Dillon has to check up for a lapped car.

Lap 16 -- How about Johanna Long in sixth place? Great run early on for the 20-year-old racer!

Lap 13 -- Elliott Sadler has made his way into the top 10.

Lap 11 -- Austin Dillon has a lead of about 7/10ths of a second over Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Lap 8 -- ESPN just reported that Brian Scott probably won't be back with Joe Gibbs Racing next season.

Lap 5 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. says he didn't spin his tires when the green flag came out, so he's not sure how Austin Dillon beat him to the stripe.

Lap 3 -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was able to regain his momentum to run second at this point.

Lap 1 -- GREEN FLAG: The race gets under way at 7:46 p.m. Austin Dillon shoots into the lead as Ricky Stenhouse Jr. spins the wheels at the green flag.

7:42 p.m. ET -- The field has made its way onto the track for the stat of what should be three pace laps.

7:39 p.m. ET -- Antwaan Randel El, a former Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins wide receiver, gives the command to fire engines. Go Cowboys!!!

7:32 p.m. ET -- The Saint Gertrude High School Honors Ensemble sings the national anthem.

7:31 p.m. ET -- The colors are presented by the Surry County High School Junior ROTC. Moments later, Pastor Joe Ellison of Virginia Christian Alliance gives the invocation.

7:14 p.m. ET -- So good, so far between Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty. They're playing nice. Ray Evernham, however, took a pretty good shot at Wallace a few minutes ago when he said, "You used to run into the car that I worked on!"

7 p.m. ET -- ESPN's coverage of Friday night's Nationwide Series race has started. Wonder what Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty are going to fight about tonight?

6:05 p.m. ET -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is on the pole for the Virginia 529 College Savings 250 after turning in a lap at 122.822 mph during qualifying earlier in the afternoon. Austin Dillon, Kevin Harvick, Sam Hornish Jr. and Travis Pastrana will start second through fifth. Denny Hamlin, Brian Scott, Johanna Long, Mike Bliss and Justin Allgaier round out the top 10.

Joey Gase, David Starr, Morgan Shepherd and Mike Harmon failed to qualify for the event.

9:45 a.m. ET -- Qualifying for Friday night's Nationwide Series event at Richmond is set for 4:05 p.m. ET.