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Behind the Wheel: Kes hopes he and Tigers can bring home titles

October 18, 2012, Brad Keselowski, Special to NASCAR.COM,

Halfway through the Chase and we're still in the points lead. We're certainly proud of that and the fact that we've been able to win two of the first five races. But it's just the first half. There is another half to go. A lot of things can happen in five races. Our cars have been fast everywhere and I don't see a reason that it shouldn't continue all the way to Homestead. We just need to keep being aggressive and doing the things that put us in this position in the first place.

"Maybe we can channel our inner Detroit Tigers. ... A lot of who I am as a race-car driver comes from my Detroit roots. It would be awesome to give the city a Cup championship this year. "


Lots of people have wondered how Paul (Wolfe) and I could be so calm and composed after the race at Charlotte last weekend. Yeah, we were aggressive on the fuel mileage. Yeah, it stunk running out of fuel and finishing 11th when we led the most laps and had a Miller Lite Dodge that could win the race. I'm not going to lie to you guys, but by no means do I think we are going to -- or need to -- change our strategy with five races to go.

Do we win five races and have the points lead without doing the exact same thing we did Saturday night? Maybe... but doubtful. We are an aggressive team. We get great fuel mileage and we have been all year. Now, we are showing raw speed in the car. When you put those things together you have a pretty stout combination -- a combination that can win nearly any kind of race. We won at Chicagoland on speed and at Dover on fuel mileage.

And if you know anything about me and my "Blue Deuce" team, we always seem to rise to the challenge when we face adversity or people count us out.

The first race of the second half is this weekend at Kansas Speedway, a place where I picked up my first Sprint Cup Series win with Penske Racing. Going to a track where we've won before gives us a little extra confidence, although it is a new surface that we'll be breaking in. We were able to take part in the tire test there a few weeks ago, and they did an outstanding job with the repave. It's smooth and fast, and while it may be one-groove for a few races, I think we'll see it become a very competitive place. I would definitely like to be the first driver to win on the new surface.

To do that, maybe we can channel our inner Detroit Tigers. Yes, those same Tigers who are just one win away from sweeping the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series. It's great to have something to cheer about for Detroit sports. First, it's Miguel Cabrera winning the Triple Crown. Now, the Tigers have a real shot to go back to the World Series. Hopefully they can play the St. Louis Cardinals to exact some revenge from the 2006 World Series.

I grew up going to Tigers, Lions and Red Wings games. I'm proud as heck to be from the Motor City. A lot of who I am as a race-car driver comes from my Detroit roots. We have all of the "Big Four" sports in Detroit, and all our teams have won championships. It would be awesome to give the city a Cup championship this year.

This weekend's race at Kansas is going to be interesting, for sure. No one really knows what to expect with the new surface. That just adds more drama to the last five races. Make sure you tune in each week because I really believe we are going down to Homestead with a wide open Chase.

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